Totally Want Tuesday 11/4/14

Hey all!  Last week was kind of slow in regards to seeing too many new items that caught my eye, but this week there's been a lot on most sites-whether they're new to all of us or just new to me.  Let's start lusting!

From Kate Spade:

I typically like my bags to be more classic than novelty, but this All Aboard Clock Crossbody is just too cute.  

From Tatyana Boutique:

I'm a sucker for floral skirts, and this is a color combo I do not have.  With those two things combined, it's hard not to want this In Bloom skirt from Tatyana.    This is also being sold at Modcloth (as For Bloom the Belle Strolls Skirt).

From Modcloth:

This Elegant Energy Skirt is perfectly classic and perfect for winter.  #iwant

Most of my tops are staples.  I have some novelty and frilly tops, but oh so few.  I like foxes and I wear a lot of orange.  I feel like I should get this Just a Critter Bit Tank.

From Folter/Retrolicious:

I'm slightly to totally obsessed with this Floral Reindeer dress.  I'm insanely in love with the colors, and I like that they didn't pick Christmas colors to go with the reindeers (which would have been easy to do) as I don't celebrate Christmas.

From NicCoco Creations:

I have my first floral clip on from this shop in the mail, and I'm already planning on what to get next! I like Princess Grace Flower Clip because the darker hues will be great for winter AND, I mean duh...Princess Grace is my idol! ;)

Happy Tuesday!!!  MWAH!

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