Case of the Motivational Mondays: Debut Part 2

Hey all!  Yup- it's Tuesday and not Monday!  I had some scheduling conflicts so I had to move this to Tuesday.  I didn't want to postpone to next week again as two weeks ago I had a fever and last week was Labor Day, so Case of the Motivational Mondays on a Tuesday it'll have to be for this week!

So 3 weeks ago I debuted this series with the story of my heart surgery gone awry.  I talked a little about how during that time I was getting my feet wet with fashion blogging but at a certain point it felt slightly false because I was posting all these photos of myself in pretty dresses with this huge smile on my face...but what you didn't see was later in the evening crying to the friend who took the photo about how I'm afraid the heart meds I may at some point be forced to go on will ruin my quality of life.  I'm sharing this all with y'all not because I want pity or attention for any problems that I may end up sharing with you all but to demonstrate that we all have problems.  While there are some cards that I will keep close to my chest, I never ever want to contribute to the problem that social media can provide in that I don't want to put up a facade that my life is more perfect than it it.  As much as I truly love social media, we all know all too well how crappy it can make ourselves feel about our own lives while comparing them to a perfectly filtered version of someone else's lives so I want to be relatively transparent.

That said, every Monday I won't be necessarily addressing my personal life problems or making this some kind of a "Dear Diary" post of any kind-I promise.  I want to use this series as a possible platform to talk about general self esteem, showcase quotes, stories or people that I find inspiring, ideas of how to be happy in the moment, and possibly once in a blue moon tell a funny story that involves yours truly if there's a good lesson to be shared!  I've lived and I've learned and I'm sure many of you have too!  If and when I do share more personal anecdotes it's not from some arrogant or self centered standpoint, but that I know from personal experience that sometimes we truly do know what's right and what we should do, but knowing how to go about something is an incredibly different issue.  Reading forums, Googling ideas, or even reading the occasional book in the vein of How to Win Friends and Influence People very rarely taught me something that I didn't know, but it was worded in a way that was new to me that got different wheels in my head turning for the better.  So know that whether it's a short post on Monday that has mostly quotes, discussing a general topic, or it's me telling a story about myself it's never intended as preachy as much as it's acknowledging that life can be difficult and we sometimes need some help-I know I sure do!

So what does this have to do with fashion?  Honestly, I think everything.  The long and the short of it (for me personally) is that making friends in the fashion blogging community has become an amazing and inspiring experience as I'm somewhat shocked at how much we all cheerlead for each other (way to totally go against the norm or stereotypes for both women and people in the fashion industry!).  For a while now I've wanted to encompass something like what I've landed on with this series because it seems like a waste to not acknowledge beauty and happiness from within-and not just the projections of either.  I'm a big fan of the quote, "Dress for the job you want," (or life you want), but sometimes we need checkpoints from within to make sure we're staying on task.  I had come to the idea for a series like this in the late spring (had to wait to change blog urls....and may do so again later this year or in 2015)  and felt more assured that my idea had a place on a fashion blog when Pinup Girl Clothing had that contest this summer called How Pinup Girl Clothing Changed My Life.  I didn't enter the contest because I don't enter every contest AND was too new to PUG clothing to have an authentic entry, but I loved reading the entries on Instagram.  What really struck me was that so many women were initially coming from a point of either insecurity, not fitting in, or were too shy to embrace having fun with fashion.  From there they discovered PUG clothing and found a new sense of confidence and purpose and became comfortable in their own skin.  And a lot of women entered this contest with a lot of very passionate entries.  To say that taking a day to acknowledge how to feel good in life doesn't have a point on a fashion blog... is missing the point.

Why Mondays?  Simply put: too many people get a "case of the Mondays."  I'm not saying it's not valid; if you have a typical work or school week it's the start of your week and getting up early can be a drag as can anticipating whatever is on your schedule.  But look at it this way: every Monday you get is another day you're alive and get to accomplish something that you haven't yet.  Life is way too hectic and Mondays seem to embody the brunt of this crazy life we live.  But I wanna take Mondays back, even if for only 5 minutes, and focus on the positives in life and/or how to simplify and be happy in the moment.  Life is too short to not do that, but somewhere along the way we get our minds too cluttered to remember to do so!  Hopefully we can stop that!

As you've noticed, I've sprinkled some quotes/memes throughout this entry that I found on Pinterest and liked.  I'm going to leave with you a few of my favorite quotes (mostly lyrics) until next week when I launch this first real post in this series and not just the debuts!  Until next time, have a great week and I hope you had a great Monday Tuesday!

"When life is hard you have to change."- Blind Melon

"To find someone you love, you have to be someone you love."- Nada Surf

"Always love, hate will get you every time."- Nada Surf (again)

"You say there is no perfect place, I say I know this is true.  I'm just learning how to smile, that's not easy to do." -Everclear

"Seek to understand and then be understood."- ??

"Be the change you want to see in the world." -Gandhi

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