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I'm now on Blogger/who in the world am I??

Hey all!  I'm Lauren Blair and I live in Denver, CO! I've been fashion blogging via Instagram and tumblr this whole 2014 year.  I was originally going to get my own fashion blog url but I have my own url for my political blog and I keep running into hiccups with it. I'm more than ready to get off tumblr (I find the photo sharing and captioning limited) but am not ready for 2 personal urls. I have had success before on Blogger with other blogs and I see many fashion bloggers using this with tons of success so I figured I may as well get fashion blogging version 2.0 started here!  (At least temporarily!)  If you haven't seen my pictures or read any of my posts before, here's the kind of fashion and styling that I'm into:

  • I love 40s-60s era dresses and skirts-real vintage or vintage inspired.

Vintage inspired (above)
  • I have been growing a weak spot for 70s maxi dresses-both the elegant and the ugly kinds.
This would be the "elegant kind".
  • Trolling Etsy for vintage finds and eBay for steals on Bernie Dexter/Pin Up Girl Clothing items is a legitimate hobby, right?
Recent PUG skirt I found via eBay!
  • I have a growing collection of classic pumps, or as I prefer to call them, "Barbie shoes."
Shoes...omg shoes!
  • Kate Spade is my favorite handbag designer.
My newest Kate Spade friend.
  • I actually do and will wear pants.  But that's mostly in the winter and they're usually quite loud.
Told ya!
  • I officially do not feel comfortable showing off too much skin-which is a far cry from where I started.  I will have to do some flashback Fridays or something on here at some point to illustrate.
Ok...I never actually left the house like this!  (Theme party)
  • Grace Kelly is not only my style icon, but arguably my goddess.  I can't remember not being obsessed with her, nor will I likely ever not be obsessed with her.  In fact, re-watching some of her movies 2 years ago inspired me to start dressing more elegantly and classically on a full-time basis.  
I was fortunate enough to see the only state side exhibit of her famous dresses in January!
  • Stores and brands I'm addicted to include: Modcloth, Pin Up Girl Clothing, Unique Vintage (still need to make a purchase from them but I own several of their items from other vendors and have a growing wish list!), Bernie Dexter, J Crew, Nine West, Melie Bianco, and ASOS.
J Crew Factory meets Modcloth!
  • Matching is my favorite.  I love finding a shoe in a color that matches subtle colors in a skirt or dress.  Bonus points if I have a purse that matches too.
Told ya matching is my favorite!
  • I'm always pro bold colors and novelty prints.  I've been slowly getting into mixing prints too.
Bright colors and mixing prints!

  • I got into fashion blogging for a few reasons.  1) I genuinely dress up every day and have a passion for styling together outfits and pairing certain colors together.  2) Late last year I would troll all Modcloth related hashtags and when I would continually come across multiple fashion bloggers the part of my brain that says "I could do that!" lit up.  3) I have found the networking, support, and even friendships that have come from showcasing outfits on social media to be an incredibly positive experience and I have been pleasantly surprised!  Thank-you so much, new friends!  4) My health is a little nuts and I'm not exactly sure what the future brings so I'm trying to put as much as my life and work online so I can do whatever I need to do at my own pace in the future :)
Piic of me right before my ultimately failed heart surgery-and 7 weeks later at my first day back at the gym.  Gotta get tougher and stronger for whatever lies ahead!!
  • Bottom line: life is too short to not have fun with fashion on a daily basis!
For those who already follow and I interact with (and newbies too!), here's some more details about me since so much life and personality gets glossed over while posting (mostly) outfit photos:
  • Yes, I do have a more political based blog (as mentioned above).  I never really mix streams with this blog though because so many of us are from different walks of life and while I never judge anyone who openly broadcasts different feelings and opinions than me, I don't want it to complicate how any of y'all feel about me!
Watching a historic law get made a year ago with friends.
I'm an ordained minister-non religious.  A close friend and I became ordained together.

  • I'm from Pennsylvania (about an hour north of Philly), went to the University of Miami and currently live in Denver, Colorado and love it.  
Last time I was in Miami.
Clearly in Colorado here!
Myself with my PA besties last summer :)
  • I own 2 borderline crazy shelter dogs and I love them more than life itself.  
Lucy and Lilly- they came with their names (read: I'm not obsessed with "L" names lol)
  • I'm a rock and roll girl at heart.  Sonic Youth, Jesus and Mary Chain, Pulp, metal, hair metal, REM, The Replacements, New York Dolls, David Bowie, and so, so, SO much more are are they keys to my heart.
A friend and myself taking the worst selfie ever to prove we were on stage with Mr. Party himself, Andrew WK
Rawk and roll!
  • Speaking of my heart, I rarely advertise if I'm single or in a relationship at any given moment via social media (lol, including my personal Facebook page that I rarely use...haven't been in a "FBO relationship" in 4 relationships!) but spoiler alert: 9/10 times I go for the tallest, awkwardly skinniest, nerdiest looking guy in the room.  Dark hair with light eyes preferable but negotiable.  My friends love to make my of my taste in men because apparently I pick "weird looking guys".  Sorry/not sorry!!

  • Yoga, reading (non-fiction), DVRing C-Span (::cough::nerd alert!!::cough::), brunches with my friends, Colorado Rockies games, running (when asthma and my heart condition allow it), being a gym rat, and concerts make up a lot of my non-fashion blogging time.
At a Rockies game earlier this year and surprisingly not in heels!!
Some of my best friends and myself at brunch this winter-being ridiculous. 
  • I would classify my sense of humor as "absurdist" and my humor is a total "tears of a clown" situation.
Proof that I'm missing the "shame gene."  L- pretending to be Nancy Kerrigan at a theme party "Whhhhyyyyy?" M-#nerdalert #scottbaioalertt.  R-Flacid unicorn?
  • I go all out for Halloween costumes.  I also tend to pick costumes that people either get or they don't get.
Janice from the Muppet band on the left and Vicki the robot child from Small Wonder on the right.
  • Dogs are obviously one of my favorite animals, but my other favorites are lizards, elephants, and alpacas (really want to own an alpaca farm one day).  
Elephant print dress!!  Yes, please!!!

  • I fall down a lot and bump into walls all the time.  Ironically, it's usually when I'm not wearing heels.
Somehow I feel wearing heels on a bike despite my klutzy ways is safe though!
  • I'm a rare drinker and I never do drugs.
To be fair...I said "rare."  Not never.  @Def Leppard and Heart
  • In theory I'm a pescatarian but am having a cheating year with that-long story.

  • I do my best to enjoy myself everyday.  If something negative comes up, I give myself 5 minutes to dwell on it and then I leave it be.  Over analyzing something to death rarely helps any situation and things that happen to you only get power when you allow them to have power.  Not everyday is perfect with this practice...but the more I practice it the better at it become.  Just food for thought :)
Just showing off how grounded I am.  And patriotic.  And again, ridiculous.  Why wouldn't you take advice from me???

But in all seriousness, I'm super happy to fashion blogging, am looking forward to meeting more of you virtually, and have some fun weekly segments that I'll be debuting in the next few weeks!  Have a great rest of your weekend and I'll be posting on here again on Monday or Tuesday!  XOXO


  1. Yaay! So glad you're on blogger! and I'm with you- I want to upgrade to a ".com" soon but I don't feel like I'm much detail goes in that! I loved this post, made me laugh! So glad we're friends!

    1. Thank-you! I never know how my humor will translate on paper with people I only virtually know so I'm glad I made you laugh!!! Glad we're friends too-safe travels this week :)

  2. So happy to see you on blogger! You seem like such a fun person and I loved reading about you. I have to agree, I've also had a positive experience with finding fashion bloggers and love meeting new friends! Also, stalking eBay for Bernie Dexter or PUG is definitely a hobby of its own ;)

    P.S. I just started my blog too and recently made my first outfit post!

    xo, Serli

    1. Yay! Glad we're on the same site too!! And thank-you! I'm getting ready to hit out the door but for sure will be checking out your site more later! XOXO

  3. Yay glad to see you on blogger, I actually use as I have my own .com. but I followed you on Bloglovin! Can't wait see your outfits!

  4. I really loved reading about you/finding out more about you!! :)
    Loveee the harlequin skirt & floral Bettie Page dress on you!


  5. You are the funnest!!! New groupie here.


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