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Weekend Fashion 2: Labor Day Weekend

Hey all!  Last weekend I was out sick with a gnarly head cold, but this weekend I'm back in action with a lot of fun adventures!  Since weekends can be a fun time for events and outings, I figured I'd start a (mostly) every weekend series explaining why I picked the outfits I picked and showcase my personality and lifestyle more as sometimes just outfit pics can blur together a bit.  Remember, sometimes I'm lame and don't do much on weekends on purpose so this won't be every weekend and that I never broadcast my romantic life.  Other than that, there are no rules!!

Friday Night:

Friday night outfit details: Shirt-Etsy, Belt- Charming Charlie, Bag- Melie Bianco, Skirt- Modcloth, Shoes- Steve Madden

Before I go into Friday night, lemme preface this all with that I'm a huge music fan.  And like a lot of die hard music fans, I (used) to be the type of girl who would proudly tell you your tastes in music sucks.  I'm not proud of this.  I overcame being a music snob for two reasons: 1) I realized it's an unpleasant personality to be around and proves nothing and 2) I actually have way too many guilty pleasures to take myself that seriously.  I'm hardly immune from whatever the latest Katy Perry single is and I certainly do not discriminate against old school 80s and 90s pop darlings-which leads me to my Friday night!  Every Labor Day weekend Denver puts on an event called Taste of Colorado where it's basically a street fair (great people watching!) but they also get nationally known but not exactly "in their prime" musical acts to headline each night.  I have many happy memories from Taste of Colorado, not limited to nearly fighting a 45 year old woman who still had big 80s hair (she started it!!!) at Brett Michaels ( can I be a music snob when Poison is legit one of my favorite bands?!?!) and last year dancing up a storm to MC Hammer with 80% of my favorite people.  Friday night's act was En Vogue!!

Sorry- crappy photo but that really is En Vogue...I promise!

My gal pals + yours truly waiting for the show to start.

Honestly, for as talented and fun as En Vogue can be...I kind of thought they sucked.  It felt like karaoke as they had basically a crappy demo of their own music that they were singing along to and the tempo felt slowed down.  I was bored by the second song in-which is unfortunate because I had fairly high expectations and was ready for a dance party.  Afterward the three of us who made it to the show grabbed a late dinner and called it a relatively early night around 11PM.

Who's this guy on my shirt??  Jarvis Cocker from his solo projects AND one of my top 3 favorite bands: Pulp!!!  (Gentlemen- I will marry you on the spot if you know and like Pulp.  Ladies...I just might consider you as well!!).  I have this weird habit of dressing against type at concerts that goes way past that whole "don't be that guy and wear the band's tee shirt to their show" mentality.  IE- to Sonic Youth I dressed like an all-American girl in flare jeans and a navy tank top, to Bone Thugs/Ice Cube/Snoop Dogg I wore a lavender shirt with 70s flowers all over it, and to Def Leppard and Heart I wore my faux hipster glasses.  I do this half on purpose and half accidentally and wearing a Jarvis Cocker shirt to En Vogue seemed to follow this trend.  Either or, I had been wanting to wear this outfit for a while and the weather has been almost brisk here in Denver so a long black skirt, tank, and cardigan (not pictured because I'm not 100% ready to post too many fall pics!!!) was perfect.  (Last year it was hot enough to wear a long skirt and bandeau at night so I was a little bummed at the weather).


Outfit details: Sunglasses- Flea market find, Dress- Tatyana/Bettie Page, Bag- Kate Spade, Shoes- G by Guess

Saturday morning I slept in a little (until 9AM) because I kept hitting snooze and then met up with some dear friends of mine who recently got engaged for brunch.  This was really special because I knew the engagement was coming but between conflicting schedules and being sick I hadn't gotten to see them in person since they officially became engaged!  I didn't get any photos of all of us hanging at brunch (it was low key) but here's a more up close look at the outfit details:

I was excited to wear this because as summer is winding down I feel the need to cling to summer-y clothes while I can still wear them!!  I also found these G by Guess shoes at DSW recently for $25 so I was excited to break them in!  (By the by, I am a rebel and will be wearing white after Labor Day so you'll be seeing these bad boys again soon!)

The rest of Saturday proved to not be Kodak moment worthy.  I went for a run, which was a terrible idea as it was 90 degrees out (thought it was cooler for some reason) and I was still getting over that head cold and cough so I only ran about a mile.  From there I popped over to a friend's house and we just hung out for a few hours chatting and pseudo paying attention the bad TV in the background.  I was supposed to pop by another friend's house that night and do a combo of work together and play together, but I realized I was exhausted and needed a night in (told ya I get lame sometimes!).  There was talk about hitting up the second night of Taste of Colorado as the Wallflowers were playing, but between En Vogue being lackluster and being relatively apathetic to the Wallflowers that plan got nixed pretty fast.


Glasses- Gifted, Bandeau- Forever 21, Necklace- Groupon find, Bag- Kate Spade, Shoes- Jessica Simpson

I was supposed to do brunch with a friend but he cancelled as I was falling asleep on Saturday night.  I went to bed relatively early and needed to catch up on sleep so I didn't set an alarm thinking I'd wake up by no later than 9AM because I'm usually an early riser.  Fast forward to 11:30AM and I woke up to a slew of text messages from friends trying to figure out the afternoon plans.  Whoops!!  After confirming stuff with friends I slowly started my day and made my way back towards Taste of Colorado.  I'm not too keen on fair's as I get bored quickly, but I really wanted to hang with my friends and not be as anti-social as I have been this 2014 year.  It ended up low key both in numbers (6 of us showed) and in activity as we basically just sat in the grass near some food trucks, but it was nice (my friends and myself can be pretty entertaining on our own so we don't need much!).  I was excited that it was just hot enough to wear this Pinup Girl Clothing Jenny skirt with this Forever 21 bandeau.  I actually wanted to wear this to brunch with friends back in July but we had a strangely chilly day that day.  There's definitely been hot days since but not always on days that it's appropriate to wear such a skimpy top-even if the skirt being longer makes it more appropriate!  So since summer is winding down, I'm thankful I was able to wear this!!

Two of my dear friends and myself taking a selfie while the others were off getting foods/drinks

Close-up of my necklace.  Yes, that is in the shape of homeland!

Later that day I ran home to change as it was getting chilly and stopped by my friend Sarah's house.  We've had polar opposite travel schedules all summer and this week we've seen each other 3x...which is probably more than I've seen her this summer before this week!!  We just hung at her house watching TV (we're definitely the kind of friends where we can chill and do nothing but still have deep conversations at once).  She invited me to stay for a wine night, but I had some freelance work and other passion projects to work on so I decided to be responsible (sigh) and go home.  The sun had gone down and it was getting colder so I changed into boots and a long sleeve tee:

Top- Old Navy, Shorts- Banana Republic, Bag- Melie Bianco, Boots- Madden Girl

I'm not totally thrilled fall is coming, but I am excited for boot weather!  Ironically I wear more shorts in the fall than I do the summer.  I prefer skirts and dresses for the really hot days, but Indian summer days can be perfect weather for boots with shorts-one of my favorite looks!  Here's a close up of my awesome safari novelty print shorts I got from Banana Republic earlier this year while in Maryland:

I've become obsessed with mixing prints lately....


Glasses- Clothes Mentor, Dress- Modcloth, Bag- Kate Spade, Shoes- Chinese Laundry

There won't usually be a Monday post as that's not typically a weekend day (duh), but here we go!  In case you haven't friends and I are brunch fanatics!  So naturally while hanging out at a Taste of Colorado the day before we made brunch plans the next day as most people were available to do so!  I'm so thankful we did because it was arguably one of the most gorgeous days of summer/"summer" that Denver experienced this year!  It was 75-80 degrees out with zero clouds in the sky and through a series of happy accidents, we changed venues to a different brunch from our original idea to a place with a rooftop patio and a great view of Denver.  I'm super glad I picked the above dress to wear today.  I knew it was going to be relatively mild out, but wasn't sure if we'd be stuck inside with air conditioning or if it would start to rain, so I was strongly debating an outfit with boots or a heavier dress.  This lightweight Ixia dress from Modcloth proved to be perfect as I ended up being outside all day and at moments the sun was definitely beating down!  I didn't know we were going to a park, so classic high heels weren't "practical"...but oh well!

Brunch view.

What I love, love, LOVE about my friends is that we have a huge range of things we enjoy doing together.  For one, we are probably the most ridiculous group of friends that I've ever had the pleasure of being apart of.  There's no such thing as being "PC" if it'll get a laugh and we're always game for an absurd adventure.  That said, everyone is as loyal as the day is long and we equally enjoy talking politics, social issues, science, and other kinds of current events with a lot of thought as much as we enjoy being ridiculous.  This particular brunch embodied all of the things I love about my friends-even more so than usual.  I've moved around a lot and am an ex-social butterfly and I can totally say this is by and far the best group I've been apart of.  Even on the way home a friend and I were discussing these very things and how fortunate we feel.

Don't mind me as I let my leg steal my friend's legs thunder....

From brunch we were all able to continue hanging out and we made it to our favorite park in the city. This photo is basically a miracle of all miracles as we have a multi-year joke that we jinx ourselves with park days or Sunday Fundays outside.  Seriously, historically there won't be a cloud in the sky and the forecast looks great and as we all show up to a park a wind storm will descend and the temperature will go down to 40 degrees-without fail.  I have multiple pictures of us in the rain hiding under a tree or bundled up in blankets in this very park.  The fact that we didn't jinx this beautiful day and lived to tell the tale (with photographic proof) will probably go down in our gang's history!  Aside from breaking our curse, it was productive as I (think...::knock on wood::) we successfully planned Halloween two months in advance and got majority of our friends on board so our whole gang can be together for that hectic holiday.  Sounds ridiculous, but I think as you get older you need to plan ahead for these crazy holidays!  I'm not thrilled this was the "last weekend of summer" but I like how we're in a better place than we were going into the summer because I think all of us-myself especially included- were in weird and scattered places mentally and our group lost it's well oiled machine function.  Cheers to a great fall, (hopefully!).

I had a great Labor Day weekend and I hope you all did too!  When I am out and about I'll be typically posting this Weekend Fashion series on Sunday nights.  Mondays will typically be for my Case of the (Motivational) Mondays series but with yesterday being a holiday I figured I may as well delay the second half of that debut (again) until next week.  Every Wednesday I'm doing a "Gaga for...." whatever brand or style of clothing I'm into-so expect that as usual this week!  Also, on Thursday I'll be doing an outfit roundup post from August which I'll typically be doing hopefully on the 1st of any respective month but as too much got crammed into this week already due to the holiday, Thursday the 4th it'll have to be!  Please check back here for those posts!  XOXO

Instagram- @demurelaurenblair
Twitter- @LaurenBlair23


  1. I loved this weekend update! Taste of Colorado sounded especially fun to me and something that I would love going to as well! I'm pretty much in the same boat as you about my romantic life- I've actually started a few posts talking about my marriage, etc. but always end up deleting them hahaha. In fact, my husband hardly ever makes an appearance on my Instagram page and I don't really do Facebook or Twitter. ^____^ I don't mind talking about my romantic life with friends, of course, but I feel a little sheepish about writing a full length post!

    I look forward to seeing more of your weekend updates, pretty lady!


    1. Heya!!! Yeah, I totally hear that. I have sooooo much of my life out there on other blogs and this one that I needed a few rules to keep aspects of my life private! Glad I'm not alone in that rule! Thanks for stopping by and commenting :) I'll be seeing you on Instagram, and of course, your blog as well!!! XOXO

  2. I love your weekend series idea! I dress up all out on the weekends only (since I work in a research lab, for safety reasons we have to have skin covered at all times so I'm limited to how cute I can dress but I try ;)). I take all my outfit photos on the weekends, but I post during the week, total #latergram haha. I remembering seeing your Instagram post on that yellow Bettie Page dress! It's so cute (I love yellow) and I have been looking for white pumps like your Guess ones since forever. I tried searching for them online but can't find them anywhere. :( I love all your other outfit photos too and I'm glad you had a great Labor Day weekend!

    xo, Serli

    1. I didn't know you worked in a research lab!! That's so cool! Yeah, about half of my outfits are #latergrams for multiple reasons as well. Try DSW for the white pumps on the sale racks- that's how I lucked out! And thank-you all around for the compliments! XOXO

  3. Loveeee the yellow Bettie Page dress on you! So cute & colourful. Also love the harlequin skirt. Isn't PUG harelquin such a lovely print? I love my harlequin dresses so much!!


    1. Thank-you, it's one of my faves (well...both items you mentioned haha)! I know! I have it in the teal too and now totally want them both in the purple/green and brown/pink. Ughh!! MWAH


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