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Fashionable Movies: 200 Cigarettes

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Part of the fun of having a fashion blog (I think) is not just talking about your own wardrobe and tastes, but also things that are stylish within our culture.  I'm not the world's biggest movie girl, but many of the ones I do like happen to have super fun fashion in them so I'd like to share some of these favorites with y'all!

One of my all-time favorite movies is 200 Cigarettes, which happens to be a New Years movie as well...hence I'm sharing this with you now!  It came out in 1999 but is a period piece taking place on New Year's Eve 1981 in New York City.  I may wear a lot of 40-60s style dresses, but the late 70s and early 80s is one of my other favorite fashion eras and the music from that era spawned a solid majority of my favorite bands as well.  This movie has fashionable preppy girls, high school fashion, punk rock fashion, and everything you can think of when you think of that era.   Specifically there's fun coats, interesting hair…

ModCloth Eye Candy

As I said yesterday, I'm not a Christmas person.  But as all banks, post offices, and 99% of businesses are closed today I didn't want to do a full on post.  That said, there are others like me who do not celebrate and some of you may just need a time out or something to do while traveling!  So here's some ModCloth eye candy-some of my favorite pieces I got from them over the past year!  To see yesterday's Hell Bunny Eye Candy click here.  Merry Christmas if you're celebrating and I hope Santa brought you all you wanted!

Happy holidays again!  PS- I did a Gaga for ModCloth a few months ago, but if you missed it click here!

Did you just find this page and am wondering who I am?  Click here for a proper introduction!

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Hell Bunny Eye Candy

Weird fact about me, or at least a fact that always surprises people: I don't celebrate Christmas.  But I respect that most people do and a lot of people are traveling and/or having some kind of celebration today.  Like I did on Thanksgiving, I decided to do a pictorial post in case you have time to kill today!  Happy holidays if you're celebrating!  (I also did a Gaga For Hell Bunny post here!)

Again, happy holidays!
Did you just find this page and am wondering who I am?  Click here for a proper introduction!

Instagram- @ demurelaurenblair
Twitter-      @ LaurenBlair23

Instagram Follower Drama: Not Here

Hey all!  So last month I broke the 4 digit threshold of Instagram followers and I wanted to write a piece about it, not in a "humble brag" way as much as break open some mythology and silliness when it comes to all things social media.  This winter has been a doozy on me so I had to keep postponing, which has proven to be serendipitous as Instagram has a lot of haters currently with the the whole deleting of fake/inactive/bot accounts thing.  This is actually a way better time and reason to discuss some of the things I wanted to say about social media!

Ok, let's keep it real: if we're blogging, outfit sharing, or sharing any other hobby, craft, or passion of course we want followers.  I mean, right?  Putting yourself out there to no audience would really suck.  My personal story and struggle with this notion is that I also wanted to be to doing the fashion blog thing for a few months prior to me actually beginning this venture (right about this time last year) but k…

Guest Blogger: Meet Heather! (Arbitrary Fox)

Hey all!  It's time for my new(er) monthly series when some other lovely lady takes the reigns and does a guest blog post!  This month it's Heather, from The Arbitrary Fox!  Ironically I met her on Instagram, and I say ironically because we're probably the closest geographically to each other compared to other Insta friends we've made from all around the world!  Given that I love her style, she's totally sweet, and she's a fellow Colorado girl I was thrilled when she accepted my invitation to guest blog for the month of December!  Without further ado, here's her post!
Hello there lovelies! I'm Heather from the blog, The Arbitrary Fox, and I can't tell you enough how excited I am to be a guest on this fantastic blog. Lauren and I found each other, like so many of you, through social media. It's been delightful getting to know her (she's such a sweetie) and follow her amazing collection of Bernie Dexter dresses and lovely skirts. Like Lauren, …

Gaga for...Chicwish

As you all know, I have a HUGE love affair with a) skirts and b) novelty prints.  If I can find a combination of the two, I am the happiest camper in the whole world!  Earlier this fall I stumbled upon the website, Chicwish, and my face basically turned into the emoji with the hearts as eyes.  There's tons of beautiful clothing on this site, but for me their skirt collection is what makes me the happiest.  Birds, landscapes, bright colors, abstract scenery, cityscapes, you name it-they got it!  I bit the bullet and ordered a few skirts and here's some photos of them:

The good:

This site is (relatively) cheap.  They have things on sale for $20 and many of their newer stuff is already $50 or less...which for high waisted, tea length, novelty, and classic/pseudo vintage inspired pieces is actually extremely cheap!  This made me curious about the quality, and now that I'm a proud owner of three of their skirts I can honestly say it's pretty damn good!  The material is supe…

Modcloth Surprise Sale November 2014

I have only done the Surprise Sale twice once.  I tried to do it this fall but a computer glitch over counted the inventory so I never got a package (though I did get some sweet coupons so all is well that ends well).  I did the Surprise Sale back in the spring when they did it, but I totally played it safe.  I bought a dress I was wanting to get for $40 anyway and then got a $10 surprise item (and therefore hitting the $50 free shipping minimum-yay!).  The dress I got was polka dot...which sounds cute and like my style....but it was a high/low dress-arguably my least favorite trend of the past year or two.  I didn't feel discouraged though as people I knew got some really awesome things, so it has to work out sometimes, right?  It also appeared that if you bought a few items there'd be at least one thing you'd like, and given how inexpensive it was and the potential bargain you'd be getting it seemed worth it to try that method out.  Plus with swaps and/or selling so…