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Weekend Fashion 7

Weekly series on dressing for fun events, adapting to weather changes, and life in general!

I had super fun backdrops this weekend!

Friday Night:

What was I up to?

Friday night I got together with a friend of mine to go to a political meeting.  So, there's a few things I won't mention on this blog.  I said in the first Weekend Fashion that I would never confirm a boyfriend or confirm the single life.  I also reference working here and there but don't really talk shop (I'm kind of like that in real life too).  And now I have not so much a new rule but first here is the first time this rule is relevant: I won't show my hand politically.  Personally, I think I "hide in plain sight" with some of my beliefs as I don't cover my tracks even a little because I'm comfortable in who I am.  That said, politics can be so decisive and talking about my beliefs wouldn't serve a purpose while talking fashion to a wide range audience.  Anyway, this is the first of a few times I'll vaguely reference going to a local meeting or doing activism without any details.  So fill in those details with your imagination, if you must :)

Onto what I will talk about, Friday night was a lot of fun and I met some new nice people.  The girl who was running the meeting even complimented my outfit and asked for my blog because she wants to get into 50s fashion :)  Hopefully I'll be seeing her again as I think we're apart of some similar activism groups in Denver and like minded girls are so fun to come by!  I felt bad when she asked if I knew how to do victory rolls and I had to say no because I'm so clueless about hair haha!  After the meeting a few of us went to a bar to continue hanging out, and when we were winding down we suddenly heard 4 shots, then 2 shots, and then 3.  We all paused for a minute and we debated if they were really gun shots.  Sadly, I was right in thinking that they were (surprisingly this was not my first time at a restaurant where this happened) and we were forced to stay because the bar went on lockdown for a while!  I didn't get home until way after 1AM-which was WAY later than anticipated.  My friend Eric and I were supposed to do more political activism in the morning, but on the train back we vetoed it because we would have to be somewhere 45 minutes away from where we live at 6AM.  I'm bummed I missed out but getting an acceptable amount of sleep that night was nice.

Jacket- Wilson's Leather, Tank- Old Navy, Purse (you can only see the strap)- Kate Spade, Skirt- Pinup Girl Clothing, Socks- Target Style, Shoes- Bettie Page for Ellie Shoes

Why did I wear what I wore?

I got these saddle shoes in the mail this week and they make me so happy!!  I'm somewhat "known" for my shoe collection, especially involving classic pumps, but I'm a huge fan of heeled oxfords too and now that it's fall I'll be showcasing the few pairs I own more and more!  I'm excited for the saddle shoes because I've wanted a pair like them for a long time and I finally got a pair from Amazon.  I'm also excited because I feel like saddle shoes are somehow neutral and will go with most things!  That said, I had to pair them with a more black and white number first so I chose my white harlequin skirt from Pinup Girl clothing.  Also like shoes, I'm a huge jacket girl and love to match everything so get ready for jackets being showcased more frequently as the weather drops!  I feel like it's actually prudent to own several lighter jackets here because Colorado is surprisingly sunny and because it's a dry climate 45 degrees (without wind) feels closer to 50 something degrees (at least compared to humid Pennsylvania where I grew up).  Only during the two obligatory weeks that it's 0 degrees do I need a heavy jacket, plus at night on occasion.  The rest of the time cardigans and light jackets get the job done! And the more I match, the happier I am, hence I have a few jackets ha!  Rounding out this outfit I impulsively bought these pink/borderline ruffled socked at Target that day.  I was at Target anyway and had worn this outfit all day but with the kind of socks you can wear with heels as they're cut so low.  I felt like I needed thicker socks for nighttime and one that would cover where the shoes edge are around your ankles because I could see them eventually rubbing up enough to get a blister.  I'm not one to go "full on cutesy" or "full on vintage" too often, but I think the socks worked out well!


My beagle clearly had an off day too!

Sadly I had a gnarly sinus headache most of the day and cancelled all my plans.  Boo!


What was I up to?

If you've been reading this blog at all, you've probably caught onto the fact that my core friend group and I center a lot of our hangouts around brunch.  Usually they're impromptu, but once a month there is a scheduled one and that was today.  However, only 3 of us made it so it was extremely low key.  It worked out nicely though because the weather was fairly miserable with cold rain and sometimes it's nice to have a meal with a small group of people and have more intimate conversations.  We went to a new old place-if that makes sense.  The place we went to used to be a bike bar (like, bicycle not "biker") and we were there all the time because we were very much apart of the biking culture in Denver and several events were held there.  (Yes, Denver has a huge bike culture.  Every Wednesday in the summer there's an organized theme party on bikes throughout the city-and that's only the tip of the iceberg!).   The bar has since changed hands and now it seems like a 40+ bar...and (don't hate me for sounding like too hipster here) a "basic" people bar.  They were also blasting the AC which we didn't need either.   And the ambiance was cooler when bicycles were literally hanging from the ceiling.  (Not sure we'll be going back, haha).  As usual though, despite some serious moments, we were still playing at an A level game of being ridiculous at times.  Past that I went home, begged out because it's SO miserable out today, and when I'm done writing this I'm going to do some research and likely go back to my Gilmore Girls Netflix marathon at some point!

Why did I wear what I wore?

Better close up with the giraffe distraction!  Headband & Necklace- Forever 21, Cardigan- Banana Republic- Dress- Bernie Dexter- Bag- Kate Spade, Shoes- Chinese Laundry

Honest to goodness, this was me being stubborn!  I got it in my head that to this brunch I would wear this Bernie Dexter dress!  I'm getting anxious about wearing all my special clothing before I have to layer too much and I wanted to pair my orange cardigan and heels with this dress like I did my other orange accented Bernie Dexter dress last week.  It was pretty chilly though, so if I was smart I would have broken out one of my fun pairs of pants or at least tights!  But like I said, I was being kind of stubborn!  Originally I was wearing a white belt with it, but decided it looked weird with all the orange so I'm saving the white belt so a time I wear my white pumps with it.  I also remembered to accessorize today-which is a borderline miracle because I was pretty slow and tired this morning!

Hope everyone had a fun weekend!  MWAH!

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  1. Your shoe collection is killer!!!

  2. I'm that girl you met! I hadn't heard about the bar gun shots, that's terrifying! Just wanted you to know I am totally reading your blog!


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