ModCloth + Wrangler Collaboration

Being somewhat based in the vintage fashion world, I find myself often in the minority of vintage loving women who actually enjoy pants.  Yes, I prefer dresses and skirts but pants absolutely serve a practical function (especially on cold and windy days...) and I think they can be a lot of fun!
Because I love vintage I'm a sucker for high waisted denim that women from the 1970s would rock.  However, this style can be tricky as it hugs all of the parts that most of us get subconscious about!  When ModCloth debuted their collaboration with Wrangler, I got pretty excited.  I immediately wanted the Wide Leg Whim Jeans, but almost as immediately got nervous.  Finding the right size jeans is never not a battle, especially online, but upon reading there was no stretch I balked a little.  I'm not even trying to be cute when I say I cannot remember the last time I owned denim that didn't have stretch!  So getting non-stretch denim was mildly scary, to say the least!
After hemming and…

Ann Taylor Summer Lookbook

Hello, people of Internetlandia!  Today I'm doing something a little bit different!  I rarely do lookbook posts featuring one brand or designer, but today I'm going to take a stab at it.  A year ago Ann Taylor became a new favorite of mine with the discovery of their pineapple maxi skirt, realizing how quality the clothes are, and how Ann Taylor wasn't as stuffy and corporate as I had previously believed they were!  Here are some fun looks from Ann Taylor that I believe both vintage and trendy girls alike will love!
Look #1: Square Neck Shift Dress 
I give this dress 4/5 stars.  I'm obsessed with green dresses, so that's part of why I love it.  I also am borderline obsessed with shift dresses now (...wait until Friday's post...!) so this slightly fitted shift dress is an interesting take on the structure.  While the quality is good and the fabric is thick, somehow it does somewhat cling.  I originally had planned a corresponding video to go with these outfits but…

Emily and Fin Hannah Dress Review

Happy Monday, Grace Rock Kelly Rollers!  I'm oh-so pleased to bring you my review of the Hannah dress from the UK brand Emily and Fin!  I've been nothing short of completely obsessed with button down dresses for the past year, and since Emily and Fin has a few styles like that I've been blowing through them in 2017!  (See my review of their Frankie dress HERE!)  
Honestly?  I LOVE the Hannah dress!  It may be my favorite Emily and Fin style, which came as a bit of a shock to me.  Most Emily and Fin dresses have a more conventional retro fit, in that they're tighter in the waist and flare out from there and are therefore not formfitting.  The Hannah dress isn't a pencil dress, but it is a super narrow A line that could possibly show off any perceived or real "problem areas."  I was not immune to being worried about this!  I'm an hour glass figure with a slight lean on pear, so dresses like this can be tricky on me depending on how they're constructe…

Bone Structure

Mixing prints can be as subtle of a process as you'd like it to be!  It's not always about being loud or being overtly eye catching.  This Folter skull dress from ModCloth is a favorite of mine (likely last seen HERE...where I named some of the skulls after famous historical figures, ha) and now that it's summer I'm excited for it to be back in my wardrobe's heavy rotation!  (For any newbies to my blog, Folter & Retrolicious dresses tend to be my "uniform" in the summer!)  
This time around I was really inspired by the white in the dress, as it's an off white and a true bone-white color...which makes sense!  I recently got these Nine West wedges (already sold out but you can find similar ones HERE) and am obsessed with the muted neutrals and pastels on it.  Given the that wedges are in a color block style, it's borderline mixing prints with my dress but there's a very clear connective tissue so it's not "too much."  My Kate Sp…

Simplifying Bold Patterns

Hey, beautiful Internet-ers!  Apologies for last week and the sparse posting on both blogs!  My health was wacky and life was chaotic so blog world needed to be neglected.  I have some fun posts on both sites coming up so thanks for bearing with me!  And because I missed a How-To post on Friday, I'm doing a mini How-To post today as a bonus/make-up!
One of the most common comments I get on Instagram and in real life go something to the effect of, "I love your outfit but I could never pull that off!"  I'm here to tell you in this post that that is wrong!  I'm not saying you need to be the quirkiest of them all or even mix prints, but you can absolutely pull of zanier looks and still be "you", classy, low-key, or whatever adjective you feel describes your style.
Here I'm wearing the popular Retrolicious Rainbow dress (via ModCloth) in which I kept the styling very simple (I'm not even wearing make-up...thanks to Glo Minerals skincare line 👏).  Sure…

Tatyana Dice Jumper Review!

Hello, all!  I've had a few wrenches thrown in the works this week so forgive me for only posting for the first time this week today!  Oh, life...ha.
This post breaks my heart slightly because I love the brand Tatyana so much.  I believe their clothing to be high quality  and some of my favorite vintage inspired pieces come from Tatyana and I will wear those for years to come.  Last year I took advantage of their 50% off Memorial Day sales and had a bit of an issue because their sizing had totally changed.  (Click here to read about that fiasco and how it was resolved.)  This year I also took advantage of their Memorial day sale and got this Jumper in Dice as well as their Happy Hour dress.  It appears they've changed their sizing yet again and I'm at a loss.
This jumper isn't too bad, but the Happy Hour dress is absurdly too large and even after attempting to shrink it in the wash the waist sits too low.  It's doable if I can find a wide belt to match the dress, oth…

3 Outfit Ideas to Keep You Cool Without Showing Too Much Skin

Why, hello!  If you're in the United States summer "officially" begins Memorial Day, which was last weekend!  And if you're in the northern hemisphere, your brain probably associates summer with the month of June, which we are officially in now!  I thought today would be an appropriate day to help strategize your summer looks!  Being more in the vintage inspired community than the modern community, I recognize that a lot of women who prefer vintage inspired looks tend to prefer modest clothing.  But looks that cover you up too much can be uncomfortable this time of year!  Here is a post on how to keep cool and let your limbs breath free, all while keeping a classier look!
Crop Tops/Bandeaus with Longer Skirts If you've been with Grace Rock Kelly Roll (and all of it's incarnations) for some time now, you know how much I adore this look in the summer.  It may some risqué to some, so let's divide and conquer.  A LONG time ago I read a magazine stating that som…