Black Friday is Upon Us!

I'm not really much of a holiday person...with one notable exception: Black Friday.  (Don't judge me for not liking the holidays.  I lack religion and my dad died a while back so holidays became somewhat of just another day that my family and myself have grown to care less about). Last year I saw some of the greatest deals from my favorite clothing stores ever and I thought I'd talk about them today.

It seems like most stores have some kind of half off sales, coupon codes, new items that are greatly reduced, or half off already on sale items.  I'm anticipating them on most of my favorite sites.  What I'm most excited for though would be what Modcloth has in store for us.  Last year, starting with the Monday leading up to Thanksgiving, 5-10 items would magically be half off (which they've already started a week early!  From there more and more things went on sale the week of Black Friday and many more items went on sale for half off.  As if there weren't enough, as the holiday season came and went, another 70% off sale happened.  Yikes!  Here are some of my purchases from last years Black Friday Sales freakin' all season sales!

Just Dandy Skirt in Goldenrod- This yellow skirt has become a staple of mine this whole year.  And it was on sale for $20!!  It's currently out of stock, but if they restock it I recommend it because I love it!

Other outfit details: David Bowie tee- Marshalls, G by Guess- Burlington Coat Factory

Breathtaking Tiger Lilies Skirt in Flamingo-  This was my second skirt in this style (I reviewed them here) and it's arguably my favorite color I have it in!  This skirt was either exactly half off or really close to half off and it was well worth it!  Unfortunately this color is discontinued but many other colors are still available.

 Other outfit details: Scarf- Target Style, Top- Modcloth Belt- From another dress (unknown), Shoes- Nine West

Afternoon at the Oasis Dress: This dress was close to half off for the season so I combined it with another dress greatly reduced to fulfill the $50 free shipping minimum (haha anyone else justify extra purchases that way??).  It went back up to full price (close to $60) a month later and stayed on the site for quite so time, which is partially why I'm sharing this item with y'all: some pieces are only temporarily on sale this upcoming month so get what you want now!  I love this dress and if you want it you should search for it on eBay as often Ixia dresses (the brand) pop up under direct "Ixia" searches as well as "Modcloth" ones.

 Other outfit details: Cardigan- Banana Republic, Shoes- G by Guess via Amazon

What are you hoping for?  I'm personally rooting for some dresses and skirts that I've wanted for forever to go on mega sale, duh.  But I also recently added a bunch of tops to one of my Modcloth wish lists because I've realized I could use some new cool and fun ones and I'll probably only buy them if they're on sale since I'm so dress, skirt, and shoe driven normally haha.

Because I'm not a mega holiday fan I plan on searching the web quite a bit for sales...and I'll be sharing my finds with you as I find them!  So bookmark my page if you don't have time to check all your favorites as I'll have a post that I'll be dedicating to Black Friday sales and updating as I find them!

Happy shopping!!!

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  1. I can't wait for Black Friday sales! Especially the Trashy Diva one! :) I really want to get the new kimono print in the Anna style dress. I'll definitely also be checking out the Modcloth sales, of course!
    Love the shade of pink that Breathtaking Tiger Lilies skirt is!

    1. Did Trashy Diva do a great sale last year? I don't think I was familiar with them this time last year! I LOVE that print you're talking about!! Thank-you :) XOXO

  2. I'm so excited for black friday! This year I've been especially blessed finically and I will definitely be ready at midnight to start my shopping spree! I'm hoping to get my hands on a Jenny skirt or two and several things from modcloth. Oh and things for my family too of course hehe. Happy shopping everyone!

    1. Yay congrats! And haha, of course your family too! I'm really holding out for a new Jenny skirt too and kind of dying in anticipation of what PUG Clothing is doing for Black Friday!!!

  3. I love your picks--great outfits and, might I add, awesome pictures!

    1. Thank-you! I really appreciate that :) You been shopping any deals yet?


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