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Case of the (Motivational) Mondays: Please vote + First Lady fashion

Welcome to a Case of the Motivational Mondays!  A weekly series taking a break from strictly clothes and outfits to focus on feeling as good as you dress!  For a more thorough introduction to this series click here and here!

Hey all!  This Monday is part public service announcement as a week from tomorrow is one of my favorite holidays, Election Day!  (In the US.  I don't mean to exclude any readers from the 40+ other countries that have so far graced my blog's statistics, so feel free to still read and apply it for your own country's election day and issues.  Plus please enjoy all the fun and fashionable First Lady pictures I could find...I figured picking women politicians may prove to be a bit more divisive for American readers).  If I were smart, I would have made this a two parter starting with when I started this Monday series back in August, as that's usually when the cut off dates are for registration!  But a week out for those of you who are already registered will have to do!

Betty Ford via Harper's Bazaar

First and foremost, let me begin with that I understand if you feel apathetic towards voting.  It's easy to feel that your voice may not be heard and given the issues we've had with counting votes in the past as well as legitimate critiques on the electoral college, voting can feel like a lost cause.  I, for one, also can't stand all the commercials mud slinging opposing candidates and the pundits on any of the news channels trying to bark the loudest so their egos are heard instead of real issues being talked about in a rational matter.  But at the center of it all are so many issues that often impact our every day lives in ways we may not even realize, so it is mega important to sift through the BS and find out what the core of the matters are.  Being an educated citizen who partakes in voting is a way of seizing control of your own life-in more ways than just how the elections turn out.

Lady Bird Johnson via Harper's Bazaar

I grew up apathetic to politics because I grew up in an overtly political household.  My dad was in local politics and had friends in politics on a much larger scale.  I had no desire to do drugs or be a "bad girl", so my only form of rebelling that appealed to me was to not register to vote when I turned 18.  (Told you I understand apathy towards politics!)  What finally turned me back on to politics were a few things: realizing how the food and drug industry works and how lobby groups related to them are in bed with certain politicians, a general disdain for a certain VP candidate, certain social issues near and dear to my heart, and having a religious studies background while watching how politics and religion work-sometimes without the public realizing what's happening.  This perfect storm caused me to start taking a very serious interest.  Almost overnight, everything my parents groomed me for turned back on and I couldn't get enough CSPAN, non-fiction books on politics, and seeking out other ways to stay politically informed and active.  Regardless of your lifestyle, belief system, health care needs, family structure, education, income, gender, race, and other even more detailed aspects of your life, there are people within political parties that are both for and against whatever your needs and wants are.  It is important to seek out who is on your side and educate yourself so that you make wise decisions for your future.

Edith Kermit Roosevelt being foxy in 1895!  Via Kansas City

Only 64% of Americans voted in the 2012 election.  Or put another way, less than two thirds helped pick out our president!  Given the principles this country was founded on, and what black people and women had to go through to get the right to vote, it seems really silly that only around 14% more than half of our population chooses to vote on the most important election day every 4 year years.   Less people will likely vote this coming Tuesday, and midterm elections are arguably more important as the president has to work with these people and does not have absolute power.   If you are unfamiliar with who's running in your state or what amendments are being added, I'd spend some time with Mr. Google this week OR look at your blue book that should have been mailed to you if you are registered to vote.   I'm not for blindly picking people or amendments off the ballot (I won't even vote for for a judge or vote against him/her unless I actually have intel on how they're faring as they're a bit trickier to research), but if we all took a few minutes each month to tune into a news station, read a new site or blog instead of Buzzfeed or a celebrity website, we'd all know better what's going on with the issues, passions within us would start, and it will become impossible to not vote and/or become active within the community.  A lot of people I know who don't vote are intelligent and passionate about the issues, but they're apathy or laziness prevents them from voting.  No wonder it's easy to not feel heard as voters!  We all need to do our part so that our voices are represented in the most accurate way, and the only way for it to be accurate is if we all vote after taking time to form our opinions on the issues.

Jackie Kennedy via Go Pix Pic

Maybe you're already super into politics and are already planning on voting (or did early voting) so this is a redundant post for you.  Maybe you aren't registered but after reading this you're thinking about it.  It will be too late for this election, but HERE is a great place to start so that you're covered for any future elections.  Also, we will be electing a new president in almost exactly two years from now.  Within the next...three to five months...all news outlets will start to dedicate themselves almost solely to coverage of the 2016 primaries.  HERE is the most straight forward upcoming candidate speculation and guide I can find.  It updates itself as new news and hints get dropped.  Click on it, bookmark it, and check back a few times so that you can familiarize yourself with the names and issues.  You'll be educated about who's running for both major parties and you'll absorb information on related issues as well.

Nancy Reagan, Jackie Kennedy, and Michelle Obama via The Daily Beast

I hope many of you are like minded and take advantage of what a privilege it is to vote.  But if you're not, I have no judgement either.  I just hope that something in this post, or some other source, stirs up some kind of interest in politics and current events as politics are far from boring.  You just need to find a passionate point to start from so that the more mundane parts don't scare you off.  Trust me!  Have a fabulous start to your weeks, darlings!

Mamie Eisenhower via Instyle 

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