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Bernie Dexter Eye Candy

It's Thanksgiving, so I thought I'd gives thanks to my favorite designer, Bernie Dexter! I've already done a Gaga for Bernie Dexter post, but BD dresses are clearly my most worn outfits!  Plus I've collected a few new editions and styled some already showcased dresses differently since I did the 'Gaga for' post, so I figured I'd add a mostly pictorial post since half of us who love vintage repo compulsively search for images of the dresses we want/love being worn.  (At least I do!)  Hopefully this will help you kill time as you're sitting in a car en route to a family function, being lazy after a Thanksgiving Eve night, or have found yourself alone this year and are bored.  Enjoy!  I hope everyone is safe and gives thanks daily and not just today!

Happy Thanksgiving!  What designer are you most thankful for??

Did you just find this page and am wondering who I am?  Click here for a proper introduction!

Instagram- @ demurelaurenblair
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Black Friday Sales and Coupons 2014

Because I believe sharing is caring, here's the list of sites that have so far begun to have sales for Black Friday:

* and bolded fonts include updates since this post initially went live

Modcloth- A handful of new items 50% off every day.  (I definitely couldn't help myself and got the Essential Elegance skirt in purple and am mega excited for it to arrive!)  *if you're an app user they have another sale on the phone-same deal with 50% off but items you can't find on your computer

Tulle- Sitewide 50% off with code TGIBF2014 until the 28th

Lulus- 40% off site wide with code being announced on Friday  (I haven't shopping here in a while but there's a lot of cute stuff on the site and I'm really looking forward to the code being announced now!)

Bernie Dexter- 30-40% off a selection of dresses

Old Navy- Early Bird 30% off every with code EARLYBIRD

Banana Republic- 30% off until Wednesday with code BRBLACK30

Unique Vintage- 25% off with the code THEBIG25- but daily dea…

Black Friday is Upon Us!

I'm not really much of a holiday person...with one notable exception: Black Friday.  (Don't judge me for not liking the holidays.  I lack religion and my dad died a while back so holidays became somewhat of just another day that my family and myself have grown to care less about). Last year I saw some of the greatest deals from my favorite clothing stores ever and I thought I'd talk about them today.

It seems like most stores have some kind of half off sales, coupon codes, new items that are greatly reduced, or half off already on sale items.  I'm anticipating them on most of my favorite sites.  What I'm most excited for though would be what Modcloth has in store for us.  Last year, starting with the Monday leading up to Thanksgiving, 5-10 items would magically be half off (which they've already started a week early!  From there more and more things went on sale the week of Black Friday and many more items went on sale for half off.  As if there weren't en…

Totally Want Tuesday

From Unique Vintage:

Y'all know how obsessed I am with flamingo prints.  When I saw this on Unique Vintage's New Arrivals page last week my heart nearly leapt out of my chest.  When it's love, you know it from the get go!  Click for this skirt HERE!

I'm also a pretty big sucker for Tiki prints as well, so this skirt from UV also had me drooling!  Way to hit it out of the park, Unique Vintage!

From Modcloth:

So many fun novelty print skirts this week!  This Charming by Nature Skirt is Modcloth at it's best...if you ask me!

From NicCoCo Creations:

I just got my first order from this site last week and I'm already in love (pictures to come soon!).  Now I'm obsessed with browsing the site for want I want next.  The richness of these colors stood out to me (it's call Ashley's Purple Delite) and the price is under $10!

From Bernie Dexter: 

A few weeks ago I talked about how I wanted the skirt version of this.  That is still a true fact, but now that this pr…

Guest Blogger: Meet Camilla aka Cherrymilla!

While I was away in September I had 8 lovely guest bloggers fill in for me!  I loved, loved, loved learning more about their fashion journeys so I decided to make guest blogging a monthly installment!  November is my kickoff month for this segment and I'm starting with a rockabilly-licious lady all the way from Australia named Camilla, or more commonly known as Cherrymilla :)  I met her on Instagram a few months back and I have to say that I'm terribly in love with her Hell Bunny collection!  Without further ado, here is her guest post in all it's glory!
Hi all!
My name is Camilla, I live in Queensland, Australia. I’m also known as Cherrymilla on my own personal blog (which I recently started up) Cherry_milla on Instagram. Please feel free to follow me on both.

Lauren aka Prefer to be Demure sent me an email asking me to post a guest blog, on her very own blog! Which I was very happy and thrilled to do so!  I follow Lauren on Instagram…

October Favorites

My Brady Bunch of most loved outfits on Instagram!
October was a surprising month as it was way nicer weather wise than September was here, which has never happened in the 7+ years that I have lived here in Denver.  Usually in October there is even a snowfall at some point, but it was genuinely close to 80 degrees most days.  I'm not complaining as it gave me an excuse to continue to wear some of my favorite skirts and dresses, but still play up the fall colors in them!  In no particular order, here's 7 of my favorite outfits from October!

Dress- Hell Bunny via 13 Vintage, Bracelets- Forever 21, Shoes- Anne Klein
The perfect fall dress!  I got it the second to last time I was in my home town as there's a store that sells the same items you could find on Modcloth called 13 Vintage.  You can't find this dress on 13 Vintage's website (though you should look around!) but it is on Modcloth here.
Head scarf- Target Style, Cardigan- Banana Republic, Tank-Old Navy, Skirt-…

Weekend Fashion 11: Miami Edition!

This week is all about my travels to Miami, including picking outfits last minute, how flip flops work in Florida with almost everything, and other adventures!  Every week this is a regular series on dressing for fun events, adapting to weather changes, how to match pieces with other pieces, and life in general!

This weekend was a long and eagerly anticipated weekend for the past year as it was the weekend that one of my very best friends from college, Blake, married the love of his life, Dan.  Despite growing up in a "gay" town (not kidding) and having always had gay friends, this was actually my first wedding involving two people of the same gender.  AND it was my first black tie wedding-giving me an amazing excuse to wear one of the best vintage pieces I own!  Because Colorado has been so damn warm this fall I wasn't as anxious to get out of dodge to go south as I was last spring when I last visited Miami...but I was super eager to be by the ocean as this year has bee…