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I am out of town celebrating my birthday with family and visiting my childhood home before it's sale closes next month, so I thought I'd share with you some of my favorite fashion bloggers and fashionable Instagram friends while I'm away!  I really adore so many ladies I'm virtually friends with, so I decided to narrow down my 8 travel days with some of my earlier on and/or most bonded to friends, who obviously have great style (that's a given!).  I'll be traveling a lot over the next few months so if all goes well and we're fashion friends, you may be next ;)  Today's blogger is a woman named Miki and she was one of my very first Instagram friends via outfit sharing!  I remember loving her dresses so much and was so excited to "meet" her.  Ever since we have been consistent Instagram friends and I may even get a chance to meet her while I'm in LA this winter!!  She's got really cute style and I hope you like her post!!  (I asked the ladies to either write about their fashion journey, favorite outfit, and/or how they got into fashion blogging or outfit sharing.)

My name is Miki Ishiwata and I am in Los Angeles, CA. I am originally from Yokohama, Japan but I got to move to sunny California a few years ago.  LA is very unique and I find so many fashionable people everywhere! It's been inspiring me a lot.  My instagram is @mikimon1118 if you are interested to see my outfits.  I love vintage and colorful dresses. Like Lauren knows I also fan of ModCloth. They are making me broke!  Recently I started some projects to make DIY dresses and home items with one of my friends, which I usually post on Instagram.

 Dress: Bernie Dexter (ModCloth), Shoes: Sanrio Hello Kitty (from Japan)
1) What is your favorite/most special outfit and why?
Tough question... I have so many dresses...
If I have to pick, I would say You're in Luck Dress in Pie dress from ModCloth!
I am 4'9" and it's always hard to find right dress or any outfit here in the US.
This dress fits perfectly and I receive compliments all the time as I walk down the street.  Pastel based colors and cute pies are printed on the dress. It's super adorable and make me feel so happy!  I really love special print on the dress!
  Dress: ModCloth, Shoes: Tieks by Gavrieli, Purse:Kate Spade

2) How and why you got into either outfit sharing via Instagram or other social media and/or fashion blogging?
I have no idea how I started!  I started to sharing my ootd's or my belongings via Instagram and I started to increase followers.  It's so exciting to see what people thought about my outfits! It's also fun to see others too and get inspired.  Like Lauren =) I always love to see what she is wearing!
 Dress: ModCloth, Shoes: Minnetonka, Bike and Bike Bag: Linus

3) What was your journey towards becoming a fashionista? Were you always into style and clothes or did your have more tomboy roots/weren't into fashion and then something changed and evolved?
I loved dresses since I was little girl. As you may know Japan is very interesting place to see so many different kind of outfits.  Harajuku is a always a fun place to see new trends and get inspired.  I was into different kind of outfits but lately my favorite is vintage style!  Also I am into gel nails! I have been doing this for years! It's so fun to come up with new ideas for nails every month.  Lately, I am matching my nails with my favorite dress!
  Dress: DYI, Shoes: Cocue, Purse: Smantha Thavasa


  1. Great dresses, Miki! I have the same Bernie Dexter in your first pic :-)


    1. Yay you guys do! Isn't Miki the cutest??

  2. I hope you have a fabulous celebration! Thanks for introducing me to such a great blogger! She has such fun style and I like that!


    1. Thank-you! Miki is seriously awesome-so glad you enjoyed! XO

  3. Love Miki's style! I also own the poppy print Bernie and it's one of my FAVORITES <3

    xo, Serli

    1. So many dress twins commenting on this post! Yay! Miki is awesome :)


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