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Gaga for...Folter/Retrolicious!

Happy Wednesday!  Wednesdays here on Prefer 2B Demure means it's time for me to gush about a product, brand, and or style of clothing I'm totally gaga for!  

Some of my favorite pieces are from Retrolicious/Folter so I decided to share my love affair with this brand!  I was introduced to the brand via Modcloth and I think they have some of the most fun novelty prints out there.  What's nice about this brand too is that it is vintage inspired, but a lot of the dresses are shorter lengths too (good for summer) so it's a nice balance for being loud but not too over the top in terms of being "costume-y" or stuck in any particular decade...which I find to be more versatile.

Tank- Forever 21, Skirt- Retrolicious/Folter via Modcloth, Shoes- Ralph Lauren

The the first piece I ever got from them, as well as my first Modcloth purchase ever(!), was this cassette tape skirt.  As I've mentioned a few times before,  in 2012/2013 I was starting to look to branch out fashion wise and do some more classic/demure looks but also keep it fun.  I had been trolling the Modcloth website a bit at this point but wasn't in love with a piece enough to get anything just yet.  Then I found the cassette tape skirt!  It's obviously very fun, especially for a longer length skirt, but the real reason I fell in love with it is because it reminds me of my favorite book, Love is a Mixed Tape by Rob Sheffield.  I'm typically a "serious" or "academic" non-fiction reader only, but this memoir about one of my favorite music journalist's relationship and marriage with his wife and how he coped with her sudden death simultaneously broke my heart and inspired me all at once for what I was looking for romantically (hopefully without the sudden death part...!) when I read it in 2010.  He never once glamorizes their love or marriage but is always nothing short of endearing when writing about his late wife.  Their biggest connection and start to their union was through their love affair with music and how they related to it, and given that music is a big part of my life this book spoke to me in a huge way.  It's become something of my "due north" while navigating my own romantic life in that when I had to make a tough decision to break it off with a boyfriend last year but was feeling timid about pulling that trigger, I skimmed through most of Love is a Mixed Tape book one evening to realign my priorities in what I was looking for so that I didn't waste more time with someone I shouldn't be with.  Looking back, I'm glad I did that because it gave me the strength to move forward with the breakup and in retrospect-no offense to my ex- our connection was lacking in more ways than one so re-reading it was a needed reality check.  Given how much this book has impacted me emotionally, it was impossible to not get the skirt that looked like the cover of the book. 

During this spring's "Modtwirl" contest I even picked this skirt for one of my entries, in one of my favorite places (a record store), holding one of my favorite albums (Jesus and Mary Chain's Psycho Candy).

I fell in love with another one of Retrolicious' prints due to another favorite pop culture reference, and that print is the Brady Bunch house dress!  Initially, because the houses are kind of big, I wasn't sure it would be flattering so I wasn't foaming at the mouth for it.  But then in Modcloth's Style Gallery and on Instagram I kept seeing this dress pop up and fell in love.  

Cardigan- Forever 21, Bag- Kate Spade, Boots- Madden Girl

While I definitely wore it a bunch over the spring, I'm excited to wear it in the fall too because of all the browns and oranges in it.  Pairing it with boots and cardigans like above or stockings will be fun because there's so many different looks that can come from this dress.  Below are some of the spring variations I was able to do:

Left: Hanging at a friend's house. Glasses, Forever 21, Bag- Urban Structure, Shoes- Nine West. Middle- Getting blood drawn after another medical mishap lol. Scarf- Target, Bag- Kate Spade, Shoes- Nine West. Right- Getting coffee with a friend roughly a month after heart surgery-which is why I'm so pale!! Shoes- Soda

Dress- Retrolicious/Folter, Shoes- Nine West

I really love the travel print dress as well because it's such a unique pattern and I think I like the fit of it the most (more on that in a second).  There's also sooooo many colors in the dress that I'll be able to mix and match it with tons of shoes, tights, cardigans, and jackets throughout all seasons.  Funny story about the above photo: 30 minutes later I ended up in the ER and even as this photo was being taken I was debating how much I needed to go to the hospital!  My left arm kept going numb, but I felt fine otherwise so I had no idea what to think.  Making that judgement call more confusing, I was just out of the woods from expecting further complications from my surgery but not enough out of the woods to rule it out beyond a reasonable doubt.  It ended up being that I just have nerve damage that was causing the numbness, but my friend who was in the ER room with me took me out for a mega late dinner at a diner afterwards and I super regret not getting a photo of me in this dress with some heart monitoring stickers still poking through the neckline (they were stickier than usual and I was ready to get out of the hospital so I just gave up on a few).  Total hot mess o'clock.  We were totally "those people" at the diner, if you catch my drift ;)

Headband and sandals: Forever 21

The above dress is one of my favorites, but because it's fancier I seldom get to wear it.  This was a really lucky purchase from Modcloth as it was actually out of stock, but then someone returned it and it was reduced to $26 (originally OVER $100 because they were purging all old inventory).  I love the Grecian feel to it with the one sleeve and the pattern reminds me of a dress my mom had at some point.  It came with a matching gold sash, but I am terrible at tying bows in a presentable way so I don't really use it.  I think it works well without a belt, but I am looking for a wider golden one because I'd like to try this out and about in a belt.  Here's another picture of me wearing this to a holiday party with friends:

December 2013

The only remotely negative thing I have to say about Retrolicious is that I always have to wash the clothes to shrink them a tad before I can wear them.  Their sizes are S-XL and while several brands fit me just fine in a small whether that's their smallest size or they also carry smaller sizes, more often than not I'm a XS.  What I'm trying to say that if you have similar measurements as me, the small feels more like between a medium and a small.  But because their items are all cotton they are shrinkable and fit basically perfectly from there.  I imagine other sizes may be similar, but I'm not totally sure.  All in all though, I would recommend this brand to a friend and I'm super happy I stumbled across Retrolicious!

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  1. I love the Folter/Retrolicious brand! I also found them through ModCloth. I love that they have so many unique novelty prints and like you said- they're vintage inspired but not too "costume-y". The few pieces I have I haven't shared on my blog just yet but I can't wait until I do. You look so cute in all these pictures, as always. Even when you were getting your blood drawn! I love how positive and full-of-life you are <3. Also now I'm inspired to read the mixed tape book, it sounds inspiring! I know you mentioned you are typically a non-fiction reader but another really good book I recently read that touched my heart is "Archer's Voice" - I highly recommend it. I usually gravitate towards mystery/suspense/legal case-type books myself so those sappy romance books aren't really my thing, but it's a different type of love story - not too cheesy or underdeveloped character-wise like most sappy love stories are!

    xo, Serli

    1. Oh man! I can't wait to see the ones you have!! Thank-you for the compliments- I'll be damned if I "look sick" lol. I'll definitely check out that book! Gotta love those different type of love stories!

  2. As you know, I am also VERY into Folter/Retrolicious!! :) They seriously make the cutest prints! And a double bonus- they make a lot of brightly coloured prints, as well! The cassette print is so fun, love the colours in it, too! That's great that you're able to shrink the pieces to fit you better. My problem is (but, this is with almost all brands) I have to order up a couple sizes in order to fit my chest. But, luckily my mom takes clothes in for me! It's a huge help :)

    1. Retrolicious is sooooo you! Haha, we have the opposite problems regarding fits/chest areas! You're so lucky you're mom is good at that stuff!!

  3. I love Folter/Retrolicious! My favorite piece is my wiener dog houndstooth dress. They really have the cutest novelty prints!

    1. Thank-you, darling! I love that dress as well! Thank-you for stopping by, gorgeous!


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