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Weekend Fashion: 6

Hey all!  First weekend back in Colorado!  Let's get started:


Necklace-Forever 21, Dress- Bernie Dexter via Modcloth, Cardigan-Banana Republic, Shoes- Chinese Laundry

What was I up to?
Friday was a busy day with getting work done, running overdue errands, and grabbing lunch with a friend.  I was supposed to have a meeting that night but it got canceled and I was actually kind of stoked.  I was still kind of burned out from my trip (traveling takes a lot out of me) and my allergies were in no mood to behave.  I also had been craving a night in where I get to read, drink tea, and do yoga (plus organize a little from my trip as I had put that off), but had been too much of a zombie to do that so far this week!  Friday night was the perfect balance of being too tired to make new plans but awake enough to enjoy a nice night in.  That said, I had an outfit and I got a photo of it during the day!

How did I pick my outfit?
As you can tell in the photo, it's cardigan season here in Colorado!  It rained a few days since I've been back (and thundered-my poor storm fearing Border Collie!), but other than that it's been between 50-75 degrees.  For Friday I had a different outfit planned but knowing it wouldn't go past 60 degrees I opted for this dress.  I had been wanting to wear this dress all autumn but really wanted to bring out the orange tones in it with my orange cardigan & heels, but needed to wait for the perfect combination of it being brisk enough to wear this pairing and not needing to walk too far in these shoes!  (I'm still breaking them in).  Friday was the perfect day to do so!  Here's one without the sweater-granted the pose isn't as great but I think the cardigan really ties the outfit together:

Hair dye is washing out a bit and the red is returning!!

Dress- Modcloth, Shoes- Chinese Laundry

Saturday had a few up in the air plans, but one concrete plan: to walk the dogs with my good friend Jeanice.  I enjoy low key plans like that where the emphasis is to hang out with a good friend.  Going to the movies, being at some loud event, or doing something that's centered around some entertainment is fine on occasion, but I tend to pick close friends and significant others who I can just hang with, preferably without a fancy backdrop.  When I was younger and could fake having more energy I was fine with going to concerts and crazy theme parties all the time, but I just can't push myself to do those things 9/10 times anymore haha!  Luckily, I picked people wisely and majority of the people I did crazy events with I also had a good low key foundation with too so hooray for not needing to make new friends!

My friend Jeanice and I during more wild and crazy times at a concert, Metric (top), and random night out (with other beloved friends too in both pics)

That all said, shortly after waking up I got a text from my dear friend Brett asking if I could give him a ride home after 9 miles of running, as he'd be in my area and didn't want to run/walk/public transit it back.  I agreed, although I must admit I'm a little jealous!  I too was training for the same half marathon, as I got it in my head that that would be a badass thing to do 8 months after failed heart surgery.  As I think I've mentioned before, once I was physically recovered I threw myself into gym workouts and going on runs and somehow I was in better cardiovascular shape than before (asthma slows me down too), despite that nothing had been fixed.  For a few months I couldn't feel pain-which probably bordered on me tapping into a sociopathic part of my brain, but whatever, I was enjoying it!  The thing is, at the end of the day I have a lot of health issues (some I haven't fully disclosed here as well) and when I got that severe head cold and fever in August I lost my mojo for a few weeks.  After recovering I immediately got too busy catching up with life to train and then had to prepare for my east coast trip from there.  At this point it was around a month out from the half marathon and I thought with the limited time I had to bounce back and catch up with training, if I buckle down to do this, I may end up killing myself...damnit.  Ugh.  Another time!

Wore the heels to picking up my friend and brunch...but changed for walking ;)  (No, that's not my dog.  My puppies stayed in due to running around all AM)

After leaving Brett's, I met up with Jeanice and our friend Alex for brunch (which was originally supposed to be one Sunday-long story), and from there Jeanice and I continued onto our girl's hangout afternoon and walk in the park.  Saturday ended up being a little more jam packed than I expected it to be, so again I was happy to come home by 6PM and be in for the night!  I'm such a day dweller lately and love to stay in at night; the opposite of where I was my whole life up until about a year or two ago!  Immediately upon arriving home I got some work done an then got some reading and yoga in!

How did I pick my outfit?

Like Friday, I had a different outfit in mind but the weather changed my final decision!  It was back to summer here in colorful Colorado being somewhere in the 80 degree weather range.  I got this dress during one of Modcloth's amazing summer sales.  It's a very heavy fabric though and it's lined, so while it's a shorter dress it isn't necessarily a summer dress.  Saturday was the perfect excuse to wear it because it wasn't too hot to wear (especially as it cooled down as the afternoon went on) but I wasn't cold in it either.  Yay for a happy accident!  I was wondering when the hell I would get to wear this pretty pastel number!!


What was I up to?

Sunday was one of those days where I originally had some plans, but they got scraped, but then two other options emerged in it's place.  Some of my friend's wanted to watch the Broncos game and a good friend of mine wanted me to meet up with him and people at the metal brewery (lol, my favorite place as I love metal).  I figured whichever party got their sh*t together first would win, and that ended up being the Broncos people.  It worked out for the best as a) they were closer location wise, and b) the place they went to had wifi and I needed to get some work done so I was able to bring my laptop (I'm not the world's biggest football person so the distraction was fine by me).  From there we left the bar before halftime and I continued to work on my friend's couch for a bit with the game in the background-and it's also why today's outfit is clearly on someone's patio and not in a bar!  Hell, I'm posting from my friend's couch currently!  From here I have other things to get done and then am going to try one of my best friends in Atlanta.  Past that it'll be a repeat of all my other weekend nights- reading! Haha.

How did I pick my outfit?

Shirt- Forever 21, Skirt- Pinup Girl Clothing/Pinup Couture, Shoes- G by Guess

Finally, an outfit that I wanted to wear this weekend that worked out weather wise!  (It was hot again, but with a wind this time so not too hot).  I hadn't worn this PUG skirt since I got it 6 weeks ago!  The Jenny skirts are a little bit heavy for summer, but again it's about finding that great balance for a sweet spot in the weather system.  One of my favorite things about skirts is how you can pair them with so many different colors making them nearly different outfits.  Last time I paired it with mostly blues with pops of pink, but this time I stuck to the whites in the skirt.

Hooray for a first weekend back and a first Weekend Fashion post of October!  Stay tuned this month as I have some announcements, changes, and new series coming at ya!  Hope everyone had a great weekend!

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  1. Lauren I love all of your heels! You look so pretty:) And that first dress is awesome!
    <3 Daisy
    Simplicity Relished

    1. Thank-you! I'm obsessed with heels lol. Thanks for stopping by xoxo!

  2. I love that Bernie Dexter dress and the pinup girl clothing have a wonderful wardrobe!!

    1. Thanks! They're some of my favorites for sure! XOXO

  3. I'm so behind on my reading list. Argh. When I saw that first photo of you wearing the Bernie, I had to read this post! Love the orange cardi and shoes with it, it's perfect!!! Dress twins <3

    xo, Serli


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