Totally Want Tuesday- 10/21/14

Hey all!  I figured I'd start doing some posts about the things on my wish lists since I see so many other bloggers doing that and it looks like fun!  Plus I sometimes learn about other brands and pieces of clothing that I otherwise wouldn't have learned about via those posts, so why not return the favor, right?  I may not do this every Tuesday, but I'll shoot for most Tuesdays in the month!

From Unique Vintage:

I actually love maxi dresses, especially if they're 70s centered.  I saw this one  on Unique Vintage's New Arrivals page and just love it!

I'm kind of, sort of, totally obsessed with anything that reminds me of the Brady Bunch.  I feel like Marcia would totally rock these 'Tan and Multicolor Lace Up Far Out Chunky Pumps'...especially since the name UV gave these shoes scream Brady vernacular!  Wearing them would be tricky because they'd probably only go with solids and I own so many prints dresses and skirts.  I still really want these though and hope one day I can add them to my collection!

I'm not the world's biggest jewelry girl, but these really caught my eye!  I'm not sure if I've ever seen a bedazzled pineapple so I totally dig these Pineapple Rhinestone Post Earrings!  

From Modcloth:

Honestly I haven't been seeing a ton on Modcloth lately that has me foaming at the mouth.  Frankly, I'm kind of glad for that because it can be overwhelming when you desperately want 20 items on that site and can't afford them!  But then I saw this Awaiting the Evening dress Monday morning and fell in love.  First off, I need more purple in my wardrobe because it's one of my favorite colors and yet I don't own enough of it!  Second, I really like "the first lady look" but sometimes feel like it can easily border on frumpy or boring if styled wrong.  There's no way this color blocking purple number could ever be boring, but it still is classy and professional!  I hope this goes on sale ;) 

From Bernie Dexter:

You all know I love skirts and I love Bernie Dexter!  I love that she's been expanding her skirt line more and more!  This Trixie Skirt in Winter Wonderland Print is amazing, at least for my taste!  I've loved this print for over a year but haven't loved the dress cuts it comes in.  I'm not typically into seasonal/holiday prints, but this print is just so wonderful that I want to make an exception to that rule!

From Trashy Diva:

I love Trashy Diva's Grand Fleur collection because it's a print I definitely have not seen before!  At this point I have so many florals, polka dots, and bright colors in my closet that whenever I see something totally different and in an unusual color pairing it's hard not to fall in love slightly.  This circle skirt is actually really cheap by TD standards ($54) and comes in other lengths and dresses as well!  

Any of y'all loving these prints, styles, and accessories as well??  Until next time, happy Tuesday!

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  1. Those heels are really funky! So 60's/70's...

  2. ugh modcloth can literally do no wrong. how gorgeous is that purple material? i'd feel like a total babe in that :)

    xo marlen
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  3. That Bernie skirt would be perfect for the holiday season! I can picture it being really cute with a cropped cardigan and heels.


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