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It's Thanksgiving, so I thought I'd gives thanks to my favorite designer, Bernie Dexter! I've already done a Gaga for Bernie Dexter post, but BD dresses are clearly my most worn outfits!  Plus I've collected a few new editions and styled some already showcased dresses differently since I did the 'Gaga for' post, so I figured I'd add a mostly pictorial post since half of us who love vintage repo compulsively search for images of the dresses we want/love being worn.  (At least I do!)  Hopefully this will help you kill time as you're sitting in a car en route to a family function, being lazy after a Thanksgiving Eve night, or have found yourself alone this year and are bored.  Enjoy!  I hope everyone is safe and gives thanks daily and not just today!

Happy Thanksgiving!  What designer are you most thankful for??

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  1. Ahhh, love Bernie so much! You wear her dresses so well :)
    I recently got some great deals on eBay on Bernie dresses! My mom is giving me one of them for Christmas :) Yay, you have the Christmas-y one, too! I'm so glad I snagged that one recently. And yes, I also compulsively search for the images ha!
    I can't pick one designer I'm most thankful for, butttt....I would say Bernie, Hell Bunny and Folter!

    1. Those are my other favorites too!!! Yeah, I was waiting for the bidding period to be over with when I told you I was thinking of getting the red one :) I think you helped talk me into it lol :)

  2. Ahh I love your Bernie outfits! It's a shame they didn't have a whole modern vintage clothing mall in Denver that we could meet up at and have fun shopping in. *sigh* I was torn between Bernie Dexter and my Jenny skirts. There have been so many amazing clothing sales this week, it's been hard to decide which I wanted to get the most. In the end Pinup Girl's Jenny Skirts won and so did Fleet Collection. They had a killer sale that got me several skirts and a dress I'd been stocking for a while now. Last on my list is ModCloth's cyber monday sale. lol! I'm so baaaaad.


    1. I went NUTS this Black Friday week/weekend! I know, right?? There's a Buffalo Exchange in Denver that can be vintage-y as well some as true vintage shops on S Broadway in the Baker area if you're ever up north.... ;)

  3. My gosh, I love your Bernie collection! You look amazing in all of them. I am always checking her eBay listings, sometimes you can snag one at a great price!

    xo, Serli

    1. I've had the most luck on eBay price wise too :) Thank-you so much, lovely lady!


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