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Case of the (Motivational) Mondays: Please vote + First Lady fashion

Welcome to a Case of the Motivational Mondays!  A weekly series taking a break from strictly clothes and outfits to focus on feeling as good as you dress!  For a more thorough introduction to this series click here and here!

Hey all!  This Monday is part public service announcement as a week from tomorrow is one of my favorite holidays, Election Day!  (In the US.  I don't mean to exclude any readers from the 40+ other countries that have so far graced my blog's statistics, so feel free to still read and apply it for your own country's election day and issues.  Plus please enjoy all the fun and fashionable First Lady pictures I could find...I figured picking women politicians may prove to be a bit more divisive for American readers).  If I were smart, I would have made this a two parter starting with when I started this Monday series back in August, as that's usually when the cut off dates are for registration!  But a week out for those of you who are already registered…

Weekend Fashion 9

Weekly series on dressing for fun events, adapting to weather changes, how to match pieces with other pieces, and life in general!

Friday: I woke up allergic to something on Friday and decided to cancel plans that night.  Bummer!


What was I up to?

I was still super zonked but managed to get my act together in time for lunch with a friend.  The weather has been nothing short of fabulous this whole October with (knock on wood) no end in sight!  October is never this nice in Denver so it was lovely having lunch outside on a patio while this weather is still here!

Glasses- Flea market find, Shirt- Urban Outfitters, Skirt- Retrolicious via Modcloth, Bag- Kate Spade, Socks- Target, Shoes- Bettie Page for Ellie Shoes
Why did I wear what I wore?
In the morning when I was taking the dogs out, there was a slight breeze.  I knew it was possibly going to be close to 80 but wasn't sure how early it would be that warm and wasn't clear on where we were eating yet (inside place or outs…

Gaga for...Tatyana Boutique

I have to admit that I only have a few items from Tatyana Boutique/Bettie Page Clothing (does anybody else have trouble just saying Tatyana Boutique without the "Bettie Page"??) but it's not for a lack of loving Tatyana clothes!  I think the quality is amongst the best of pinup revival clothing out there!  I only have 4 pieces, but they're amongst my favorites!

This Shirlee Tegge dress is seriously one of the best vintage reproduction dresses I have ever come across.  The dress is named for the first winner of Miss USA, which Tatyana Boutique decided to replicate for us.  Isn't that the dream?  I mean, really!  When you're looking through old historical footage or watching old movies and you see a dress you love, don't you wish it was available for you??  Thank-you Tatyana for at least making one vintage dress available to us!  As you may remember I recently wore this dress to my (PA) birthday last month and couldn't have been happier to be wearing t…

Totally Want Tuesday- 10/21/14

Hey all!  I figured I'd start doing some posts about the things on my wish lists since I see so many other bloggers doing that and it looks like fun!  Plus I sometimes learn about other brands and pieces of clothing that I otherwise wouldn't have learned about via those posts, so why not return the favor, right?  I may not do this every Tuesday, but I'll shoot for most Tuesdays in the month!

From Unique Vintage:

I actually love maxi dresses, especially if they're 70s centered.  I saw this one  on Unique Vintage's New Arrivals page and just love it!

I'm kind of, sort of, totally obsessed with anything that reminds me of the Brady Bunch.  I feel like Marcia would totally rock these 'Tan and Multicolor Lace Up Far Out Chunky Pumps'...especially since the name UV gave these shoes scream Brady vernacular!  Wearing them would be tricky because they'd probably only go with solids and I own so many prints dresses and skirts.  I still really want these though…

Case of the (Motivational) Mondays 10/20/14

Welcome to a Case of the Motivational Mondays!  A weekly series taking a break from strictly clothes and outfits to focus on feeling as good as you dress!  For a more thorough introduction to this series click here and here!

Twirling because it's Monday!!!  Yay!   Glasses- H&M, Dress- Bernie Dexter, Belt- H&M, Shoes- Nine West
One of my first posts in this series involved a list of ways to try to brighten your day.  That said, sometimes regardless of how much water we drink or how much we fake a smile until it's real, we often have the best of intentions but accidentally hurt people's feelings.  Here's another list, but of ways to check yourself when dealing with people.  The reason why I decided it was an appropriate topic/list for this post is because we can't control how other people treat us.  We can control how we treat other people though, and sometimes that can heavily influence how they treat us in return in a positive way.  And if nothing else, by av…

Weekend Fashion 8: Plus where the hell was I this week?

Hey all!  Thank-you for letting me essentially take off for a week-something that was somewhat very impromptu but in other ways totally a long time coming.  This has been one of the most hectic years of my life and the past few weeks have been exceptionally busy.  I love blogging, outfit sharing, and looking at YOUR looks in whatever platforms you post them on, but lately I've had a lot of issues keeping up with all of it.  I needed a few days to focus on other projects and am happy to report that I am back here totally refreshed and ready to get back to my fashion blogging and networking routine!

Also.... Notice anything different??  I have my OWN url!  My history with blogging, or at least with fashion blogging was that I started on tumblr to hopefully build some kind of following as I've had success doing that in the past relating to my other blogs.  I initially planned on jumping from tumblr to my own url, but my political blog was causing me issues and I didn't want …

Weekend Fashion 7

Weekly series on dressing for fun events, adapting to weather changes, and life in general!

I had super fun backdrops this weekend!
Friday Night:

What was I up to?

Friday night I got together with a friend of mine to go to a political meeting.  So, there's a few things I won't mention on this blog.  I said in the first Weekend Fashion that I would never confirm a boyfriend or confirm the single life.  I also reference working here and there but don't really talk shop (I'm kind of like that in real life too).  And now I have not so much a new rule but first here is the first time this rule is relevant: I won't show my hand politically.  Personally, I think I "hide in plain sight" with some of my beliefs as I don't cover my tracks even a little because I'm comfortable in who I am.  That said, politics can be so decisive and talking about my beliefs wouldn't serve a purpose while talking fashion to a wide range audience.  Anyway, this is the first …

Flashback Friday: Halloween

Hey all!  So I've threatened before to do some flashback posts of old fashion choices before, and here's my first time making good on that promise!  I originally was going to do a birthday fashion flashback last month prior to my birthday, but ran out of time to do so!  I figured since most people seem to love Halloween, why not take a trip down memory lane with some old Halloween photos?

I'm pretty into costumes and Halloween.  I like to commit and go all out!  There were a few years where I grabbed a cowgirl hat and fringe top with a denim skirt and called it a day, but for the most part I put a lot more effort in!  Some photos have been lost over time, but here are the ones I could wrangle!

Literally...just grabbed a fringe top and hat and called it good.  Oh, college...

Another "slutty" and basic example.  However, my then bf was a dinosaur that year so scantily clad cavewoman isn't, ya know, "out of line."  Either or, my gal pals are rocking it…