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I am out of town celebrating my birthday with family and visiting my childhood home before it's sale closes next month, so I thought I'd share with you some of my favorite fashion bloggers and fashionable Instagram friends while I'm away!  I really adore so many ladies I'm virtually friends with, so I decided to narrow down my 8 travel days with some of my earlier on and/or most bonded to friends, who obviously have great style (that's a given!).  I'll be traveling a lot over the next few months so if all goes well and we're fashion friends, you may be next ;)  Today's lovely guest blogger is a woman from Denmark named Kat!  We became Instagram friends at some point earlier this spring, but I had been aware of her for some time before that because she would frequently show up in Modcloth hashtags with a totally stunning style and obviously had quite the following because of that!  What I'm saying is that I was in awe of her a tad ;) Since becoming IG friends we've both started blogs here on blogspot within a similar time frame, and upon reading her guest blog post for similar reasons(!), and we cheerlead each other on regularly.  She's so sweet too-she recently offered me one of her Modcloth coupons she couldn't use! Now that's real online style friendship, haha!  So without delaying the introduction to her further, here is Kat!  (I asked the ladies to either write about their fashion journey, favorite outfit, and/or how they got into fashion blogging or outfit sharing.)

Hi there. I’m Kat from Kat’s Cabinet and I’m really honoured that Lauren asked me to guest blog 
I’m from Copenhagen, Denmark and usually you can find me on IG as Dictiocanary. I think it pretty safe to say that I’m an IG addict. It all started with Modcloth. I have always been interested in fashion – although rarely the current fashion. I fiercely believe you should dress like you want – not how fashion tells you to. But that can be hard as you can only buy what’s in the stores…unless you find an amazing company that sells vintage inspired clothing from all sorts of decades.

And although it was scary at first posting outfit pictures but I quickly realized that there was a lot of us. There was a community of ladies who shared my taste (more or less) and who I got inspiration from and whom I inspired myself. I am very awkward in person but online it’s different. I have found many friends and inspirational women that I never would have ‘met’ otherwise (Lauren for example ;) )

This leads me to why I started blogging a few months ago. Sometimes I just have more to say that I think should be in an IG caption. It’s really that simple. I don’t mind posting several pictures a day on IG but it’s still not the best media for well pouring your heart/mind out. I love IG but you never actually know if people read your caption J  And that’s okay, I mean it is a visual media…I catch myself liking pictures before reading the caption and a few times I have even had to quickly unlike because I realized I completely disagreed with the caption.  So in short I started blogging because I like to talk a lot. I have a shitload (sorry, can I say that, Lauren?  Lauren's note: Hell yes!) of opinions and I’ve never known when to shut up. And to me fashion and opinion are connected. I genuinely believe fashion is important – it’s the first thing people notice about you is what you wear. It’s the first thing you tell people about yourself.

The set I’m wearing in these pictures is vintage from LadyJaneVintage on eBay. The boots are old from H&M, so is the hat. The purse is also old from Oasis. And the pin is from Modcloth.  I became interested in vintage after ’meeting’ a lot of ladies on Instagram who wore a lot of vintage. What I love about it is that it’s one of a kind – and even if it isn’t it’s just fun to see someone with the same vintage dress or skirt – perhaps in a different colour. Quality is also often in a whole different ballpark. These dresses were made to last! You need to fix the seams occasionally or sew a button back on but given that it’s 40-60 year old thread, well I think that’s quite reasonable (and I’ve also had to sew buttons back on new garments or fix a seam).

My style is very well summed up with this outfit, I think. Something old, something new and something cheap, something more expensive. I’ve never been a snob buying clothes. I find clothes everywhere that I mix and match to something I feel comfortable in. Shirts from H&M or other high street stores, thrifted skirts, vintage and new dresses.  The most extraordinary thing about my shopping habbits probably is…I hate shopping. The traditional shopping that is. I hate stores. And malls. So I almost exclusively shop online. And mostly from Modcloth and Etsy.

My favourite season to dress for is autumn. I often forget because I also love floral prints so I cherish spring and summer and buy a bunch of summery dresses in pretty pastel colours. But when autumn arrives it always reminds me that these earthy colours are more me. Really, it’s all me. That’s why I’m happy I live somewhere with seasons. I can change my style 4 times a year J  Also funny story, when I put this outfit on Boyfriend said: “You remind me of that lady in the Indiana Jones movie. The one who turns out to be a nazi. But you’re pretty!” Thanks, love.

I hope you enjoyed my little guest entry – obviously you’re more than welcome on my own blog – or on Instagram J A stranger is just a friend you haven’t met yet, right? <3


  1. I loved your guest entry, Kat! I have so much to say too and started blogging for similar reasons! Also, I love saying "shitload". Hehe. Finding things from all different places is the best and probably why I love your style so much is that it truly is unique! Yay! I get bored so easily with mainstream fashion and your posts always make me excited! Xoxoxo hope you have the best day

    1. Lol Kat totally taped into so many of the reasons all of us started blogging! And looks totally adorable while explaining!! Glad you enjoyed, pretty! MWAH

  2. So lovely, Kat! You're one of my favorate people to follow on Instagram!
    <3, Becca


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