Thursday, February 23, 2017

ModCloth Collar ID Dress

All About the Outfit:  I am genuinely shocked about how much I love this dress (Collar ID dress by ModCloth)!  I was offered it back in August to wear at the ModCloth IRL: Denver event for my hosting duties.  Knowing it would be approximately 80 million degrees out and being that it had long sleeves, even breathable ones like these, I declined.  Most of the late summer and early fall items from ModCloth have been super reduced lately and I had a ton of store credit to play around with so I took a chance on this dress (I never got a chance to try it on at the pop-up store because it was so busy and remained unsure how well it would work with my figure, which was another concern I had about wearing the dress to host the ModCloth IRL event).  

When I tried this dress on I didn't even want to take it off!  It fits better than I could have hoped!  I wanted to wear it the night I got it but it was unusually balmy so I wanted to wear an outfit without sleeves, as I know I'll still have a few more weeks of wearing a long sleeved dress like this out and about.  Sizing wise, I'm wearing an XS.  I was tempted to try the XXS because there isn't a waist line seam and I didn't want it to look like a potato sack, but the XS is loose with the perfect amount of shape defining for my current 24/25 inch waist.

Style Details:  Apologies, friends.  Winter is usually when my accessorizing A game comes out to play as it's easier to wear brooches with cardigans than with spaghetti strap dresses, but I've been lazy in the jewelry etc department lately!  I blame a crazy exhaustive 2016 and a mostly busy 2017/partially more relaxing start to the year!  I'm in decompression mode and am craving simplicity, even in my outfits!  Hell, I took off ALL of my rings that I wear daily over the summer to avoid tan lines and I still haven't put them back on!  Oh well, there's a few more months before the easy and breezy days of summer come back so I'll have time to make it up to y'all.  And for now I stand by this outfit: you don't need much to make an outfit pop!  A statement dress with a simple but bold shoe can stand alone, be a show stopper, and be deceptively low maintenance!  

This week has gone by a little too quick for my liking!  I feel like I haven't had enough time to get everything done that I wanted/needed to!  It's going to be a busy couple of days, but it looks like my weekend is more open than I was anticipating and I welcome that as I've had a very sleep deprived week!!  What do you all have cooking for you weekends??
~Lauren-Blair Donovan

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Members Only: Sparkling Membership

About the Outfit:  Unless this is your first time visiting my blog (and if so, welcome!), you all know how much I love vintage.  While vintage usually translates to mid-century styles for me, I'm very into the 70s-80s looks--especially of the preppier variety as that look is so timeless.  (I blame discovering the sitcom, Soap, being on reruns on Comedy Central when I'd come home from summer AM cross country practices for this style love!)  

I had wanted a Members Only jacket for years and finally got my hands on a lavender one at the end of 2016 from Marshalls.  Well, you can only imagine my thrill when I was contacted by Members Only for a collaboration!  Their selection is by and far wider than I realized!  They have several jackets that are the iconic coats that most people think of when they think of Members Only, but they also have tons of fancier coats with different styles, cuts, and more.  You can check them all out at their website.  

I thought the Sequined Baseball Jacket looked like too much fun, so I'm thrilled to own it now!  I don't own any coats that are sparkly, so it's been very fun to play around with this jacket for me!  I've barely had the jacket a week, but I've already worn it twice: once here in these photos and over the weekend I wore this jacket to add some pizazz to a casual outfit when I got to meet Dinger outside of Coors Field (yay baseball season being upon us!).  I'm finding this piece from Members Only works with everything!!

I'm wearing a size small and I think it fits like a dream!

Style Details:  I wanted to wear the same color scheme for this particular look to really make the blue sequins pop.  I also wanted to first debut this jacket on the blog with a dress in my normal style to show off how well the jacket goes with my usual look, but I have several other ideas for more casual as well as fancy looks (stay tuned).  And my Kate Spade tape cassette bag seemed too perfect with my ModCloth retro computer print dress (Turn Back Timeless A-Line Dress in Typist--size XS) as they're both older forms of technology!

Earrings/Necklace/Bag: Kate Spade (all sold out from the site but I found mine earring necklace set on Poshmark and my bag on Gilt, and you may have luck there too!)
Jacket- Members Only
Dress- Modcloth
Shoes- Ralph Lauren (sold out) via DSW (great Ralph Lauren finds here!) 

I hope everyone is having a great week!  Mine has been busy with no stopping insight.  It's allegedly going to snow here in a few days, and I'm less than thrilled as I've become totally spoiled with the consistent warm weather we're having!!  Other than that I don't have much news to report!  Happy Wednesday!!
~Lauren-Blair Donovan

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Hell Bunny Safari

All About the Look: This is my second 1940s era style dress on the blog in 2017!  I LOVE dresses from that era, but they don't get reached for as much in my closet.  Most recently I wore the Trashy Diva Sweetie dress and here I am wearing Hell Bunny's Safari Zebra Collared dress.  (Okay, it's technically listed as a 1950s dress on the order from my purchase, but it fits in more nicely next to my dresses that are 40s inspired).  I think a belated 2017 style resolution is going to be to wear my 40s era dresses more.  They feel a little bit fancier than my everyday wear, which is why I believe they get left behind.  But like dresses from the 1970s, there's such an inherent drama in them that they need little to no accessorizing and are amazing as is.  This is music to my low maintenance ears!

Ever the sucker for safari prints, I drooled over this dress for a while.  It sold out quickly and I thought it was gone forever, but finally i found one left in my size (XS/UK 8) at Tiger Milly.  I'm super glad I did not miss out on this one or had to wait years in vain tracking eBay watched searches.  2/3 other 1940s style dresses are also from Hell Bunny and I feel like this skirt is a LOT more full than the other two.  It's possible the one I wore to the 1940s Ball is also a fuller skirt than I'm remembering, but I need to try that one again to compare (and it's high on my list of soon-to-wear outfits)!  

Style Details:  As mentioned, this dress is from Tiger Milly.  If you click the link you'll see TONS of Hell Bunny products, old and new, for sale.  Tiger Milly is one of those boutiques with an amazing amount of Hell Bunny products, so don't leave that stone unturned if you're searching for something from that brand!  My earring/necklace set is Kate Spade, my almost camouflaged Zebra brooch is Erstwilder, and the shoes are Nine West via Marshalls.

As I mentioned above, I was aiming for a simple look to not overshadow how magnificent this dress truly is.  I choose nude shoes to be monochromatic and matching/complimentary jewelry as to not go overboard.

I hope everyone is having a good week!  I can't believe March is NEXT week!  So much is going on and I'm also trying to play catch-up with various things, agh!  Busy, busy, busy!
~Lauren-Blair Donovan

Monday, February 20, 2017

Denver Vintage Shopping

All About the Outfit: 1970s dresses may be the my favorite thing.  They have built in drama to them, but they're also very comfortable and usually demand limited accessorizing as to not have an overkill outfit.  Fun with fashion that's easy?  These are a few of my favorite things!

There's Buffalo Exchanges in most places around the country, but the one in my neighborhood is extra fun because they have a lot of vintage outfits for prices that are often less expensive than vintage stores.  I found this dramatic number a few weeks back at my local Buffalo Exchange.  I tried it on with neutral expectations (dresses with puffy sleeves and a LOT of fabric either work with or against me).  Initially I thought that maybe I would pass on it.  I typically don't love dresses with sleeves (though there are several exceptions) and my first thought was that it reminded me of when I went as Vicki the robot girl from not-very-remembered 1980s sitcom "gem," Small Wonder for Halloween a few years back.  
Not that that's a bad thing....

After playing around with it a little bit in my dressing room, I realized this dress was totally for me.  It's perfect for these winter to spring transition months and it has just the right amount of flare for me to feel whimsical in my style.  I've already worn it twice, both around my place and out on a normal day.  

Style Details:  As mentioned above, I wanted to keep the styling minimal.  I went for obvious red and white accessories to not add drama on top of drama.  The shoes are Nine West flax pumps, the brooch is from Poison of Choice Shop, and the heart necklace (which reads, "Nope") is from Punky Pins.  Apologies for the lack of detailed shots; all if fine in Whoville but my head has been in a few different places lately and when that happens I can space out.  

I hope everyone had a great weekend!  Last week I posted a flyer about my friend's missing sister, and I'm thrilled to report that she has been found safe and sound.  Thank-you to all who kept their eyes peeled and shared the information!
~Lauren-Blair Donovan

Saturday, February 18, 2017

Fashion Evolution #1: Femininity & Athletic Shoes

About this Series: When one becomes a style blogger, it's usually because there's a call to express a unique take on style that's already been personally developed by the blogger.  Very few--if any--enter fashion blogging with no sense of style (...I hope).  I'm probably known for a use of bright colors, mid-century fandom, skirts, and girly high heels.  If we're lucky, life is never just one note and despite already having a sense of style, I feel privileged to be discovering new things that make styling my daily outfits all the more fun without compromising my central sense of self.  This is the start of a new series about various things that have made evolving so much fun.

Why This Style/Trend Appeals to Me: When I started going to concerts again in mid-2015 after taking a hiatus due to illness, I immediately start craving fun and sensible flats.  At this point in my life, I was more or less a high heels and flip flops girls only.  Flats often drive my feet more crazy, which always weirds people out.  I'm not sure what it exactly is, but the construction of many ballet flats scrape my heels more than high heels do, so often heels are a more practical choice in my world.  That said, I hate standing regardless of footwear and the pressure one puts on their feet while standing through a whole concert in heels is unpleasant so I had to wear non-heels.  I found myself basically wishing sparkly sneakers were more of a thing, because sneakers are almost never not comfortable!

Well, ask and ye shall receive!  Right about this time athletic leisure and fashionable sporty fashion in general was starting to take off.  Though I'm not much of a trendy girl, I do find it weird that I didn't initially jump immediately on board.  I think I doubted I actually would use bedazzled and fun colored sneakers a ton, and boy was I crazy for thinking that!  I don't know, maybe I blame it on being more of a hybrid between Scary and Posh Spice instead of Sporty Spice for the disconnect?  ANYWAY, once it finally did click I fell for this trend hard and hopes it never ends because it's fun, comfortable, and can be very feminine all at once.

Below are some fun looks I've worn over the past few weeks exhibiting fun sneakers with the type of dresses I wear frequently.  Because this blog is named, Grace Rock Kelly Roll, I actually feel true to my "brand."  The sneakers give an edge to a lot of these vintage inspired dresses, which has been a fun experiment to play around with lately!

This dress was last seen on the blog when I posted photos from my hosting duties of ModCloth IRL.
I frequently wear this dress, but it was last seen on the blog in THIS POST.
This Emily and Fin dress is making it's blog debut, but I've recently discussed the brand HERE and HERE.

What about you guys?  What trends or style evolutions have you made since cementing your concrete style?  Have a great Saturday and rest of your weekend!
~Lauren-Blair Donovan

Thursday, February 16, 2017

Paint by Numbers

All About the Outfit:  Greetings, y'all!  Anyone else feel like this week is going fast and slow all at once?  Anyway, this outfit is a bold yet simple outfit.  I've been inspired by how it's warming up consistently earlier than usual here and wanting to wear dresses a ton.  I still sometimes need layers, but I opted to go cardigan/jacket-less for this outfit as I have a lot of jacket based posts coming up.  

If you've been with me a while, you know that bold simplicity is my favorite.  I've gotten more into jewelry and other kinds of accessorizing over the years, but a boldly beautiful dress with little else is one of my favorite (and go-to) looks.  And honestly, this Bernie Dexter dress doesn't need much more as she totally stands alone!  I'm psyched to wear this after a long winter (I got it over Black Friday from Pinup Girl Clothing) because button down dresses, especially with collars, are quickly becoming my favorite thing.  While the print may be too bold for either lady I'm about to cite, the style is both Betty Draper and Charlotte York from Sex and the City.  As always, I love that there's a timeless and retro element to this number.

This Bernie Dexter dress is the Lydia dress (discontinued style, to my knowledge...FYI) in Primary Paint Palllet.  Though she's been coming out with a new sleeveless dress with a collar (the Mari) I hope she brings back the Lydia at some point.  The collar is super wide and for some reason that makes me love it more, ha!  (Photo below).  This dress is currently listed on Bernie's site as "Last Chance" and there's a coupon to get 55% off of it (coupon code: Last55) so get it HERE!!

On a very sad note, one of my closest blogger friends, Emily, has been going through a personal hell the past two days as her sister, Ronnie, has gone missing.  In the above image are the details that are likely critical in finding her.  If you are in the New York area, I would greatly appreciate it if you saved this image after reading it thoroughly.  I know these feel like a needle in a haystack searches, but it really does just take one person to be aware of a missing person and be at the right place at the right time and spot them.  And if you are in the NY area I would greatly appreciate it if you passed this image around.  And if you know of someone in the NY area who frequents or owns comic shops, please please this along to them directly.  Thank-you.

~Lauren-Blair Donovan

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

ModCloth 70s Coat

All About the Outfit:  I am slightly coat obsessed ...!  Jackets, blazers, cardigans (not technically a coat, I know) are so practical for layering here in Colorado with our bizarre weather and seasons 10 months of the year.  I'm also obsessed with matching everything to an outfit, so having an option of coats to match everything in my closet makes life more fun and less stressful for me!

When I saw this ModCloth, Delightful Direction Coat, I knew I had to have it.  I had made some Black Friday returns and had store credit, so voila!  This coat became mine!  I really love it!  It's a very sturdy canvas fabric and is thicker and therefore warmer than I was expecting (I really thought it would be a more "decorative" than "practical" coat in all honesty).  My only (half) complaints are that because I'm medium-tall and have long limbs, the movement in my arms are (almost) restricted.  The jacket arms do cover my wrists and I can stretch out in them, but too much movement makes me feel a pinch on my shoulder blades.  Not a big deal though, as I would have returned it if it were worse.  I'm wearing an XS for measure, and I feel that if I sized up to a small it would have been too baggy because otherwise this jacket fits like a dream!!  That said, if I had a gun pointed at my head I would say that my Jessica Simpson trench I reviewed a week or so ago fits a little bit better...though this jacket is more fun!

Because it's a loud flower power 70s print with pastels mixed in with beiges, I found this harder to wear to match stuff than I was anticipating.  This Delightful Direction Coat was delivered on Friday and I immediately wanted to wear it out an hour later when I attended a science lecture (cue the intervention for this party animal...I know!) and found myself stuck on what didn't immediately clash with it.  Granted, it was an 80 degree day and the weather was going to dropping 20+ degrees at night, so that was real wrench in the works planning an outfit.  (I wanted to wear a dress because it was warm and was ignoring all of my pants). But it did dawn on me that despite an affinity for mixing prints that this jacket won't match everything.  Later in the week I paired it with this Express fit and flare dress and Nine West Mary Jane heels, and I'll probably stick with similar solid color dresses OR awesome 70s flared jeans in the future.  Or I'll just be stubborn and wear it with clothes that REALLY don't match, ha.

Below you can see photos of the jacket untied and unbuttoned to get a better feel for it's true cut and fit:

Happy Valentine's Day to all!  As I mentioned yesterday I don't make a big to do of themed holiday posts and am private about my, well, private life on the Internet in general.  But I do wish that everyone either has a blast with their sig/o or isn't feeling bad if they don't have one.  I'm re sharing the Just Shair video below because it really does poke fun at both couples and singles on this day (in a fun way) and the video's shelf life expires TOMORROW ha.  Check us out on social media as well, because we're having a ton of fun being festive using silly captions with both older photos and new ones specifically taking for VD that make us look romantical!  (Facebook/Twitter/Instagram).  Have a lovely day everyone!

~Lauren-Blair Donovan