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Travel Fashion: Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and New York!

Hey all!  I'm back in colorful Colorado!  First off, thank-you for all who checked out my lovely guest bloggers while I was away!  Traffic was amazing so I'm super glad that was a successful segment!  Also, HUGE thank-you to my guest bloggers!  I'm a) very happy all 8 I picked said yes because they were all ladies I considered special in the earlier days of my journey of fashion blogging (and still do!!!) and b) I myself learned something about each of them that I did not know prior to this past week, regardless of how much we've conversed outside of normal commenting, so that made the guest blog features even more fruitful and special for me!  I definitely intend to ask more ladies to guest blog in the future as there are others I feel very bonded to and would be honored if they agreed to write for me, though I am unsure if I will do it again while traveling.  While this past week was a smashing success, sometimes it was hard to predict when I'd have a moment free to advertise that a new lady was on the blog, leaving a few posts up on my blog for hours before I could acknowledge them.  Plus keeping up with comments on both my outfit pics on Instagram and their IG announcements was a balance I think I failed at!  So in the meantime I'll be brainstorming how I'd like to go about that in the future ;)  But I really do want to find a way to feature guest bloggers in the future as I've said before and will say again, the interaction and camaraderie has been the biggest pleasant surprise of fashion blogging and this past week reinforced those feelings yet again.  So thank-you to my lovely 8 ladies, and at the end of this post I will link each of their posts again in case you missed them!

Kind of like my Weekend Fashion posts, I've decided to take you through my trip with the outfits I picked and why, plus a few other anecdotes and other photos that are relevant to my travels!  The long and short of the reason of my trip are that my mom and I have wanted to see Lewis Black live for years and noticed he was playing in our general hometown area between our two birthdays, so we made a big trip out of it that ended up being serendipitously planned as my mom over the past month has accepted an offer on my childhood home and-if all goes as planned-has to be out by the end of October!  I was going to come back one more time in the event of that happening, but since there was already a trip planned all the planets aligned nicely.

On my tumblr blog, a few times I spoken of why I picked things to wear to airports and other handy travel tricks.  I'm doing a lot of traveling over the next few months so perhaps I'll do a best of post with travel ideas based on experiences after.

Glasses- Forever 21, Tank- Forever 21, Cardigan- BCGB Max Azria, Skirt- Bernie Dexter, Boots- Madden Girl

I'm a big proponent on dressing up to fly.  I admire that past generations have done that and I think the fact that flying is a privilege and that travel should be glamorous is lost on our generation.  Frankly, I find a skirt or maxi dress just as comfortable as jeans...arguably more so.  Being that it was fall and I'm from a very quaint country town in PA, I opted to wear my cottage skirt from Bernie Dexter that I found on eBay over the summer (I have been saving it for fall).  My trick to flying is to stay warm as I'm always cold on planes.  So a longer skirt and boots (plus a carry-on blanket...) and layering with a cardigan is a perfect travel outfit for me.  In regards to shoes, boots (even heeled ones) are more comfortable than most flats, at least for me.  I love converse shoes as much as the next rocker girl, but the laces come untied easily (not to mention I'm a klutz so with airport security and putting shoes back on...oye!) and depending on your socks flats can still blister your heels. All shoes can tear up for your feet if you wear them too long so I opt to go for a balance of comfort and style, usually in the forms of boots, sandals, or occasionally wedges I've had good walking experiences in.  

Cardigan- Target, Tank top- Forever 21, Skirt- Heart of Haute, Boots- Madden Girl

The night I flew in, we stayed at my mom's boyfriend's house because he lives closer to Philly (the airport I typically fly into) as we live an hour + north in the boondocks so it's nice to have a crash pad.  Monday the 22nd would have actually been my dad's birthday (see Motivational Monday post  from 9/22 on that that I didn't advertise too well due to getting on a plane immediately after publishing and focusing on the guest bloggers) so we went out to dinner.  I picked the Cheesecake Factory, lol.  I used to go to that place in college with friends frequently, but in my 20s I started to become less enchanted with chain restaurants, mostly for health reasons.  Then this past May I was in Miami with friends and we ironically went back to the Cheesecake Factory...and I liked it way more than I thought I would haha.  Joke was on me!  So knowing that there was a CF near my mom's boyfriend's house I suggested it, and after a day of traveling the comfort food was awesome!  (And I had leftovers for days!).  It was kind of brisk that night so I layered up with a longer skirt (one of my new favorite prints from Heart of Haute!!) and paired it with fall colors :)

I'm not the type to do "food photos" but man oh man, I pretty much religiously break that rule when I go to Wawa for the first time of any PA trip I'm on!  If you're not familiar with Wawa, a) I'm truly sorry and b) it's a 7/11 type store (stay with me here...!) that has an amazing deli that once us PA/extended area kids move out of the area we foam at the mouth for it when we're in our new homes elsewhere.  So getting Wawa for breakfast the next morning, on my birthday, was better than any fancy brunch anywhere!

My childhood front yard!

Also on my birthday I made it back to my house and finally got to spend some time enjoying it while it's still ours!  Because it was my birthday we had a get together, that was part birthday party but more so an excuse to have a final shin dig at the house (we've had some good ones ranging from political parties that politicians ranging from congressmen and state reps that have attended, pool parties, ragers my brother and I threw, and everything in-between).  That said, my mom did get a birthday cake for the party (which at this point we also got a ice cream cake for the family-my favorite- and I had a piece of chocolate cake from Cheesecake Factory, making it that we had three different kinds of chocolate cake on standby haha):

Chocolate on the inside...I'm a huge chocolate girl ;)

I was super excited to finally get a chance to wear this Tatyana Boutique/Bettie Page Clothing dress!  It feels a smidge fancier than my other pinup-y dresses, so a birthday/house farewell party seemed like the perfect excuse!  The only bummer was somehow the matching belt somehow didn't make the suitcase, but luckily a matching green belt from Forever 21 did!  (To read about my Colorado birthday, click here.)

Dress- Tatyana Boutique, Belt- Forever 21, Shoes- Ralph Lauren

Most people at the party were neighbors and family friends as several of my friends have moved out of the area, but representing the "young folks" (left to right): family and almost lifelong friend Lizzie, my brother Carter, moi, and very dear friend Paulie from my high school who I sadly only got close to after we went to different schools!

Glasses- Forever 21, Shirt- Old Navy, Skirt- Modcloth, Boots- Madden Girl, Bag- DSW

On Wednesday the 24th, I got to do some shopping with my mom in the late morning before a girlfriend took me out to lunch for my birthday.  It was sunny, but not super warm, and slightly windy so I got to exercise some late 70s/early 80s fashion with this rugby tee and longer skirt with boots.  I talk about Megan Draper a lot when I talk about the 70s, but Suzanne Somers from Three's Company and Blair Warner from the Facts of Life (non-uniform outfits) burned their wardrobes into my brain too at an early age. While shopping with my mom, I got a few things from the Gap of all places!!  The Gap is not really my favorite store, but between classic staples and sales I have been lucking out there more than usual this year!  I got two button down shirts with fun prints (I love tying the fronts of those shirts up in a Maryanne from Gilligan's Island way with midi skirts for the fall and winter) and a plaid shirt dress that feels kind of 70s to me.  I also got a print of the Elephant Hotel from down at the Jersey shore, and given my obsession with elephants I was very happy about that!  While I should have gotten a picture of my friend Becca and I at lunch to share with y'all, just know that we are literally 3rd generation friends and it's always so nice to catch up with her!

I also got to veg out with my brother's dog a bit during the day :

Meet Sahara!

Sahara is a cuddle monster to an almost overwhelming think the Tazamnian Devil level of excitement.  Being the dog lover that I am I was able to bond with her and she's always thrilled when I come to visit because she knows I'll let her cuddle with me while I watch TV...which is kind of a treat for her!  My mom always tells her that her "best friend" is coming when I'm about to make a trip out to PA.  My brother is considering moving to Colorado, so hopefully I'll be seeing more of my "best friend" sooner than later!

Cardigan- BCGB Max Azria, Dress- Bernie Dexter, Belt- Modcloth, Boots-Madden Girl

Thursday ended up being a super special day!  It was rainy and yucky, but my brother and I did breakfast with our uncle (really our dad's best friend turned "uncle") and after that I got to meet a very lovely lady-you may know her too-named Meredith Noelle!  We became friends on Instagram through a love of Modcloth and Bernie Dexter and when I was home the last time she recognized all the restaurants I was posting on IG because she grew up across the river from me!  Luckily we were able to meet this trip and that was amazing because 1) it was my first time meeting an Instagram/Internet friend via fashion and 2) she really is such a sweetheart and we had an amazing time getting to know each other.  We talked about general life stuff, but also how we came about getting into different ways of dressing-which I think was a treat for both of us as neither of us have friends who dress like us.  I was half expecting us to show up in the same outfit as we have around a dozen of the same dresses or skirts (I think she is easily my biggest "dress twin" out there that I know of), but we ended up dressing up in different-but none the less-Bernie Dexter dresses!

The lovely and beautiful Meredith!!

Friday morning hanging with my PA dog (I adopted her after my dad died but in college she became attached to my mom and vice verse.  And, nobody wanted the beagle who was a better watch dog, so when I moved to Colorado we switched dogs).  Outfit details: Shirt-Gap (new shirt from shopping a few days earlier!), Skirt- Modcloth, Belt- Bernie Dexter, Shoes- Nine West

Friday was a day of packing and getting organized, as my mom and I were about to travel up to north Jersey for the duration of my trip.  The comedian we were seeing was in Newark, NJ so we decided to get a hotel there, train it to NYC (Newark is literally next to NYC for those not familiar with that part of the country) and then I would leave from the Newark airport instead of trekking back to Philly.  En route we stopped at arguably one of my favorite local restaurants-Dilly's Corner.  It is nothing gourmet as it's basically a burger and ice cream shack but anyone who grew up in the area is obsessed with it and every time I come back it still is as good as I remember.  In fact, in both other states I've lived in (Florida and Colorado), I've been slightly disgruntled that I can't find a restaurant that's mom and pop but good basic comfort food.  Hell, the place Meredith and I went to was the NJ "version" of Dilly's (and a better indoor option for a rainy day) so I grew up believing these types of establishments are the norm!

Glasses- Forever 21, Shirt- Wet Seal, Skirt- Modcloth, Boots- Madden Girl 
(Another comfortable travel choice clothing wise for an hour and a half car ride)

Glasses- Forever 21, Tank- Forever 21, Bag- Forever 21, Skirt- Modcloth, Flip flops- Old Navy
This is my New York outfit!  Originally I had planned on those Madden Girl boots in a lot of my other pictures, but it was a very hot day!  I only had so many shoes on me, so I had to do flip flops for a day of walking around!  Luckily they were navy and matched the skirt ;)

Picture from my mom's phone

Saturday my mom and I trained it to New York where we did a lot of walking around, did lunch with a dear and longterm friend of mine named Jesse, and basically just hung out and had fun.  I almost could have met Bristol, as she too was in the city that day!  (She also lives a little bit closer to where I grew up than originally thought as well!).  That would have been crazy and delightful if I could have met two fashionable Instagram friends within 48 hours haha!

 Newark train station.

 My mom found all of these disposable cameras she never used so she's trying to use them to get rid of them, ha.
Dinner view!  It was SUCH a nice day!

View from the train

Shopping outfit!
Dress- Bernie Dexter, Boots-Madden Girl

The next day my mom vetoed going back to the city, which kind of annoyed me because there were still some things I wanted to do but I had to remind myself she can get like that, but luckily the day wasn't spent hanging out at the hotel.  We ended up going to this huge outlet mall and had a lot of luck at a Ralph Lauren Assn store (I know that look doesn't always "flow" with vintage styles but I actually really dig Ralph Lauren-sorry/not sorry!), Forever 21 (of all places at an "outlet mall"), and I finally got my hands on the perfume Burberry Brit-which I had wanted for a while.

Forever 21 success (I'm a HUGE Barbie girl)

That night we finally got to see Lewis Black!  The story with us loving him (besides him being funny, duh) is that when I first picked the University of Miami to go to for college, we went back to our hotel after a celebratory dinner not really knowing what to do with ourselves.  The only thing on TV was one of his comedy specials.  I vaguely knew who he was, so we stopped there.  Eventually he had us rolling-especially on his bit on how candy corn sucks because both my mom and I hate candy corn-and we became super fans that tons of inside jokes have spawned from (she sends me candy corn as a joke at least twice a year).  We had wanted to see him before but it just hasn't worked out timing wise and living across the country from each other.  This summer I saw he was playing in Newark and I knew I wanted to do a fall trip in case the house sold anyway, so the cards finally fell into place and we can officially check that off our bucket list!

My mom and I posing with a sign warning about adult language-duh.  My outfit- Cardigan-Target, Tank/Necklace-Forever 21, Skirt- Modcloth

The next morning I left for the airport and after a long day of travel was reunited with my puppies and got some sleep!  (No airport outfit photo, unfortunately-was too crazed).

My posting schedule this week will be:
Tomorrow 10/1- September Favorites/Outfit round-up from the past month
Friday 10/3- Gaga for... (usually I post on Wednesdays but with the first of the month being on that day and giving you a day off from me I decided to do Friday).
And then Sunday will be Weekend Fashion and Monday will be Case of the Motivational Mondays, as per usual!

Twitter- @LaurenBlair

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  1. wow sounds like you had a really jammed packed holiday...but fun at the same time! :)

    This is my blog i recently started up a few weeks ago!

    1. Yes! Totally :)

      Omg, I love your background of your blog! So you with all the Cherries!! I look forward to updates, xoxoxo

  2. I've been thinking of ordering a Bernie Dexter skirt. The skirt is sooo cute on you! Sounds like you had a great birthday. The more cake, the better! Ha.
    And that's so awesome you got to meet Meredith!! :) I'm excited for the three of us to meet! It would've been crazy if we had been able to meet in NYC, that was funny we were both there that day!

  3. They're pretty great, especially since you know what to expect fabric/fit wise! I found the size chart true to form, if that helps at all! I really want the Winter Wonderland skirt next!! All 3 of us will have to hang next time I'm back east for sure!!!!! XOXOXO


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