Gaga for...Flamingo prints!!!

Welcome to another 'Gaga for...' post!  Sorry I've been spamming y'all 3 days in a row- that won't typically happen but this whole week's schedule has been messed up!  This week I decided to be mega specific and talk about not only my love affair with novelty/actual animals in prints...but flamingos in particular!  I'm a huge sucker for them and I believe I got it from my mom as they're one of her favorite prints and/or collectibles too!  Basically anytime a dress, skirt, shirt, whatever comes out in a flamingo print you can bet that I'm either purchasing it as we speak or stalking it on a wish list hourly!  Plus, summer is winding down so I thought it'd be a fun way to bid adieu to such a fun and summer-y novelty print (though chances are I will rock flamingos at some point this winter!).

Glasses- H&M, Dress-Modcloth/Sunny Girl, Belt- Muse, Shoes- Guess

I discovered this Sunny Girl dress on Modcloth when it had already sold out and that made me sad.  But then it got returned in my size and was reduced even further and I got it so that made me happy!  It's a heavier material and is lined so I consider it better for spring and fall-and on an overcast summer day at one of my best friend's pool like in the above picture!

Details and the fun back of the dress

When I visited my best friends from college this past May in Miami, I naturally had to bring it as when you think Miami flamingos seem to come to mind.  

Me at my old campus (University of Miami) this past May

With one of my most favorite people of all time...right about the place we met so many years ago!

I also have a swimsuit with flamingo prints, so naturally I had to wear that too well out and about on South Beach.

Glasses and suit: H&M

Better close up of the suit and it's adorable print

Honesty time: I don't love my Miami.  The humidity and lack of seasons mess me up, preparing for hurricanes kind of suck, I'm not in love with the attitude there, and one of the years I was there they got rid of the only rock radio station.  The long and short of it is: I don't fit in there.  That said, there is something very romantic about what many people envision Miami to be, which is typically the mid-century version of Miami when it was less populated and commercial with beautiful Cuban style buildings built right on paradise.  I think flamingos also help embody the fantasy that Miami living can be as well, so naturally I had to bring that fantasy of what the city can be alive and with me!  (Or "on" me!)

Scarf- Target, Aviators- H&M, Shirt- Forever 21, Skirt- Modcloth, Bag- Melie Bianco, Sandals- Forever 21

I love this flamingo shirt (above) because it reminds me of a sunset.  On one Sunday Funday afternoon with one of my favorite people this past spring I paired it with my merlot skirt to bring out the contrast.  I brought my Melie Bianco bag that matched the closest and paired it with gold or orange accessories.  Finding this bus was an accident and while some may say it clashes with the merlot, I say oh-well as I was already working with all the shades of gray for the red-orange-pink-purple spectrum.  Also, getting my Border Collie to look into the camera is nearly impossible so it's hard not to love this pic!

Glasses- Gifted, Crop top- Forever 21, Belt- Charming Charlie, Skirt- Modcloth, Shoes- Born Concept

One of my favorite flamingo finds was this crop top from Forever 21.  I next to never shop there anymore but when I need basic tanks, tees, and crop tops I tend to stop by there because I don't wanna spend $20 on a such a small piece of clothing if I can find it for under $10.  Usually the more interesting prints there get picked over pretty quickly (at least in my size) so I was thrilled to find a flamingo print in my size!  (For more about how to wear crop tops with longer length skirts click here).

Close-up of the print

But this next dress probably takes the cake for my all-time favorite flamingo print to date!

Dress- Hell Bunny, Purse- Kate Spade, Shoes- G by Guess

It took me forever to get this dress.  I wanted it around a year ago, but I wasn't sure how it would fit and if it was too mid-century for me as I was just starting to explore that kind of style of clothing.  AND there is a skirt version of this dress and if you follow me on Instagram (@demurelaurenblair) you know that skirts are kind of "my jam."  But then between realizing that I could only find this skirt overseas and would have the pay more for shipping than the price of the skirt and realizing that the belt, buttons, and white border really added to the dress to make it pop more...I knew I had to have the dress.  But it took a while to hunt it down in my size!  Over Labor Day Unique Vintage had a sale (and apparently restocked it in my size!) so I was able to snag one up as well as a few other Hell Bunny items I had been wanting.  I'm super happy I have this dress and can't wait to be ridiculous and wear it in like, December, just because!  I also have another Miami trip on the horizon so maybe I'll get to wear it soon and be, you know, "appropriate" with too.  ;)

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  1. Yay, that's so awesome you finally got the Hell Bunny flamingo dress! Love all your flamingo stuff :) Flamingos are just so darn cute. My flamingo dress is one of my very favourite pieces.

    1. Not surprised you understand the obsession!! Lol. Flamingos rule!

  2. I love that flamingo dress's amazing ;)

  3. You can never beat flamingo prints...they're awesome!!


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