Weekend Fashion 1

Hey all!  How was everyone's weekend?  I'm doing an experimental post here where I'm showcasing the stuff I wore to events this weekend, as well as the background stories behind it.  I'm not convinced I'll do it every weekend for two reasons: 1) Sometimes I space on taking a lot of pics (as in not just outfit photos) and 2) Honestly...I'm often lame on purpose!  I got pretty sick 2-3 years ago and got in the habit of missing out on social stuff.  It's probably bad I feel "like a rebel" to stay in on a Friday night to read, but oh well!  But lately my friends-who for better or for worse have had their own reasons to lay low on big group activities for some time as well- and myself have been better at getting the whole gang together.  I know I'm biased, but I think we're a really fun group!  The only other things that you may need to know involving this possibly weekly series would be: 1) I suck at Instagram on the weekend.  I will check through everyone's posts who liked my more recent stuff and/or favorite accounts tonight or tomorrow as the feed sometimes cuts me off scrolling through before I hit where I left off.  Love you all, mean it!!  2) I will be posting this series (when I do this series) on Sundays.  And 3) Assuming I do continue this series it's worth noting that I will never showcase a boyfriend ;)  I am pretty public on a few different forums around the Internet and I've decided that at any moment that I'm either miserably single or deliriously in love that I should keep that private and for myself.  Nothing scandalous, just a personal decision.  There are some reasons why maybe that would change (marriage, travel, etc) but for now I wish to be private.  So imagine any guy friend reference as maybe actually being my boyfriend...or imagine me alllllll allloooonnnne!  Readers choice!!


Glasses- Gift, Dress- Express, Shoes- Two Lips (Buffalo Exchange)

I hung out with a girlfriend, Shelley, one on one...which was amazing because our travel schedules have been polar opposite all summer and I hadn't seen her since June!  We had talked and caught up on the phone several times but we finally just got a chance to kick back and be goofy-which is what we do best.  We're both random, silly, and absurd so making each other laugh at dumb and/or witty things (it depends) is when we're at our best.  We both have had years that have been a little "too real" so it's been nice to laugh in a safe space with someone who's been in a similar boat.  We got sushi, and then ice cream, and then just kicked it on her 11th story patio for a while.


Sundglasses- Forever 21, Necklace- Forever 21, Tube top- H&M, Skirt- Modcloth, Bag- Forever 21, Shoes- Jessica Simpson

Myself and 4 of my friends planned this day way back in May to be a fancy brunch and possible sh*t show afterwards.  You see, my crew and I do a monthly brunch and at the May brunch we decided that we all a) needed to be more social this summer and b) should plan a more formal thing for all our friends that would force them to commit and not flake out because it would be at a place that we need reservations for.  Really long story short, that all fell apart quickly so we decided to go to an old favorite place that we hadn't been to all year.  Basically this place is the place that I had two birthdays there with 50 people where we ran them out of champagne during their bottomless mimosa brunch, two of my friends have thrown up over their 3rd story patio rooftop (I swear, we're usually classier than that), ill-fated relationships have started here, and a lot of blackouts happened as a result of this place.  This bar is like the best kept secret in Denver (hence I could bring 50 people there without worrying about having enough space) and they give you pint glasses full of champagne with a splash of orange juice for color.  I myself didn't feel like drinking on Saturday, nor did about half of the people who showed up so it was fairly tame.  But it was really nice to see some friends, especially my girl friends as I had about half of my right hand girls there at once-which is really hard to do!!

Meant to take some pictures of the boys too-oops!!


More of a "weekend activity shot" than a "fashion shot."  Although my shorts are purple!!  Scroll down to see Sunday's outfit!

I got up early to get some work done, then headed to my friend Alex's who just bought a place with a pool.  Our friend Kevin joined us.  The plan was also to get some work done possibly as Alex and I have had a few "work dates" while grabbing lunch or even at his apartment but we ended up talking for a while instead when we were done with the pool.  And then I went to the gym, worked some more, and now I'm about to head out for a run.  Ye-ah, I don't usually do 2 workouts in one day but I'm attempting to train for something in October (TBA) that's WAY out of my physical capabilities currently.  I'm really determined to beat the odds but I'm using the next week or two to be hardcore and see how hard I can push my endurance before officially deciding.  Then I'll probably read the rest of the night.

Also, this outfit is special.  But why?  Well, you should tune in tomorrow to find out!!  There's a story behind it, tomorrow is the 6 month anniversary of a hugely horrible day in my life's history and I'm honoring it with something positive (on this blog) and will be announcing all of it tomorrow here :)

I hope you all had a great weekend!!!  XOXO

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