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Weekend Fashion 3

Apologies!  I had a deadline last night that took a bit longer than I expected so I was forced to publish this a day late!  Also, sorry for the lack of checking my Instagram newsfeed.  I sometimes post stuff while I'm busy and always feel weird about not seeing what you guys are up to in real time-I will do my best to catch up though!  Weekends are weird because I'm just as busy during the week (I basically have stuff to work on daily) but my schedule is more up in the air and constantly changing on weekends depending on friends and social stuff so I'm either checking as usual or go a bit more radio silent.  It's never personal or self centered ;)

This weekend was a little bit more low key than last weekend, but not necessarily "on paper".  Last weekend I was running around doing all sorts of things but this weekend I actually let my hair down a few times (a rarity) so on paper it probably sounds more exciting!

Friday Night:

Cardigan- Forever 21, Dress- Folter/Retrolicious, Bag- Kate Spade, Boots- Madden Girl, Dog- My puppy :)

I went to a friend's house and we started off low key taking our dogs for a walk, but then turned it into a wine/champagne night.  Firstly: the fashion.  I had about a billion ideas of late summer outfits I could wear on Friday, but then all these clouds came in and it got super brisk out!  Knowing we'd be taking the dogs for a walk and being stubborn about taking out the jeans already, I put together this cardigan and boot combo with one of my favorite dresses.  I'm realizing that although September here in Denver is typically a permanent state of Indian Summer...fall is approaching and that means the weather changes rapidly here (lol spoiler alert: keep reading this to see for yourselves).  I'm going to have to get creative with backup clothing choices in advance so I can get all my favorites photographed and shared, as I usually plan my outfits ahead!

Despite drinking and being silly with a small handful of friends, it was super low key.  I next to never drink (seriously, I can't remember the last time I did...easily over a month ago) because it's just easier health wise for me (I already wake up feeling bad too many days, ya know?) but the elements lined up in that I was feeling good, it was a nice cozy night to stay in enjoying spirits with friends, and I was in a position to bring my dogs over and crash at my friend's (public service announcement time: NEVER drink and drive, mmmkay!).


Glasses- Forever 21, Crop top- Love Culture, Skirt- Hell Bunny, Bag- Kate Spade, Shoes- Steve Madden

I got home relatively early in the AM and just vegged out for a while watching a marathon of the Duggars/19 Kids and Counting that I DVRed earlier in the week (I've become oddly obsessed with that show as of late despite I'm likely their polar opposite belief wise), worked a little, and talking on the phone with my family.  It was a miserable and dreary morning so it was the perfect partially lazy Saturday.  The sun finally came out around noon and I got to go for a walk with a dear friend of mine around a nearby lake and enjoy the nice 80 degree weather while it's still here!  If I'm spending time outside I try to wear sleeveless shirts so that my tan lines are consistent and are not getting in the way of other styles and cuts of different shirts.  I recently bought a few crop tops from Love Culture as they're going out of business and everything is at least half off.  It's not my favorite store but they had some cute novelty print crop tops that I took advantage of being on sale, and this one is easily my favorite because I'm completely enamored with elephants and all things elephant prints.

Above is a close up of the print and you also better see the pink on the elephants, which is why I chose this purse to go along with this outfit (and obviously my gray shoes match the gray background).

Saturday night was supposed to be a low key night and in theory I wanted to stay in and clean as I may have a super special visitor coming soon with likely limited notice (TBA), but I recognized that because I was as tired as I was I likely wouldn't be productive and would end up watching bad reality TV instead, so I opted to go to my favorite craft beer bar that's down the street from me with two of my favorite people (two nights in a row is crazy for me, but we called it relatively early and again, I had a ride.  Safety first!!).  This required an outfit change as it stayed sunny out once the sun came out in the afternoon, but as the sun was setting it was getting kind of chilly again.  If you're counting, this brings up to 3 different weather patterns in the same day, which is why I'm beginning to stress about future outfit prints as I like to somewhat plan them out.  Summer spoiled me!

Cardigan- Banana Republic, Tank- Forever 21, Skirt-Modcloth, Bag- Kate Spade, Boots- Madden Girl

This is what I improvised!  I do wear pants, and fun ones at that, but I'm not quite ready to give into them yet so I opted for a skirt plus boots combo.  This can easily be a spring skirt in that it's floral with a light blue and purples, but I figured if I played up the darker yellow in it with my tank top and used my brown boots that it would also be a good autumn skirt as well.  I feel like my handbag matched a little better in person than it photographed, but oh well.  It's still an exaggerated match and it's not totally off base!

One of my favorite people bringing men's fashion to the next level with my (stolen) Banana Republic cardigan...


This day was completely up in the air socially.  I had a lot of things that I had to get done that day but there were talks of meeting up with my main crew for brunch, seeing my bestie later in the afternoon, doing a work date a friend's house, or possibly even watching the Broncos game.  The only thing that panned out was that instead of brunch a few of us met up at a friend's house, which was funny because our friend was out of town and we were just chilling at his place (other friends were house sitting) and had a lazy Sunday Funday.  Because prior to landing on that it kept evolving from brunch potentially outside to just hanging at someone's place, getting dressed was difficult.  It was hot again and likely wasn't going to cloud over so I didn't want to dress up for fall but needed to be potentially be indoor appropriate too.  After being lazy and procrastinating getting dressed I decided to keep summer alive with my neon pink skirt, but do my fall tee shirt style to accompany it with my Psychedelic Furs concert tee (great band, if you can ever see them live!).

Glasses- H&M, Shirt-Concert tee, Bag-Kate Spade, Skirt-Modcloth, Shoes- Chinese Laundry

There's purple in my tee shirt so I opted for my softer lavender heels to mellow out the neon pink and my blush colored Kate Spade shoulder bag.  I'm overall happy with this look as it's still clinging to summer but was comfortable enough in case the weather dived again and for hanging indoors.  I'm also happy that I got to see my friends Sunday afternoon.  I had a moment of hesitation between being tired and knowing that I had a few things on my plate, but we all care about each other so much and have been making a valiant effort to not flake out so I'm glad I held up my end of the bargain!

I think I'm going to do the Case (of the) Motivational Mondays tomorrow as I don't like to spam y'all with two posts in one day.  If I run into scheduling conflicts on Sundays in the future I'll likely keep CofMM on Mondays and post the Weekend Fashion series on a Tuesday, but I had been slowly updating this post all weekend so it was more "ready to go" over the Motivational series.  

Hope everyone had a great weekend!  And I hope you all tune in tomorrow because I'll better explain what the Motivational Monday stuff will be!  XOXO

Instagram: @demurelaurenblair
Twitter- @LaurenBlair23

Did you just find this page and am wondering who I am?  Click here for a proper introduction!

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  1. Sounds like a great weekend!! All your outfits look adorable. I especially love the hot pink Modcloth skirt & white Hell Bunny one! Full skirts are just the best :)


    1. Thank-you!! The white skirt is the same one of the red one we both have! Yes, I love full skirts! And I'm not surprised you liked the bright pink skirt haha! XOXO

  2. I love seeing your outfit posts on Instagram throughout the week/weekend and then coming here and reading about the details ;). Love all your outfits! And your hair looks pretty when you let it down too. You are such a bright, positive, and funny person. I love reading your posts. I wish I could write so effortlessly!

    xo, Serli

    1. You're seriously too sweet! Thank you so much for all of your amazing compliments! And pul-leeze, I think you're a great writer! So glad we're fashion friends! MWAH

  3. Cute outfits for a busy lady! x


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