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Hey! I am currently out of town celebrating my birthday with family and visiting my childhood home before it's sale closes next month, so I thought I'd share with you some of my favorite fashion bloggers and fashionable Instagram friends while I'm away!  I really adore so many ladies I'm virtually friends with, so I decided to narrow down my travel days with some of my earlier on and/or most bonded to friends, who have great style (well, that's a given!).  I'll be traveling a lot over the next few months so if all goes well and we're fashion friends, you may be next ;) I got the idea from Angela of The Passionista, as when she was away last month she had the idea to feature her blogger friends-and I was one of them!  Obviously, I picked her to guest blog for me and duh, had to feature her first!  Even if I hadn't gotten the idea from her and from another source, I still would have picked her to guest blog for me because not only do I find her effortlessly stylish and adorable all-around (seriously, even when she's slightly "dressed down" she's super well pulled together), but our Instagram friendship began in the spring and we immediately took the direct message function for a few different topics and ever since I consider her one of my strongest and closest "Internet friends."  She also drives a Vespa, which I think is beyond awesome...! I asked the ladies to either write about their fashion journey, favorite outfit, and/or how they got into fashion blogging or outfit sharing. So without further ado, meet Angela!

Hello there! I’m Angela, and I write the blog The Passionista. I’m so thrilled that Lauren has asked me to guest blog for her while she’s away, and she thought it’d be a great idea to tell you all how I became interested in fashion…I don’t think I’ve ever talked about this even on my blog, so here it goes:
Growing up, style and fashion were never on my radar. I wasn’t a tomboy; my outfits were geared more towards going outside and playing. Dresses and skirts were for special occasions and that’s it. That age is so short-lived for a girl, because right when the teen years hit, you start to care about your appearance. I subscribed to Teen Vogue the summer after I turned 13, and saw all of these amazing young ladies making their way in fashion. I read and reread each magazine cover-to-cover and tried to copy everyone else’s style. I thought I’d find happiness, but who I saw in the mirror was someone I didn’t recognize. After a few more failed attempts at looking “fashion forward”, I decided that fashion would be my secret hobby, and I would never be one of the cool kids (who else really loves that song?).

Fast forward to my first year in college when I tried every major from journalism, cooking, english, spanish… you get the idea. I was feeling creatively stifled and all around unhappy with my life. I took a year off of college to refocus and I found fashion. I read countless fashion blogs that year and they all inspired me to just go for it. Style is not a hobby; it’s what makes my day-to-day routine a little more exciting. So, I switched my major one last time to fashion merchandising and never looked back.

Fashion and style are really two different things to me, and even now I find my “style” isn’t necessarily what’s trending in fashion. But that’s the fun part—finding your own personal style and making it work for you. It’s been lovely sharing my journey to style in a nutshell, and thank you to lovely Lauren for making it all happen! She’s my fave blogging buddy. J
Outfit Details: Hat: ModCloth// Sunglasses: Sweater: Liz Claiborne for JCP// Skirt: Forever21// Tights: ASOS// Shoes: Kohl’s
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  1. YAY! Such a great idea to have guest bloggers! I plan on doing this as I slowly get my blog up and running too! LOVE Angela- she is a real sweetheart and I feel she is very genuinely herself, which is pretty rare in the blogging community I think. <3 Great post as always, Lauren. <3 xoxo

    1. So glad you enjoyed! Angela is all around awesome and I feel honored to have her as a virtual friend! And duh, glad to have YOU as a friend as well ;)

  2. HEY GIRL HEY! Lookin' good! So jealous of your sweater weather right now!

    1. I'm jealous of her sweater, period!!!!


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