Random Outfit Post 1: New Pinup Girl Clothing Jenny Skirt

Hey all-happy Thursday!  So I've decided to do a random outfit post for a few reasons!  One being that I'm super excited that I finally got a skirt in the mail that I had been wanting for a while and since I got to wear it in a promptly manner (which doesn't always happen that way) I thought I'd show it off!  Also, I'm coming down with a cold!  You're probably all thinking that seems par for the course as already I've showcased my severe illnesses this week, but I rarely get "normal people sick" so I'm a bit thrown off!  Because of this I may or may not have an exciting weekend, so depending on how I feel this post may be in lieu of a Weekend Fashion post and because of that I've posted a few photos of what I was up to tonight with friends.

The outfit I'm excited about:

Earlier this year I got quite into Pinup Girl Clothing-specially their Jenny skirts (I am a skirt and novelty print girl, after all!).  I actually got this on eBay last week for $60 and it was delivered yesterday.  I'm soooo glad I won this because I went onto the PUG site yesterday and saw that not only had they put this skirt on sale (for about the same price but more when you count shipping) but it sold out!  My mail hadn't come yet so I immediately started having nightmare fantasies of this skirt being lost in the mail as it was a day late from the estimated arrival time anyway (with NO tracking), but luckily it was literally en route to me as I had that thought!

Outfit details: Shoes-Nine West, Bag- Kate Spade, Shirt- Concert tee from seeing The Go-Go's live!

I feel like all summer I have been pairing my skirts with either spaghetti strap tank tops, tube tops, or bandeaus.  The only thing good about summer winding down is that it leads the way for utilizing different parts of your wardrobe!  Y'all don't know me too well yet, but I am quite the rock and roll girl at heart despite my "demure" exterior."  I tried on a few shirts with this skirt and then randomly decided to try out my Go-Go's concert tee (I saw them live 3 years ago!!) because the colors seemed pretty spot on-plus with the Beauty and the Beat album print it added to the fun... and it borderline is mixing prints!  Plus I have those powder blue Nine West pumps AND my newer Kate Spade purse matches the pink in the skirt perfectly, so voila!  I got excited for wearing this and despite this going against my nature I hoped that it wasn't boiling lava hot for my friend's monthly happy hour (I prefer hot weather...and I don't wear tees in hot weather).  Sadly I came down with a cold last night and woke up feeling awful, but was able to tough it out all day and still hang with my friends while they drank beer and I sipped on some water ;)

And since the Weekend Fashion post may or may not be realistic....here are some of my friends and I hanging in case you're nosey!  XOXO-happy Friday tomorrow and may you have a great weekend!  I'll be posting either on Sunday next for WF or on Monday for my new "Case of the (Motivational) Mondays" series.

We always have to get the "girls in the group" picture...are you gals + friends the same way??

Sorry the lighting isn't perfect!  XO!

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  1. I love the print on that skirt, I think it was definitely worth the money and the (anxious) wait! You styled it so well with the top and the always-lovely KS bag (I need to get my hands on a KS bag soon...). I hope you feel better soon! And, we totally do a "girls only" photo too, haha :).

    xo, Serli

    1. Haha! Glad we're not the only crew that does that! Thanks for your kind words as always!! In regards to Kate Spade, if you don't live near an outlet (which is how I often roll) if you register with www.katespade.com once a month they email you with a "surprise sale" where older mech is highly discounted. Thought I'd share in case that helps expedite the KS bag search! XO

  2. Love the graphic tee with that skirt!!! I will forever love the print of that, and be on a hunt for my own :) you're so adorable, Lauren!

    ps-my friends and I do the same thing- it's a girl thing, I think! haha


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