I'm with the band: Cult Vegas

Instagram makes the world rather flat.  Everyday I interact with real life strangers but real virtual friends.  All of my fashion friends cheer each other on daily-and I don't even talk to my majority of my  "real" friends on a daily basis!  I have an IG friend in Israel, and in light of recent events if he ever went AWOL from my Instagram feed I'd become genuinely worried!  I have other people from my other blog and a sister tumblr site that I interact with often on Instagram.  More than any social network (at least for me), Instagram has become quite the window to the world creating connections that otherwise wouldn't be possible.  Somewhere along the way of Instagram networking and befriending, I became acquainted with a San Diego based band, Cult Vegas.  After a few comments and likes back and forth they messaged me wanting to give me a tee shirt to promote them.  This was very exciting for my life because a) a part of fashion blogging is collaborating and promoting, b) I really think they are a good band, and c) I'm such a rocker girl at heart that it seemed like the perfect way to mix two different passions of mine.  Obviously I agreed and here's the result of this collaboration!

Other outfit details: Glasses-Forever 21, Skirt- Forever 21, Shoes-Jessica Simpson

Cult  Vegas is mega talented and has a lot of old school rock and roll roots.  Plus they seem like fun and nice guys!  For more information check them out at:

And/or their Instagram: @cultvegas

Also, they have an album dropping on August 8th.  Thank-you again boys and hopefully you'll roll through Denver on tour sooner than later!

My Instagram: @demurelaurenblair
My Twitter- @LaurenBlair23


  1. I'll have to check them out! Great outfit :-)

  2. Instagram is definitely a great way to meet new fashion friends, and you are one of those awesome ladies I was lucky to "meet"! And I will check out the band, they sound cool!

    xo, Serli

    1. Yay! I feel lucky to have "met" you too, Serli!!!


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