October Favorites

My Brady Bunch of most loved outfits on Instagram!

October was a surprising month as it was way nicer weather wise than September was here, which has never happened in the 7+ years that I have lived here in Denver.  Usually in October there is even a snowfall at some point, but it was genuinely close to 80 degrees most days.  I'm not complaining as it gave me an excuse to continue to wear some of my favorite skirts and dresses, but still play up the fall colors in them!  In no particular order, here's 7 of my favorite outfits from October!

Dress- Hell Bunny via 13 Vintage, Bracelets- Forever 21, Shoes- Anne Klein

The perfect fall dress!  I got it the second to last time I was in my home town as there's a store that sells the same items you could find on Modcloth called 13 Vintage.  You can't find this dress on 13 Vintage's website (though you should look around!) but it is on Modcloth here.

Head scarf- Target Style, Cardigan- Banana Republic, Tank-Old Navy, Skirt- True Vintage/Etsy, Shoes- G by Guess

This outfit makes me SO happy!  First off, this is one of my top 3 favorite skirts that I am utterly in love with past a normal point that any human should love a piece of clothing (no wonder I needed a blog...!).  Secondly, green and purple are my favorite colors but I rarely get to pair them together!  Third- these purple Mary Jane shoes...one of the best finds OF MY LIFE!  And fourth, this picture should have sucked.  My hair was frizzy from the rain and the lighting sucked.  Granted, it's not the "best quality photo of all-time" but it's really not half bad all things considered!

Cardigan- Banana Republic, Dress- Bernie Dexter via Modcloth, Shoes- Chinese Laundry

I'd been chomping at the bits to wear this dress since I got these heels over the summer, knowing I had a cardigan to match and bring out the oranges.  It was just a matter of time before finding the perfect opportunity weather wise to put this ensemble together!  This was an easy favorite.

Glasses- Gifted, Shirt- Urban Outfitters, Skirt Folter/Retrolicious via Modcloth, Bag- Kate Spade, Shoes- Ellie Shoes

This was one was one of my lowest liked outfits of the month, but I don't care!  It's one of my favorite skirts and Sonic Youth (the band on my tee shirt, or more specifically their album Goo) is one of my favorite bands.  These heeled saddle shoes were a purchase from earlier this month and I'm super excited to have them as a fall and winter staple.  I also have a fair amount of black and white clothing, but given that I'm so color driven I sometimes ignore those items.  These amazing shoes have re-opened me up to some of my favorites, and have gotten the wheels turning so that I could brainstorm putting this shirt with this skirt- something that may not have happened otherwise!

Glasses- H&M, Dress- Bernie Dexter via Modcloth, Belt- H&M, Shoes- Nine West

This gets my vote for most surprising favorite of the month!  I really adore this dress, but I'm still getting used to the cut as it has sleeves and is ever so slightly big in the shoulders, back, and breast area.  I actually almost returned it but then realized that I should hang on to it because it would make an amazing fall dress- as it clearly does with these leaves in the background!  This dress almost doesn't feel like a vintage repo dress as much as it just feels like a classic and lady-like dress that could have been worn in any decade from the past 60 years or so.  It came with a skinnier red belt, which also threw off my love for the dress as the waist hits me at a weird spot that the belt helps highlight.  When I was still experimenting with the dress I found my thicker red belt and realized it helped make all the puffiness from the sleeves and waist more symmetrical and it's when I truly fell in love with this dress.  This was also a risky pose for me as-in case you haven't noticed-I really only have a few tricks up my sleeve pose wise!  I decided to twirl for a more candid pose-something I am not gifted at-and it paid off pretty big!

 Headband: Forever 21, Glasses- Gifted, Tank- Forever 21, Skirt- True vintage via eBay, Bag-Melie Bianco, Shoes- Nine West

A slightly different variation of this shot was not only my most liked Instagram photo of the month...but of my whole Instagram history!  So sincerely friends and followers, thank-you SO much! I couldn't agree with you more as the outfit is amazing and the background is to die for...and goes perfectly with the outfit!  (I used the closer up version here on the blog because it better shows off the beauty of the outfit whereas the one I used for Instagram doesn't translate as well for the blog).  I got this skirt for $22 off of eBay-an amazing true vintage find!  I'm super happy with this outfit, the picture as a whole, and everyone's reception and feedback of it :) 

Headband- Forever 21, Cardigan- Banana Republic, Dress- Bernie Dexter, Bag- Kate Spade, Shoes- Chinese Laundry 

Other than some amazing foliage, this was my luckiest background find of the month!  Ye-ah, it somewhat detracts from this amazing Bernie Dexter ensemble, but I love it all the same.  I was super excited to bust this dress out for fall given all of the orange in it, and like my other fave Bernie Dexter dress this month I paired it with my Banana Republic cardigan and Chinese Laundry heels.  

I had a few less outfits this month than usual as I took a 5 day hiatus from Instagram and blogging earlier this month to free up that time for taking care of other affairs this month and then was able to log in a few days unexpectedly as well.  But I still had plenty of outfits and here's the roundup grouped together in various brands:

Bernie Dexter:

(I went Bernie Dexter crazy this month!  Such a good fall designer-especially for the weather Denver was experiencing!!!)

Random Brands:

Clockwise from top left: Gap, Trashy Diva, Tatyana, and Retrolicious

Pinup Girl Clothing:

Random Modcloth Brands:

True Vintage:

Hell Bunny:

November Expectations:

What will November hold?  Weather wise and how I'll dress accordingly...I have no idea in the world what to predict as Colorado weather seems a bit off this year in general.  It's already nearly two weeks in (sorry) and so far I've travelled to Miami and have come back to temperatures in the negatives and snow (very rare for November!).  I'm hoping it picks up and doesn't stay this cold for too long!!  Blog wise I'm starting a monthly guest blogger series and will hopefully finally make that big announcement involving the series Case of the Motivational Mondays that I keep saying I will but have had to postpone a bit.  And maybe a few other things ;)  I hope November will be awesome for y'all and I look forward to whatever it may bring!

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