My latest obsession: 1970s dresses

As I said in my introductory post, I have grown quite the affinity for 70s style dresses.  So many vintage and vintage inspired bloggers love dress from the do I...but lately I've had a major soft spot for 70s maxi dresses.  Who's to blame?  It could be my life long love of the Brady Bunch.  It also could be the fact that I did a Netflix marathon this spring of Mad Men.  I drooled over Betty Draper, Joan Harris, and Peggy Olson's outfits as did all of you...but Megan Draper's art deco party wardrobe really got my attention as the series entered the late 60s and early 70s.  While I've loved 70s fashion my whole life...Megan Draper may have put the nail in this coffin for me.

This year I have also began growing quite the true vintage collection.  While 1950s skirts are my most popular true vintage pieces in my closet, I have acquired a few 1970s dresses as well.  Here they are as well as the stories behind them!

I found this dress at a Buffalo Exchange in the Baker neighborhood of Denver (think Hipster-ville...although "bros" are totally and sadly taking over).  I never know what to expect from Buffalo Exchange as each store seems different.  Some are more recent trendy second hand clothes while others offer a variety of anything goes fashion as long as it's interesting.  I'd say this particular BE is the latter.  I found this fairly simple yellow dress on sale for $10.  On the hanger it looked a little plain, possibly a little too "going to church on a Sunday", and also borderline reminiscent of the formal dresses from Virgin Suicides (one of my favorite movies and one of my ONLY favorite fiction books).  I had a gut feeling this would be much better on (if it fit) than on the hanger so I tried it on and completely fell in love (and the fit was perfect).  When I walked out of there I had no idea if it was a vintage repo or true vintage so I Googled the label (Bianchi) and found that they were a formal ware brand, mostly from the 1940s-1980s.  I believe this dress to be a 1970s bridesmaid dress, but who knows as I could be wrong.  In the picture above I am wearing this dress at a recent wedding I attended in Colorado.  The shoes are Nine West and the clutch is a gift from my mom.  Thank-you wind for giving me such a glamorous wind blown look!

This is by far one of the more special dresses I own!  I found it on the Etsy shop (Daisy and Stella Vintage) and immediately fell in love.  After comparing it's measurements to mine (side note: I find true vintage easier to shop for online than contemporary brands you are not familiar because vintage sellers list every possible measurement you could want) and after conversing with the seller a bit about the dress and holding it, I purchased it!  Despite truly believing it would fit (as my measurements lined up), waiting for a vintage dress to arrive is somewhat nerve wrecking because not only are you super excited for your one of a kind gem but you get nervous about how it truly looks in person and how it will fit.  Luckily, this dress fit me as if it were custom made for me!  The fabric is silky soft and I can't believe how lucky I am to own it.  It comes with a shaw and a belt (not pictured) that I will also get to play around with.  Here I am at my mother's pool area in PA (I wanted to show her the dress and figured I'd have a scenic background for an outfit picture so I brought it home on my last visit).  One of my best college friends is getting married at the W Hotel in Miami this November and I think it'd be a great occasion to wear it to as it has November colors to it, is fancy enough for the W, and is fun enough for Miami.  As you saw with the yellow dress above, I like to wear longer lengths to weddings.  I feel like I wear dresses most days of the week so for me to feel "dressed up" I try to go for longer lengths.  I can't wait to get my "Megan Draper" on at my friend Blake's wedding!

This is a polarizing dress if there ever was one!  I'm not afraid of a loud print and when I was in the same Buffalo Exchange as I mentioned earlier again I came across this dress and a similar one (that didn't fit).  The sales clerks and I spoke at length about how fun it was and they were jealous I found it because they were thinking about purchasing it themselves.  Then I met up for dinner with a male friend of mine and showed him the dress and he said, 'Ugh.  That'" with complete sarcasm and disdain.  I also brought this dress home (picture in PA in July) to show my mom and she was also appalled by it.  "You paid $12 for that?  That's a waste of money."  Whatever!  I dress for fun which isn't always necessarily "sexy" and when you go for interesting fashion not everyone is going to "get it."  This isn't an everyday dress but in the fall when it's neither hot nor cold it'll be fun to meet up with friends in it or just run errands and make heads turn ;)  Even though my mom hated this dress, she still insisted on me posing in front of my brother's muscle car to complete the look, so there.  Even somewhere in there the novelty isn't lost on her!

Have a great Thursday, everyone!!  XOXO

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  1. You are rocking those 70s dresses! They are all so beautiful, and I love the way you style them <3

    xo, Serli

  2. Love them all, they're gorgeous!
    Check out my blog and maybe we can follow each other? Hope to hear from you!

  3. Hey- looking through your blog as we speak (type?). I love it! Are you on Instagram or blog lovin'? XOXO

    PS- And thanks!!


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