Weekend Fashion 9

Weekly series on dressing for fun events, adapting to weather changes, how to match pieces with other pieces, and life in general!

Friday: I woke up allergic to something on Friday and decided to cancel plans that night.  Bummer!


What was I up to?

I was still super zonked but managed to get my act together in time for lunch with a friend.  The weather has been nothing short of fabulous this whole October with (knock on wood) no end in sight!  October is never this nice in Denver so it was lovely having lunch outside on a patio while this weather is still here!

Glasses- Flea market find, Shirt- Urban Outfitters, Skirt- Retrolicious via Modcloth, Bag- Kate Spade, Socks- Target, Shoes- Bettie Page for Ellie Shoes

Why did I wear what I wore?

In the morning when I was taking the dogs out, there was a slight breeze.  I knew it was possibly going to be close to 80 but wasn't sure how early it would be that warm and wasn't clear on where we were eating yet (inside place or outside place) so I opted for a tee shirt, skirt, and oxfords to somewhat be autumn-like!  The tee shirt is an album cover of one of my all-time favorite bands (Sonic Youth, Goo album) and as I've mentioned before, this skirt is one of my all-time faves because it reminds me of my favorite book, Love is a Mixed Tape.  I'm actually surprised I've never thought to pair these two items together!  Thank-you heeled saddle shoes for making me embrace my black and white wardrobe more and get the wheels in my head turning!!

Part II

What was I up to and why did I change?

Glasses- Clothes Mentor, Bandeau- Love Culture, Skirt- Moon via Modcloth, Flip Flops- Old Navy

My day wasn't over-and it involved an outfit change!  It was getting pretty hot out and I had plans to head over to a friend's house to chill in their garden area and catch some sun.  Not wanting to get tan lines at this time of year after successfully avoiding them all summer, I opted to do one of my standby favorites for warmer weather: a bandeau and longer skirt.  We ended up going for a walk after a while, so I posed by a yellow tree in hopes of bringing out the yellow in my peacock bandeau!  All this neon and flip flop wearing (wasn't in the mood to trek around in heels considering at one point we were possibly going to go to a park) next to fall leaves is kind of disorientating, no??

Greetings from South Beach!  No, Massachusetts!  No...where is this?  Hopefully this photo will serve as photographic proof that Denver is rarely a non-stop blizzard city that it's rumored to be!


Glasses- Unknown, Necklace-Forever 21, Bandeau- JCPenny, Skirt-Pinup Girl Clothing, Shoes-Nine West

What was I up to?

I had longstanding plans to stop by a friend's house to help her decorate for a Halloween party this weekend.  Several other friends came as well, so it was a nice little Sunday Funday.  As always, the conversation was incredibly politically driven and highly inappropriate/silly as well (I consider political specifics "off topic" for this blog and I have no idea how to convey my group's sense of humor to y'all so take me at face value I guess, lol?) I always feel like the weakest link while doing activities like this because I'm far from crafty and always feel like I'm more "in the way" than "helping", but it was really fun and I'm looking forward to Halloween this week!

Ready to party!

Why did I wear what I wore?

Additional outfit details: Jacket- TJMaxx find from years ago

Today was supposed to be super hot, but then it became apparent it was just going to be nice and kind of hot.  There's so many "fall" outfits that I thought I'd wear this month but the weather has somewhat nixed most of those outfits, or at least postponed them!  Saturday night I decided I was going to wear my Ixia car print dress because it's summer-y, but this morning when I realized we'd be mostly indoors and realizing it wasn't going to be super hot out anyway I decided to continue my back to the summer fashion this weekend with a bandeau and longer skirt.  (I planned on wearing this Jenny skirt soon with a concert tee, but taking advantage of the weather seemed more time sensitive!)  As you can see, I also brought along my faux leather jacket in case I needed it.  I did an exaggerated match with the bandeau and shoes, as they're more dark purple and merlot respectively, but the shoes match the skirt perfectly and I believe the color of the top could be the baby of the merlot and pinks combined in the skirt, so win-win!

Super excited for the next Weekend Fashion as it'll be a Halloween and costume edition!  Do you all have your costumes picked out?

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