Case of the Motivational Mondays 9/22/14

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This one is going to be a short one as I am sitting in an airport and am going to be showcasing my first guest blogger soon, but today is a really important day in my history and I couldn't let it pass without including it in this series.  Today would have been my late father's birthday.  That doesn't sound terribly "motivating", but it is for so many reasons.  I'm no longer mad that I lost my dad at a young age because I recognize what a special and great guy and father he was and because of that he has been my inspiration at every turn for the past decade.  He lived something of an enchanting life in that he was dyslexic but in the 60s there wasn't a word for that so he was wrote off as "stupid."  Flash forward a few decades later and he's not only president of the school board of the exact school system he was deemed stupid, but after a new middle school was built under his presidency, his childhood elementary school principal came to the school's inaugural event-in a wheel chair with a nursing home aide none the less-to congratulate him and express any condolences for his intelligence being misunderstood so many years ago after reading about his successes in the papers. She made a point to make it to this event figuring that would be the best and possibly only time to cross paths with him.  Being the class act that he was, he was simply touched and showed grace by the gesture and did not use it as some platform to call her out or bitch about his childhood.   Who has an anecdote like that??  His charm and intelligence busted open doors that led to meeting presidents, presidential candidates, and befriending governors, congressmen, and state reps.  He was a small town politician who broke voting records, was taped to run for state rep when our district lines changed-which he ultimately declined due to other career changes at hand-and upon his death got a road named after him.  11 years later I still hear stories about him as people's faces light up or they hold back tears.  For me personally, he was my best friend and I feel lucky that we had such a close friendship that covered so much ground that I was able to forgive that we had such a short time together.  All the bigger than life anecdotes that were my dad just validate that my feelings for thinking he was great are correct. 

My favorite photo ever of my dad and I: our only modeling shoot for a friend's photography studio sometime in the early or mid 90s.   

I'm still trying to tap into how my dad was so effortlessly magnetic and touched everyone he met.  But the thing he did teach me were, 1) To let people live theirs lives without judging them, 2) Try hard, and when that's done, try harder.  3) Break rules when they need to be broken.  4) Always be kind and gracious.  5) bad attitude toward people or life will block everything, so do the the opposite.  6) Believe in yourself.  7) Be loyal to friends and family.

I'm still a work in progress with pretty much all of the above.  But I think they are basic truisms to pass along as we are all trying to be the best versions of ourselves.  And, if nothing else, hug someone you love or make up with someone you're fighting with.  Life is too short.  I feel beyond fortunate to have not had any bad feelings or regrets to resolve after my dad's death and I wish that kind of resolution and ending that must come on everyone- including my worst enemies. Anything else seems awful, as grief is heavy enough without that burden.

My dad left me with one more thing, which is the gift of humor.  He raised me right on Looney Tunes, Popeye, The Muppets, and other less remembered gems from earlier times like Heckle and Jeckle.  This motivational series is still finding it's footwork, and I've decided that regardless of what is talked about in any post, it has to end with a laugh because life is better when you make light of anything.  I'll do my best to keep it humor that could appeal to all, as sometimes I find highly inappropriate things hilarious and I understand that's not for everyone.  So for my inaugural video I've decided on a video you may have seen, that I think is ridiculous, hilarious, genuius and I find impossible to not still laugh at because between the two screens it's easy to miss everything going on in one sitting.  It's Chatroulette gone terribly right!  Hope you enjoy...and laugh.

Also, I have one more segment I'll be occasionally infusing with this series...possibly involving you!  Stay tuned as in October I'll announce what I'm cooking up!

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