Guest Blogger: Meet Camilla aka Cherrymilla!

While I was away in September I had 8 lovely guest bloggers fill in for me!  I loved, loved, loved learning more about their fashion journeys so I decided to make guest blogging a monthly installment!  November is my kickoff month for this segment and I'm starting with a rockabilly-licious lady all the way from Australia named Camilla, or more commonly known as Cherrymilla :)  I met her on Instagram a few months back and I have to say that I'm terribly in love with her Hell Bunny collection!  Without further ado, here is her guest post in all it's glory!

Hi all!

My name is Camilla, I live in Queensland, Australia. I’m also known as Cherrymilla on my own personal blog (which I recently started up) and Cherry_milla on Instagram. Please feel free to follow me on both.

Lauren aka Prefer to be Demure sent me an email asking me to post a guest blog, on her very own blog! Which I was very happy and thrilled to do so!  I follow Lauren on Instagram and also follow her own blog as well. I just love her outfits and her own personal styling! She has great taste!

My fashion sharing story started about a year ago. I had lost 20kg of weight (44 pounds) and at around the same time decided to join up on Instagram, just to share some of my general every-day photos. I soon started following all these fashionable ladies that mainly wore rockabilly/pinup/alternative/vintage inspired outfits!  I just totally admired these ladies (including Lauren) with what they were wearing and their own personal style and fashion choices.  Soon after that I became addicted to Instagram and really loved using it!

I then started sharing my outfit of the day photos on Instagram and really started to get into the vintage inspired dressing as well!  I started to buy vintage reproduction clothing (dresses, skirts, pants, tops) and accessories (hair pieces, jewellery, sunglasses, footwear).  I really enjoy visiting my local rockabilly fashion store (Cherry Tree Lane Fashion) and looking up rockabilly/pinup websites, and deciding on what item of clothing I can buy for myself!  Personally I feel vintage inspired dressing is so unique, beautiful, colourful and feminine. It’s just so inspirational! 

This type of fashion/style is now one of my main passions, interest and it also makes me feel happy, both inside and out.  That’s why I decided to start my own blog and share my own posts all about my fashion interest and styling. Also to share any other interests and loves of mine.  So far I’m receiving positive feedback on my own personal blog, which makes me very pleased!

Thank-you for reading my guest blog and thank-you Lauren (Prefer to be Demure) for asking me to guest blog!

Cherrymilla xo


  1. Great post! You have some really great pieces :) That kitty Voo Doo Vixen dress is so adorable, too.


  2. This is so pretty!

  3. Aw I have a similar story! I fell in love with vintage inspired clothing around two years ago and since then my wardrobe has completely transformed. I have "met" so many fashioinable ladies who share the same style via Instagram (including Lauren) and it's been such an inspiration! Happy to have found your blog, Camilla! I will find you on Instagram :).

    xo, Serli


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