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Weekend Fashion 5: (Colorado) Birthday Edition!

Kissing my guns because I'm a birthday champion, duh.

Hey all!  I had a super fun weekend was my birthday!  Sort of.  My birthday is later this week but I'll be traveling around and so I celebrated with my Colorado favorites this weekend!  First let's start with Friday!

I had a few things potentially going on socially on Friday, but quickly began to realize that after a busier than expected week staying in to work and/or do laundry may be ideal as my trip was quick approaching.  One of my best friends, Sarah, wanted me to come over for a wine night and I said I would if I could bring over laundry (plus my machines are always acting up so it was preferable) so that's what won out in the end!  It was a really nice evening because it basically started off birthday week officially for me.  As I've mentioned before a few times, this year was very challenging.  I'm not one to believe that any given "next year" will be better as the cards will fall where they are going to fall, but I do find it appropriate to commemorate the end point of a challenging year.  For that reason, I brought champagne!  And my friend Sarah's roommate Nadiana (my friend too at this point), decided to be extra festive and put strawberries in it!

But on to the fashion.  Though the shoes I'm wearing below were mostly for the photo, I find skirts to be arguably more comfortable than jeans even for household chores so I didn't feel this was a ridiculous outfit choice for such a night, ha!

Head scarf- Target Style, Shirt- J Crew Factory, Skirt- Bettie Page Clothing/Tatyana Boutique, Shoes- they're so old the label is worn out and I don't remember even getting them!!

Saturday was the day I got to celebrate my birthday with my Colorado friends.  It was a super different birthday this year than past years!  You see, I have a disease called social butterfly-itus.  (Yes, it is a thing and it's real!) It's not deadly, but boy oh boy can it be overwhelming!  At a young age I experienced a lot of death around me, family issues, and my own slew of health problems.  Instead of turning to drugs or alcohol or other forms of dangerous behavior, I filled my grief, abandonment + validation issues by befriending...everyone.  This may sound strange, but the worst part of doing that was that I really cared about everyone.  Caring is hardly a crime but not everyone is going to care the same back!  Not that I ever surrounded myself with terrible people-thank goodness I have OK judgement in people-but not all were "great friends."  Around 3 years ago my health issues ganged up on me and I was forced to, you know, not go to 7 different social get togethers in one weekend and 3-5 throughout the weekdays.  At first that was torture, like skin crawling because I had to be alone with my thoughts kind of torture, but eventually I realized I didn't mind staying in to read or watch a documentary and while I've never fully gone back into my dipping my feet in four different friend group's pools ways, I still had two big events a year that I planned where I invite practically everyone I know here in Denver: St Patrick's Day & my birthday.  Birthdays are a huge validation and filling a void trigger for me because my mom actually went into labor at my dad's birthday dinner and I was born the next morning, so our birthdays were always pseudo conjoined.  I was never a birthday person before my 20th birthday when I found myself sitting at a dinner table with my mom and my brother, 3 months after my dad died, having a terribly awkward dinner.  I thought "never again' and proceeded to outdo myself each and every year after.  Last year close to around 60 people came to my party.  While that's an amazing problem to have, I felt myself overwhelmed because I was catching up with people I had barely seen all year or don't see too often and didn't get a chance to spend time with my closest friends and then boyfriend.  Even in a mimosa stupor I remember thinking to myself, "this is my last "big" birthday...I'm too old for this."

One of my true blue people, Alex, with a fashion story: he gifted me with these pearls after a Vietnam trip :)

That thought got cemented this past St Patrick's day where again I felt that same overwhelming feeling of interacting with people I genuinely care about and always will, but have been growing apart from and was not getting the same energy or buzz from being around so many different people.  That, and I was barely a month out of my surgery and it was my first huge social outing so I kept zoning out...but still I knew, this time in a stone cold sober stupor, that I needed to cling to the true blues and those who are consistent and nothing but positive forces in my life.  Drawing that line in the sand was easy, because you find out who your friends are when you go through something heavy and I was happy that I was mostly correct with who I thought my true blues were!  So this year, while while I would have invited anyone I ran in to leading up to my party because I didn't want anyone "banned", I kept it to my tight knit group of friends and some of my more one on one friends independent from my circle.  We just hung out at a few places in the Baker/South Broadway neighborhood of Denver and enjoyed a nice summer day in the fall!

Glasses- Forever 21, Earrings-Aldo, Pearls- Gifted, Dress- Hell Bunny via Unique Vintage, Belt- Bernie Dexter, Bracelet-Charming Charlie,  Bag- Kate Spade, Shoes- Nine West

I picked this outfit to wear for a few reasons.  Up until a few weeks ago I was clueless about my birthday outfit.  What does one wear to a special event when they dress up every day??  While still mulling it over I got this Hell Bunny Souvenir dress from Unique Vintage during their Labor Day sale.  I had wanted it since it came out, and the second I tried it on out of the box I knew it was my birthday dress!  It was perfect because it was still summer-y as I was anticipating an Indian summer afternoon like my birthday always is in Colorado (which at 90 degrees my prediction was correct), but the reds in it, especially paired with red accessories made it autumn-y too.

Here are a few photos from my party!

Some group photos of my lovely lady friends!

Being mega appropriate here.  Also some of my friends and I have an ongoing joke about being "classy on the inside."  I feel this photo set is appropriate.

This collage is special because all of the dudes are my closest straight guy friends (that are in serious relationships).  Mega lucky for me, these ladies are awesome and I'm beyond fortunate to call them my friends as well!  

To be fair, I directed him to look creepy posing with the flowers and balloon :)

This is super fun because the guy is actually an old PA neighbor and one of my dad's best friend's youngest kid.  He and his girlfriend just got moved to Denver this summer so it's been fun getting to know him again and befriend his lovely girlfriend.

Sarah, one of my very best friends and first friend in Denver!  I'm holding her elephant necklace because I love elephants :)

I found this so obviously I had to wear it.

Me and lovely lady Katie :)

Just hanging out!

Dude photo.

Acting like it's my birthday here!!

Though I had no plans for today, Sunday, other than dropping off my dogs, writing this post and getting some other work done, I ended up doing brunch with friends.  As you may have noticed we're brunch fanatics and while we plan a few ahead of time here and there, after a fun day/night out we tend to do impromptu brunches the next day.  And while it was not intended to be an extension of my birthday, two of my friends fought over the tab for me and our waiter began wishing me a happy birthday!  Past that surprise, it was as usual a mixture of being too ridiculous and silly and somehow seamlessly morphing into serious conversations.  I seriously love my friends for those reasons; so many layers and sides to each of them and as a group, and all of it is so effortless.  Here is what I wore to brunch:

Glasses- gifted, Dress- Bernie Dexter via Modcloth, Bag- Kate Spade, Wedges- Steve Madden

I am beyond excited about this dress.  I have been foaming at the mouth for it since it came out and recently Modcloth purged it at $46 and I was able to snatch one up in my size.  I love it even more in person and was stoked to wear it out while it was still sort of summer but also starting to feel like fall (it was cloudy and around 70 degrees today).  Originally I was going to wear black pumps (the one from the ironing board picture) but I decided to cling on to summer while I still can.  And then, my friend directed me in this off the shoulder, slutty Sandy from Grease, style photo with my leather jacket that I brought...:

Lolz.  I don't think I'll pose in all my jacket photos like this or make a point to not smile with my mouth open, but it's funny so I thought I'd share!!!

So!  I am going to traveling this week and my posting schedule will be different.  I am going to have a brief Motivational Monday post tomorrow AM, but later that day a special guest blogger will be making an appearance, and after that more special guest bloggers will be making appearances each day until I am back!  So tune in for new friends and style perspectives!  There will be no 'Gaga for...', Weekend Fashion, and more than likely no Motivational Monday a week from tomorrow as well (that may be a game time decision).  I will be posting on Instagram here and there, but may suck at responding to comments and checking the feed cover to cover (and I think I've said this before but never, ever, EVER take that behavior personal from me!  I genuinely love looking at outfit pics, reading your blogs, and making comments and thanking you for your comments, but lately I've been more of a space case than usual-common reaction of mine after a stressful chunk of time passes- and add that in on days where I'm busier than usual and it's a really bad perfect storm and stones go unturned.  Love you interacting with you all and thought that was worth mentioning!) 

I hope you guys had an amazing weekend!!!  And for those of you with birthdays on the horizon (September/early October seems to be a popular month for us fbloggers!!), hope you have as much fun as I did!!

Did you just find this page and am wondering who I am?  Click here for a proper introduction!


  1. It looks like you had alot of fun for your birthday! That Hellbunny dress looks great on you!

    1. Thank-you! Looks great on you as well, sweetie!!! #dresstwins

  2. You're amazing!!!! My mama shares with you a September birthday X) We took her to a lovely restaurant in Monterey called 1833. If you ever visit Northern California you should definitely stop by there ;)

    1. Thank-you! And nice! Where in Northern Cali are you? I know it's not super close, but hey...same state...I'll be in Southern Cali for a hot minute in (likely) January!


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