Elephants and Showgirls

Welcome to Monday, my lovely readers!  I have a bit of a "thing" for yellow dresses AND elephants, so naturally this elephant dress by ModCloth (Festive Frondescence A-Line Dress in Safari) become mine!  (I can last be seen wearing this dress HERE.)  I love how it's a yellow dress with teals, reds, and browns.  I can honestly say it's nothing like anything else in my closet.  For today I paired it with mostly reds, as well as with my teal Kate Spade bag for an extra pop of color.    Did you notice my brooch?  It's from Atomic Lucite and is an oh-so classy scene from the movie Showgirls.  Showgirls is a movie I consider an "accidental comedic masterpiece", so my life is basically made by owning this brooch now!!  Speaking of movies and pop culture, my NEW culture/comedy blog, Blair Uncensored is now open!!  It's going to be a bit of an experiment and will likely evolve some, but it'll mostly be an opinion blog where I try to fill the void on thing…

Folter Skull Dress for Summer

Hey all!  Happy Friday!  This is a quick post on a summer ready look!  Orange is one of those perfect summer colors and this Till the End of Time dress by Folter (now on sale!) is just too much fun!  I could literally pair any color I want with it, but I decided to go with orange to embrace the fun colors that summer can be associated with.  Orange you glad I did?  Har har, I know!
My brooch is my Atomic Lucite and has the cast of Soap in the TV!  Soap is my all-time favorite sitcom so I'm thrilled they made this!  Speaking of TV...I just did my introduction post at BLAIR UNCENSORED, my new blog on culture (which will feature a lot of TV!).  Please check it out!  Reminder: I've changed my Insta and Twitter handles both to @blairosaurus_rex (click to follow on Insta and Twitter) and have a new Facebook page for this blog and other projects coming up (HERE).
Have a happy weekend!! XOXO Lauren-Blair Donovan

TOBI Leila Coral Sequin Shift Dress

Hello, friends!!  Who is ready for the weekend?  This DRESS is!  This dress from Tobi is just too much fun!  It's been too long since I've owned a sequin party dress, so this is a super fun addition to my wardrobe!  Redheads: never forget that gold and corals are your best friends!!  I feel like my fellow redheads often underplay colors from the orange family when it's actually a great color for us!  It gives us an overall rose gold hue to us, so have fun with oranges!
I have to admit I was nervous about this dress!  Tobi was sold out of XS, so upon seeing the back was stretchy and that the straps were adjustable I figured I could get away with a small...but was still nervous!  It'd say the small fits fine, although I must warn y'all, this dress is super short!  I know I have a lot of readers who prefer modest lengths, so I'd be remiss to not mention this.  However, with tights or even using dress shorts to convert this dress into a top, there are ways to wear t…

Lulu Marie Designs

Hey, everyone!  Today I'm introducing you to a newer designer, Lulu Marie Designs.  She's a very talented skirt (amongst other things; lots of kids fashion/accessories for any parents reading!!!) designer.  This is one of her fabulous midi skirts (check out all of her skirts HERE), complete with an attached waist belt and pockets.  This skirt is made of quality material, is well made, and fits like a dream!  I have a special discount code for YOU, my above and beyond amazing readers!  With a purchase of more than $50, you can get 15% off with the code LAURENB! Still not convinced?  Below you can check out the the print in more detail and fall in love: Definitely check out here shop HERE, as well as her Instagram and Facebook!  Lulu Marie Designs is definitely worth a gander for anyone who love skirts, prints, and quality made items!  And hashtag #mylulumarie when you get your gorgeous items and show them off on social media!!
I wanted to really make this print pop, so I styled t…

TOBI Robyn Ivory Midi Dress

Happy Monday to everyone!  I know Monday is a day that garners a lot of complaints, but hey, we're all alive to see another Monday, right?!?!  Ok, I'll quit the gratuitous positive Polly stuff and jump into the outfit, though I'm still keeping it positive!!  I LOVE this Tobi dress!  I was super nervous about receiving it because I was unfamiliar with Tobi's on paper versus reality sizing charts.  I'm usually an XS in dresses across the board, but because there is a cutout in this one I wasn't sure if I should be small to prevent my stomach from literally busting out of the dress!!  But because I'm narrow in the general bust area (and an A cup...) I reasoned tight would be better than loose.  Boy am I glad I got the XS!  It fits nearly perfectly!  It's a smidge big but that's a good problem to have because if it shrinks a bit in the wash than oh-well.  
Candidly, I'm usually not super into cut outs in dresses.  I make a few exceptions to the rule,…

Flowers with Emily and Fin

Happy Friday!  Here's a quick post featuring one of Emily and Fin's new prints (and from what I can tell on Instagram, one of their most popular 2017 styles)!  I'm such a sucker for green dresses so I definitely needed their Lulu Dress in Square Garden (ModCloth's name for it, where I got it, is the Vintage Inspired Vim-A Line Dress).  I purchased this from ModCloth because it's easier to get Emily and Fin dresses through them because ModCloth is in the US (Emily and Fin is a UK brand).  I kind of messed up though and ordered an XS instead of an XXS.  I've found the latter fits me better in Emily and Fin dresses but blanked on that while ordering this late and night (probably because I'm a true XS for the ModCloth house brand?).  It definitely came a little big, but I shrank it in the wash somewhat.  It looks okay, but once I belted it the dress became next level.  So for measure, I'd say my across the board experience with E&F is that I'm betwe…

TOBI Boho Babe Embroidery Shift Dress

Y'all know I don't really chase trends, but I'm LOVING this shift dress era we're living in.  One of my style rules is that if you're going to wear a shorter dress, the less form fitting the better (at least if you're going for a classier look).  Shift dresses are perfect for those stifling days of summer that are about to be upon us, have a hint of an homage to the 70s, and are flirty and feminine without being over the top.
I've recently discovered Tobi and they have plenty of shift dresses (in multiple styles) that you can sift through HERE.  Bonus points: Tobi has new inventory daily and have TONS of sales, so it's easy to snag something you want!  I'm in the Boho Babe Embroidery Shift dress in white and navy and I'm honest to goodness in love.  It's such a classic and timeless look and is SUPER comfortable to wear.  CLICK HERE to check it out on Tobi's site, as well as other colors it comes in (I may have to go back and snag it in th…