Weekend Fashion 8: Plus where the hell was I this week?

Hey all!  Thank-you for letting me essentially take off for a week-something that was somewhat very impromptu but in other ways totally a long time coming.  This has been one of the most hectic years of my life and the past few weeks have been exceptionally busy.  I love blogging, outfit sharing, and looking at YOUR looks in whatever platforms you post them on, but lately I've had a lot of issues keeping up with all of it.  I needed a few days to focus on other projects and am happy to report that I am back here totally refreshed and ready to get back to my fashion blogging and networking routine!

Also.... Notice anything different??  I have my OWN url!  My history with blogging, or at least with fashion blogging was that I started on tumblr to hopefully build some kind of following as I've had success doing that in the past relating to my other blogs.  I initially planned on jumping from tumblr to my own url, but my political blog was causing me issues and I didn't want "two babies."  I find tumblr limiting with their photo sharing capabilities and found myself in a position where I needed to  showcase multiple photos for other people in a better display, so I went with blogspot having had success here before and not generally "loving" Wordpress.  Initially I thought I'd only be on blogspot for a month while I worked out my political blog's technical issues, and then I thought maybe wait till 2015 because why not just stay put, but then about 2 weeks ago a fire was lit from underneath me and I was ready to get the wheels moving with getting my own url!  About a week ago I officially registered it and made necessary technical transfers, but then I decided to go awol for a hot minute!  I was hoping to add a few new things while not "officially blogging" here but that was in vain-which I'm not totally surprised about.

I guess this is a bit of a "Week Fashion" as I haven't touched Instagram since Wednesday, and I had to wear clothes most days, right?  I'm sure I'll be sharing these pics on Instagram as daily outfit shares for days I'm at my computer in yoga pants all day, but for now I'll share a few of this week's outfits here (as this weekend had a lot of non-interesting fashion while running errands, researching, or working on my computer).

Dress- Vintage/Thrifted via Buffalo Exchange, Belt- Hell Bunny, Shoes- G by Guess

I was actually out late earlier this week (a rarity for me!), which is why this photo is somewhat poorly lit.  Damn you, daylight savings time dwindling down!  I have other cameras as I'm a former/sometimes still photog, but my only practical one to bring out and about with me is my point and shoot (not trucking a DSLR to a restaurant for a damn outfit photo just to keep the legitimacy of an outfits in real life fashion blog, ya know??) but the battery to my point and shoot is dead and I can't seem to find a battery charger that fits that battery.  Ugh.  Until now I've more or less just used my iPhone for outfit pics because for mostly outdoor pics iPhones are fine and low maintenance for any loved one snapping the pictures, so I'm really not digging this "lack of daylight" thing when night time activities are involved!  But onto the fashion...I love this dress, it's the epitome of fall colors, it's feminine, and yet practical to wear out on a chilly October night!  I've featured this bad boy before, but I had way more fun styling it this time because I feel the belt breaks it up a bit and I can't get enough of these matching white shoes!

Aviators- H&M, Forever 21, Skirt- Trashy Diva, Bag- Kate Spade, Shoes- Nine West

This was an out to dinner outfit, and luckily this time I squeezed in a snapshot before the sun went down!  I got this Trashy Diva skirt on sale somewhat recently, after lusting after this pattern on basically all forms it came in for around a year!  I feel like fall in Denver was made for the way I like to dress: it's not too hot nor is it too cold.  Longer skirts totally work but I don't need to layer so much!  I'm milking this look for all it's worth as long as this weather lasts!!  Even though this print is tropical, I still say it's a good multi-season patten because of the merlot hues in it.  

Headband- Forever 21, Glasses- Gifted, Tank- Forever 21, Skirt- True Vintage, Bag- Melie Bianco, Shoes- Nine West

This ah-mayz-zing skirt I found recently on eBay and won it by bidding $22!  $22!!!  See below for the incredible detail of this and remember that $22 number again.

How could I not win the wild west skirt being a Colorado girl??  I've never gotten a vintage skirt for this cheap so I'm mega happy with this purchase.  This outfit was from this weekend during a lovely brunch outing with some favorites and on a really beyond lovely day weather wise.  Also, I don't ever remember the colors here in Denver being this vibrant during the fall.  I'm from Pennsylvania so I grew up with some kickass foliage and Colorado has a ton of evergreens so I always assumed PA schooled CO foliage wise.  After this week...I'm not so sure anymore.  OR Denver is having a great fall because it rained all damn summer (maybe that's the realistic explanation...). Here's a wider and non edited shot below (I was in the shade so from some angles I needed to lighten the exposure for the close up of this set.  Not pictured: a very charming picture with leaf shadows all over my face. Also...FYI: I never edit myself.  I only edit to bring out better colors in the photo or brighten the exposure and only if need be.)

Here wraps another Weekend Fashion, but this time on my new url!  I'll be posting my usual scheduled posts this week, plus a new one, and I may squeeze in a few of the posts I didn't get to post last week as I more or less had them ready to go!  Also check back frequently for new pages and other features as I play around more with owning my own site.  Hope everyone had a great week/end and I'll be slowly catching up with your lives as the next few days progress.  MWAH!

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  1. These outfits are amazing! I'm kind of in awe of that first dress. The collar is really what draws me in (: And that skirt from eBay is such a good find! I love that print on it.


    1. That dress was $12 at a Buffalo Exchange!! Thank-you, lovely girl :)


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