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End of summer $5 dresses AND Labor Day sales links!

Two $5 dresses I got late last summer-that apparently both go well with this Melie Bianco Bag!
Late summer and early fall is one of my favorite times to shop because SO much inventory goes on clearance!!  (I do the same thing in the spring but for discounted sweaters).  Last summer I got this green H&M dress on sale for $5:
Outfit details: Cardigan- BCBG Max Azria, Dress- H&M, Bag-Melie Bianco, Boots- Madden Girl
Yes, I do wear more below the knees stuff but sometimes a girl needs a lightweight sundress to layer with boots and a cardigan or for super hot days!!  I also found this dress at a TJMaxx on sale for also $5:
Outfit details: Sunglasses- Forever 21, Dress-unknow from TJMaxx, Bag-Melie Bianco, Wedges- Nine West
This dress has come in handy for random non-photo-opp travel excursions and a dress to dress run errands in when I don't wanna get too dressed up for some reasons but also don't wanna look like a slob.  
Seriously, check out your local stores because som…

Gaga for...Express Fit and Flare Dresses!

Before I became addicted to Modcloth, I was already searching for more classic and demure looks.  Last St Patrick's day (2013...just about the time I began my affair with Modcloth and vintage) I went shopping for a green dress and had surprisingly a hard time.  I ended up going to Express, which is one of those stores I either like a lot or ignore for a year or two at a time and don't think twice about it.  They had several fit and flare/skater dresses for sale including a green one.  I decided I liked them because while fit and flare is definitely on trend lately, it's also a classic look with the higher waists, classic cuts, and a feminine structure.  As the temperatures began to rise in Denver I invested in several more because I thought the fabric and quality was excellent, knew they'd grow with me, are easy to style as they are basically colorful blank canvases, and are easy to layer with tights and a cardigan to wear through colder seasons.  Plus I'm the typ…

Case of (the Motivational) Mondays moved to next week

Hey all!  In case you don't follow me on Instagram (::cough::@demurelaurenblair ::cough::) I'm delaying this week's Case of the Motivational Mondays until this upcoming Monday due to a severe cold and fever that has plagued me the past several days.  Not sure what I'm talking about?  No worries! I announced it last Monday, so click here in case you missed it!

Obviously I missed a Weekend Fashion post too as I cancelled all of my weekend plans (bummer as I had a fun weekend planned too!) but have a post ready for Wednesday when I talk about another clothing piece or brand I'm "gaga for".  Hope everyone had a great weekend-XOXO

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Random Outfit Post 1: New Pinup Girl Clothing Jenny Skirt

Hey all-happy Thursday!  So I've decided to do a random outfit post for a few reasons!  One being that I'm super excited that I finally got a skirt in the mail that I had been wanting for a while and since I got to wear it in a promptly manner (which doesn't always happen that way) I thought I'd show it off!  Also, I'm coming down with a cold!  You're probably all thinking that seems par for the course as already I've showcased my severe illnesses this week, but I rarely get "normal people sick" so I'm a bit thrown off!  Because of this I may or may not have an exciting weekend, so depending on how I feel this post may be in lieu of a Weekend Fashion post and because of that I've posted a few photos of what I was up to tonight with friends.

The outfit I'm excited about:

Earlier this year I got quite into Pinup Girl Clothing-specially their Jenny skirts (I am a skirt and novelty print girl, after all!).  I actually got this on eBay las…

Gaga for....Bernie Dexter!

My Brandy Bunch of Bernie Dexter dresses!
I got super hooked on Bernie Dexter late last year.  Through working sales, store credit, and eBay finds I have acquired a quite a few BD dresses within a year!  Out of all pinup and vintage inspired clothing brands, I became the most hooked on Bernie Dexter without a doubt.  I remember when I first started fashion blogging and by default kept seeing other girls with so many dresses on my wish lists that were somewhat expensive I couldn't help but wonder how they were able to snag them up! Since Bernie Dexter is my biggest go-to (still slowly branching into Pinup Girl Clothing and now getting more obsessed with Hell Bunny because I just couldn't get away from BD!!) here I'll share my experiences with the brand and how to find discounted dresses!
It all started with the drunken elephant print dress.  I love elephants.  I have a religious studies background and that sometimes dives into other forms of spirituality and energy.  I kept…

6 months ago today I had failed heart surgery/Case of the (Motivational) Mondays 1A

Hey all!  So today (August 18th) is an interesting day for me as it marks the 6 month anniversary of the day I went into the hospital for heart surgery...and it wasn't exactly a success.  You are probably thinking everything from, wait what?  Where are the scars?  I had no idea you had heart problems?!  Are you ok?  I shall explain all!

Wasn't that scared going in.  I was casually reading so my mom snapped this pic (as in this wasn't staged).  Book-What Would Grace Do??

I have a lot of things wrong with my health, but most notably I have a heart condition called supraventricular tachycardia (or SVT) and because of (for layman's terms) some bad wirings in my heart my beats per minute randomly go up to 200 bpm while chilling out watching Netflix or something equally relaxing (the average adult heart rate at rest is usually around 80-100 bpm).  The first time it happened it was scary because I had no idea what was happening (it feels like what a cartoon must go through whe…

Weekend Fashion 1

Hey all!  How was everyone's weekend?  I'm doing an experimental post here where I'm showcasing the stuff I wore to events this weekend, as well as the background stories behind it.  I'm not convinced I'll do it every weekend for two reasons: 1) Sometimes I space on taking a lot of pics (as in not just outfit photos) and 2) Honestly...I'm often lame on purpose!  I got pretty sick 2-3 years ago and got in the habit of missing out on social stuff.  It's probably bad I feel "like a rebel" to stay in on a Friday night to read, but oh well!  But lately my friends-who for better or for worse have had their own reasons to lay low on big group activities for some time as well- and myself have been better at getting the whole gang together.  I know I'm biased, but I think we're a really fun group!  The only other things that you may need to know involving this possibly weekly series would be: 1) I suck at Instagram on the weekend.  I will check thr…

My latest obsession: 1970s dresses

As I said in my introductory post, I have grown quite the affinity for 70s style dresses.  So many vintage and vintage inspired bloggers love dress from the do I...but lately I've had a major soft spot for 70s maxi dresses.  Who's to blame?  It could be my life long love of the Brady Bunch.  It also could be the fact that I did a Netflix marathon this spring of Mad Men.  I drooled over Betty Draper, Joan Harris, and Peggy Olson's outfits as did all of you...but Megan Draper's art deco party wardrobe really got my attention as the series entered the late 60s and early 70s.  While I've loved 70s fashion my whole life...Megan Draper may have put the nail in this coffin for me.

This year I have also began growing quite the true vintage collection.  While 1950s skirts are my most popular true vintage pieces in my closet, I have acquired a few 1970s dresses as well.  Here they are as well as the stories behind them!

I found this dress at a Buffalo Exchan…

Crop top lovin'

Right now there is a plethora of crop tops and tube tops in any given store that you shop at.  When I was in high school, college, and my early 20s I was all about the "less is more" mantra of clothing.  As I've gotten older, I still like to have fun with fashion but I also want to be more ladylike...or "demure" if you will. ;-)

Another trend in fashion, whether you're a mall enthusiast or vintage/vintage reproduction obsessed like myself is the high waisted trend.  I find that pairing high waisted bottoms with crop tops can make an outfit more classy than sleazy, while still having fun and staying youthful with fashion.  Plus, as the August temperatures rise it's important to keep cool!!  Here are some examples of how I've shown skin this summer while-hopefully-still pulling off more classic and ladylike looks:

Outfit details: Sunglasses-unknown. Necklace-Charming Charlie. Tube top- JCPenny, Skirt-Modcloth, Bag-Kate Spade, Shoes- Nine West
My best g…

I'm on Passion Blogista!

One of my favorite blogger friends, Angela, was so kind to let me guest host on her blog!  Click her name to take you to her blog!  Here are some of my fave outfit pics of her (you should totally follow her blog and/or her Instagram @thepassionistablog):

How bad ass is she?!

Here's the dress I talk about on her blog:

Again, click this link to read my post and all of hers!  Thanks again, Angela!  XOXO