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Weekend Fashion 4: Brunette Edition??

Hey all!  If you follow me on Instagram (@demurelaurenblair), you know already that I had a hair "uh-oh" this week, so excuse the new look while I try to get my old look back!

Now I'm no coloring expert, but that isn't remotely red on my hair!  Nothing against my raven haired friends as dark hair is gorgeous, but being this dark just isn't me-or at least not now it isn't (I've been most colors under the sun, but I'll save those pics for another post!).  Because I've been dying my hair since I was 16, it's pretty much impossible for me to use my natural hair as my natural hair color without shaving it and starting from scratch.  I always know there's an element of chance when you color your own hair but I've never had it this wildly different than advertised!  After fielding tons of amazing suggestions from YOU all on Instagram, I started looking for the ingredients you suggested and-long story short- I ended up at a Sally Beauty Supply store and talked at length with the women who worked there.  They sent me home with more professional dye and lifting treatments, and while I'm still darker than I prefer I did get some red back into my hair:

Necklace: Groupon, Cardigan- BCBG Max Azria, Sweater- H&M, Skirt- True vintage (from Etsy Shop Lotus Vintage), Bag- Melie Bianco, Tights- Target, Oxfords- Not Rated

Given that I don't want to over process my hair too much in too little days, I'm content with this color and am hoping it washes out to be a little bit lighter.  If not I'll try to lift it again later this week.  Also, as you can see in the above photo (taken Friday afternoon), it got chilly here in Denver!!  It was overcast, drizzly, and 45(!) degrees on Friday.  I thought I was excited for jackets and cardigans but the second I pulled out in my car Friday morning and I had to wait for the heat to warm up, I realized that nope, I am not in fact ready for autumn!!  

Dress as a shirt- H&M, Skirt- Hell Bunny, Shoes- Steve Madden

The thing I hate the most about colder weather is not knowing how to dress at night.  Some friends and I were going to check out the newly renovated Union Station (Denver's train station) that has bars and restaurants newly put in there.  Knowing that parking would be a wild card situation, meaning that walking in the cold could be longer than desired, I really struggled with what to wear.  Originally I was going to wear a long white skirt with a pale pink top and matching leather jacket, but given my new locks I decided to play up the darker hues.  I was super excited to finally try the dress under a skirt idea that I had seen several times of various blogs and on Instagram.  The leopard print "top" I'm sporting is actually a body con dress I got from H&M a few years ago.  Since this look felt very 1940s-esq to me, I was hoping to get some cute train station pics but...the newly renovated station and places to eat didn't really appeal to my friend and I who came together so we bailed for a local brewery/restaurant closer to our car.  Both of us were crashing fast and left as other people we knew started to show up (they had the same night as us where they made it to Union Station and then bailed quickly), and on our way home we had several jokes about our "geriatric" behaviors and how this was a "nursing home's field trip out".  Sadly it's that time of year where I think I'm going to have to a) find my camera cable, and b) start bringing out my point and shoot as iPhone pictures aren't going to cut it indoors and I've lost the luxury of taking outdoor pics with great lighting at 8PM.  

Here are some other pics from the night, as well as some better details (sorry for some bad lighting!!)

Was very happy with this perfect match involving the dress and shoes!!

Close-up of my curled hair and my doggie necklace (from Groupon-if you can believe it!!)

I met my soul (prime)mate on Friday!  


I got to sleep in, which was amazing because I was sleep deprived all week.  After getting up and somewhat taking it easy, I got some work done, steamed some clothing, and then basically just chilled out some more!  This week was super busy so it was nice to have some downtime.  Also, the weather warmed  up-YAY!

Then at night I got to hang out with some of my girlfriends at a friend's house.  Sadly I didn't get any group photos but here is my outfit from Saturday:

Dress- Love Culture, Shoes- Chinese Laundry

I will be honest here: I only wore these shoes for the photo!  It was a night full of lounging, so I must admit I was pretty much barefoot all night.  Because I knew it would be a chill night in I chose this dress I got at Love Culture super discounted as they're going out of business.  What I really like about this dress is that it's very Megan Draper to me, which I have expressed my love for her style on Mad Men before!  It was super comfortable for hanging with my friends on the pictured balcony or couch and it feels very fall!  What I love about it is that I feel I'll get a lot of use out of it with various tights, boots, and shoes throughout the seasons and could even use it as a swim cover up in a pinch!

Also here's a beautiful Denver sunset for you:


Glasses- Forever 21, Pearls- Gifted Dress-Modcloth/Closet, Bag-Kate Spade, Shoes- Nine West

I had brunch plans with friends and was excited to wear one of my Modcloth sale purchases from the summer, as this dress is heavy enough for fall but light enough for a 78 degree patio brunch-which is what today was here in Denver!  I'm a sucker for tropical prints and aside from loving the color green, I was ecstatic to get this dress as I have a darker pink bag and shoes that match the darker pink hues in the dress!  And, sadly I failed at getting a close up of the glasses but they basically match the print of the dress so yay all around!

Brunch was entertaining as always and afterwards a friend and I checked out the record store next door to our brunch place.  I loooove looking through old vinyl records to see if there's any gems as I like to frame record sleeves (and am considering getting a record player).  Today I found The Go-Go's Beauty and the Beat album for under $5...which as you may remember I have a concert tee with that album cover!  This was amazing for my life. After that I stopped by another friend's house briefly stuck in her elevator on my way out.  That was actually one of my worst fears realized, so when I realized the door was jammed on the first floor I blinked a few times in disbelief.  I tried to pry it open but it wasn't budging.  I immediately hit the call button and texted my friend who lived in the building.  After that I had no idea what to do.  What I mean by that is that ordinarily I'm amazing in a crisis.  I stay calm and clear headed and can get whatever needs to get done done with in the moment and if I need to I'll crash and fall apart later.  Being stuck in an elevator is panic inducing and unpleasant, but it's not akin to the stress of a car accident or ER trip.  So once I did the necessary steps I just felt my breath get a little bit more shallow and I could literally feel my brain spasm as it couldn't lock into a conditioned response or protocol to follow.  Because fight or flight wasn't an option, my inner monologue was panic or stay calm?  Panic or stay calm?  When it was resolved thanks to a lady on the first floor who realized I was stuck and was able to help me get the door open, I walked out of there not even knowing where to place this event!  I drove home confused, thinking that wasn't too bad...but that really wasn't fun either.  I don't think it ruined my day.  But I kind of feel overwhelmed too....?  Lol, oh well!  If that's the worst thing that happened to me all week I can handle it!  All is well that ends well as they say!

I hope you guys had a great weekend!!!

Did you just find this page and am wondering who I am?  Click here for a proper introduction!

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  1. Love your blog and for what it's worth you look great with dark hair. Also if you go more red again check out Watercolors shampoo, it is amazing for keeping the color from fading!


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