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Hi there, I’m so excited to be guest-blogging for Lauren today! I'm Serli (pronounced Sara-Lee, yes, like the bread) and I write the blog Le Soleil Chic :). I was lucky enough to “meet” Lauren through Instagram earlier this year. When I saw her pictures I immediately loved her style; we both share a love for novelty prints and vintage-inspired fashion, especially those fit-and-flare dresses and circle skirts. As a fairly new blogger I’m humbled and thrilled to be doing this guest post for Lauren! I've decided to share the story of how I became a "fashionista" and I’ll also include a few pictures from one of my favorite outfits (who am I kidding, I call all of my outfits favorite hahaha).

I’ve always been in awe of vintage-inspired fashion but never went “all out” with my own wardrobe until a few years ago. My daily outfits used to consist mainly of jeans and a t-shirt, or once in a while I would switch out the t-shirt for a cute top. During college (and all my life before that too, actually) I was way too focused on school to worry about what I was wearing. What’s kind of funny is that my college roommate was a model; she had a lot of clothes and was very invested in fashion. I didn’t care much for it back then but maybe her morning outfit rituals 
subconsciously influenced my eventual entrance into the fashion world!

My going-out outfits weren’t clothes I necessarily loved but bought anyway because they were currently trending. On one occasion 5 years ago, I saw what I thought was the cutest polka dot dress at H&M. I fell in love with it immediately and bought it even though it was different from mainstream style. At the time I didn’t know it was called a swing dress or that it was vintage style, I just loved the fact that the skirt would twirl when I spun. I wore it once to a daytime birthday and put it away for years. Now I realize that the dress is the only piece of clothing from my former wardrobe that falls in line with my current style. So, I feel like I have always loved vintage inspired clothing but never fully embraced it until recently. 

August 2009: me posing with the H&M polka dot dress and a black feather hairpiece.
Clearly I’ve always had vintage in me :). P.S. Totally obsessing over that great tan I had back then!
Two years ago I discovered ModCloth, which was also around the time I graduated and started my job. God knows I needed that job to fund my new fashion hobby! I loved so many of ModCloth’s items and slowly over the years my wardrobe transformed with fit-and-flare dresses, novelty print tops and skirts, and vintage style shoes like BAIT Footwear. ModCloth’s perfect customer service and amazing return policy was all that was necessary for me to fall in love, and needless to say I fell in love hard. A few months ago I decided to start a blog to showcase all my outfit photos! Which brings me to a few pictures I promised I would share :). They were taken earlier this year. Two things I absolutely love are dogs and novelty prints, and when I saw this peter pan collar top printed with Boston Terriers at Sidecca last year, I couldn't pass it up. I decided to pair the top with a red skirt and black patent Mary-Jane style heels. I hope you enjoy!

Outfit details:
Top & Hair Bow: Sidecca
Skirt: Modcloth (similar here)
Heels: Chinese Laundry via Macy's
Watch: American Eagle

Details of the cute Boston Terrier print
What’s your favorite novelty print to wear? Let me know in the comments below and make sure to check out my blog here :). Thanks for reading my post and thank YOU Lauren for the opportunity to guest-blog for you, you're one of the sweetest fashion bloggers I've met!


  1. Thanks again for this opportunity, Lauren! I hope your trip was wonderful!

    xo, Serli

    1. Thank-you so much for agreeing to it!! MWAH!

  2. I'm kind of in love with this outfit! That print is one of the most adorable prints I have seen, and I love the style of your skirt! (:

    1. Serli seriously has one of the best senses of style out there!

  3. What an adorable outfit! I love Modcloth:) This look is so perfect for fall here in SoCal:)

    Simplicity Relished

  4. Modcloth is dangerous, right? So many pretty dresses and prints - it's hard not to snag something up every time I visit the site. My favorite novelty print I own is my pie dress :- ) Lovely guest post Serli!

    1. Modcloth is sooooooooo dangerous, lol. Especially if you get notifications to both your email and your phone haha!


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