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Flashback Friday: Halloween

Hey all!  So I've threatened before to do some flashback posts of old fashion choices before, and here's my first time making good on that promise!  I originally was going to do a birthday fashion flashback last month prior to my birthday, but ran out of time to do so!  I figured since most people seem to love Halloween, why not take a trip down memory lane with some old Halloween photos?

I'm pretty into costumes and Halloween.  I like to commit and go all out!  There were a few years where I grabbed a cowgirl hat and fringe top with a denim skirt and called it a day, but for the most part I put a lot more effort in!  Some photos have been lost over time, but here are the ones I could wrangle!

Literally...just grabbed a fringe top and hat and called it good.  Oh, college...

Another "slutty" and basic example.  However, my then bf was a dinosaur that year so scantily clad cavewoman isn't, ya know, "out of line."  Either or, my gal pals are rocking it with originality (Marie Antoinette and a Mexican wrestler, respectively). 

17 year old street walkers!  My best friend (also a Lauren) on the left and I'm on the right during that awful high school "blonde phase"

What's funny about these photos are a few things-but none are obvious!  First off, this is the second year in a row we did this (sadly I couldn't find the 16 year old versions of this photo-with a another best friend- to save my life!).  This whole idea of us being hookers is funny and started the year before because me and my girlfriends had no idea what to be for Halloween.  We were sitting in my bedroom and somehow, I believe half kidding, we came up with the idea of being hookers and then ended up committing to the outfits.  The thing is, we were really good kids!  We were not the "bad girls" by any stretch of the imagination.  We were not rebellious in any form, totally straight edge, presidents of SADD type kids!  I guess we just wanted to pseudo innocently push the limits??  Anyway, we walked downstairs slowly to show my mom-whom I still believed had, you know, parenting rules at this point- and she thought it was the greatest thing ever and insisted on us posing for a photo.  That's why this photo exists and we did it two years in a row (sadly once in college too when I visited her-she was a year old than me-but I believe she got a little more "creative" and put on bunny ears haha.  Oh young ladies...).  And that's also when I realized I had next to no rules within my household.  My mom wanted a photo of her 16 year old daughter & friends dressed as street walkers.  #kodakmoment #oneforthebabybook #makemomproud

"It's about time for OUR arrival"

In college, like most girls, I thought less was more (in general) and Halloween was an excuse to show off skin.  In my defense, as much as I retroactively wish I went the more "creative" route costume wise, it was hella hot in Miami and I don't regret showing off skin during a time where it was practical climate wise and during one of the only age appropriate years where slutty Halloween costumes are "borderline" acceptable.   This one particular year I didn't really know what I wanted to be so I picked up a wig here and some accessories there, and then just kind of went by my old staple of being a hooker.  That said, during the party people pointed out that I vaguely looked like Christina Aguilera from the "Dirrty" video, (as did my friend Blake with the chaps) so I went with that, even though my female musical icons at the time were more Pat Benatar, Joan Jett, and Heart (hell, all of them still are!). So Blake and I had way too much fun screaming that "it was about time for our arrival" the whole night anytime we walked through a doorway.  This was a really fun party because it was just after a huge hurricane that shut the city down for a while, so everyone had a lot of excess energy to burn off.  Plus 90% of my close friends were there, which is always amazing when that happens on such hectic holidays!

Totally regret not bringing MY blue electric guitar to the party here!

I'd LOVE to take the credit for this one, but it's ALL one of my best friend's Sarah's doing!  It was my first year in Denver and Sarah invited me to her family's annual Halloween party.  She was trying to get all of the girls in our age group going to go as Robert Palmer girls from his iconic 80s videos.  Being a bit of a pop culture freak, I needed no more info and agreed.  She assigned different girls to different variations from different videos he did, which is why we have on the red bands when the models don't have them on in the most famous video "Addicted to Love" (which we're also posing as in this picture).  ALL of the other girls bailed, proving that a) I'm loyal (duh) and b) it was a more solidified start to a great friendship.

In case you don't recognize the name Robert Palmer you may recognize this video, or at least it'll explain our costumes better.

The year after the Palmer girl costume I went as the angel of death.  This was a morbid choice for me, but kind of cathartic too.  A LOT of people died on me in the early 2000s.  The curse seemed to be completed in 2008 when I hit the 2 year mark of my friend John's death-the first time in a long time I could say nobody had passed away in "years".  (Seriously, 18 months was the longest I could go without an earth shattering death for many moons).  Halloween and the two year mark were happening on the same weekend.  I'm sure this sounds backwards to some people, but going as the angel of death the weekend the curse of me actually feeling like the angel of death ended was the only appropriate choice for me that year.  It was a way of taking the power out of it or feeling more in control-or something.  I also have a long history of trying to understand pain by making it tangible through art or other forms of expression, so don't judge me too hard if you don't fully understand.  I hide the artistic temperament pretty well, but it does occasionally drive me and give me tunnel vision-like this costume choice.  I think only my friend Sarah (fellow Palmer girl and Marie Antoinette) knew my true reasons for going as that too, as I wasn't trying to get attention for it or anything.  I almost didn't share this costume for that very reason, but given that I try to live candidly on this blog and showcase (some) of the bad aspects of life so nobody accidentally feels jealous of my life, I decided to share this costume and back story.  And thankfully there's been very few deaths in my life since 2006 (::knock on wood::) so hooray for this phase of my life!!

Me being Lucille Ball while loving MY Lucy :)

I finally began to grow out of the slutty Halloween costumes, and though I'd like to say it was on was really just for warmth!  I had been living in Denver a few years at this point of my Halloween showcase here, and I knew from bad experiences that bar hopping or risking walking home due to a cab shortage was not ideal if you went the "slutty route."  Halloween 2010 left me with being clueless about what to wear, so after looking through some normal stores for cheap outfits (like Ross and thrift stores) to see if I could come up with an idea to build on, I found this purple plaid skirt and decided to be one of my lifetime favorites, Lucille Ball.  Ironically I wasn't super into dressing in vintage fashion yet!  I liked dresses a lot but was also super into the jeans and a concert tee look.  If I tried to be Lucille Balle now it would be sooooo easy!!  Funny how life turns out, right?

Not gonna lie: Elmo steals the show here!


Within the next year I discovered that old episodes of Small Wonder were on YouTube, so obviously I had to be Vicki the robot child for Halloween that year.  This is probably my favorite costume I've ever done because I put a lot of work into getting the details right and while a lot of people really didn't get my costume at all, the ones that did got super excited so it was totally worth it!  Although, while dancing with people I didn't know at a friend's party it was sad when I did "the robot" and nobody got why I was doing the robot!

Halloween is soooo much more fun when friends go all out too!

"It's time to play the music..."

The other costume I'm the most proud of would be from 2012 when I was Janice the bass player from the Muppet Band.  It was a relatively easy costume to put together as a I had a pink crop top and denim skirt already.  I found the candy lips and blow up guitar at Party City and used way too much bronzer on purpose.  Finding a hat was kind of difficult and for the hair what I did was I bought yellow yarn and glue gunned enough on the inside brim of the hat to give the idea that it was her hair.  I couldn't find any wigs the appropriate length and didn't want it to look too ridiculous if I cut it.  Plus, she has that stringy yarn hair so this way made a bit more sense, despite that it was more work.  Surprisngly, A LOT of people didn't recognize this costume.  I know Janice is hardly the star of The Muppet Show, but still!

I'm suuuuuuuper excited for Halloween this year.  Last year I had my SVT attack that put me on the surgery trajectory 3 days before Halloween, leaving me feeling like a bus hit me physically so I had to stay in and watch Parenthood on Netflix.  I'm using the costume I was going to use last year since it's all ready to go, but I'm a little bummed because over the past few months I got it in my head that Robin Sparkles from How I Met Your Mother would be a great idea for a Halloween another time ;)   (I'll give you a hint: it's a Barbie costume...but which Barbie??)   Plus my friends and I have actually been organized and have been planning Halloween since Labor Day, so a mass contingency of us will be there-which is no small feat for a major sh*t show holiday!!

Update 10/29/15

I'm more than likely not celebrating Halloween this 2015 year, but here are some photos from last year when I went as the first ever Barbie!!  Happy Halloween (again)!!

My dogs came to this party too and went as dinosaurs:

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Tiger Lilly the lobster and Lucy June the squirrel :)  


  1. That Janice costume is a total win! I knew who you were before I even read the description. Its totally hilarious, but also really creative! I cannot wait to see you as Robin Sparkles. That's an amazing costume idea!

    1. Thank-you sweetie! Being Janice was so fun! Sadly I won't be being Robin Sparkles this year as I still have my unused costume from last year, but I can't wait to eventually be Canada's biggest 80s pop super star from the 90s! XO

  2. Hahahaha these are gold Lauren!!! Loving the "It's about time for my arrival" XD


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